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    Poly and clams i wouldn't make them stackable, I don't think people really drop so many clams and polies that they need to have them stacked. With adders I agree, most people don't even pick them up, especially the green and red ones, so having them stacked would help especially the new players I believe since they could find them cheaper. Horse medals would again be nice to have them stacked, but I've seen the team refusing to do this. Probably because the drop rate is so high you could literally stay and farm all day without getting out of the cave. I also agree with the mounts, people mostly pick up lions so if you can stack them maybe others will pick the other types too and make them cheaper for the new players, i would personally probably give them away. With books I don't know what to say. It would help because people would probably pick up most books and different classes that have cheap books could find them easily, but on the other hand I believe many people would keep aos, blade and other books until they have 55 and that would increase the prices, at least at first, and new players would never be able to buy 55 aos for example (even though they are cheap, but giving 100kk+ at first for books only isn't something i would do). On books i believe the good things outweigh the bad ones. We'll see if the gm's like this idea since is has been suggested many times and they didn't necessarily like them until now.

    Thoreau, have you ever played on a high level sura? I did and so did BuffMausal, we speak from experience.

    You don't need more hp restore because your hp is already restored when you use blade, when you get 15-18% hp restore from brace and neck + the abs hp from armour and brace. Yea, they don't work in the same way, but the final result is that they regenerate your hp so more hp restore on armour won't help you more than 8 avg.

    DarkVision, the best way to see what works for you is to try them both, but as i told you before in my experience avg is better than restore for a high level sura.

    I don't think the bonus from fear or blessing is the same as the one from rarity. As a sura you get 12% from blade at P, you can get a scn which gives you 7% hp restore at +6 and 10% at+9, you also will get a brace with 8 restore. Beside these bonuses you'll also get 20% abs hp from brace and armour on normal bonuses (not the same thing as hp restore, but similar). I've made my sura lvl 100 using 8 avg armour, in my opinion you don't need 8hp restore on armour too. Even with a warrior level 95 i could farm easy with an 8avg armour, with a sura it will be even easier.

    You could use metin of ember instead of metin of gloom. I remember Tary you did this for me once when i had to kill metin of gloom in a challenge and i died. To be honest, that metin is hard to kill even with buffs without running a few times. Metin of ember is ok, is was easier than gloom, but so are the 100-105 metins, the only difference between ember and 100-105 metins is the hp they have.

    Hei, I was thinking it would be a good idea to add this bio item as a drop to new map bosses too, even if the rate would be lower. There are hardly any to buy on the market and personally when i play i prefer to farm metins or mobs instead of killing 9 tails or flame king, especially since some low players that still have drop from them might want to farm them. I know another solution would be to farm these bosses when there is boss event, but again, maybe some low level players want to farm them and it wouldn't be really nice to go and kill a lvl 60-70 boss when i'm 94. I usually go 2-3h after event and kill what's left, but there aren't many left usually. Or if you don't want to add this to all bosses in new map, at least some of them, could be the harder ones such as red chief or polyphemos (or whatever its name is).

    They are cheap anyway, if you take them off by mistake it's not too expensive to replace it, if you do it all the time by choice then you have to buy others, it's your choice. If you are a new player and can't afford glove tell me your ingame name, ill give you some.

    I don't think giving stuff for free just because they make a character in yellow is the way to go, it isn't fair to the other players. I also don't think this unbalance is unfair, as you said. It is annoying, i'll give you that, but i don't see how it is unfair. People prefer to be in a kingdom with more players and also most of them only know the blue map, that's why blue map is the one with more players on every official and private server.

    Removing the option to make a new character in Elgoria is ok i think, for a period of time and only for new players, maybe those that already play in blue want to make a new storage account or shop or whatever, but you have to realize that new players won't balance the pvp on the short run, it will merely balance the number of players on both kingdoms and the complaining will keep going since this balance refers mostly to pvp (at least that's what i've seen people complaining about in the forum when talking about balance).

    Another real solution in my opinion would be to reduce the price of the Scroll of Betrayal, if you want to move your buff and main you need to spend like 32k tp (350kk with odins 55kk), if you want to move a farmer or something else too then it really isn't worth it. Making it 5k tp or 5-10 wouldn't affect that much the server's profits, it might actually help it since people will buy that item more than they do it now.

    OX event and other events are ran by HUMAN being. It is normal that sometimes she forgot, but sorry she also has real life and sometimes unexpected things happening. I am not defending anyone, don't get me wrong.

    I don't understand and not seeing point in opening new thread for this. Every time she doesn't do, forgot to do or do it in wrong way she make up for it in other ways.

    P.S. she is one of best gms sg had in last years ! GO TARY GO

    Stop kissing ass. The guy/girl asked why sometimes the OX doesn't start when it should and Tary answered. No one said Tary is a bad GM or told her to be a robot or told her to give up her real life to make an event.

    From L you have pierce and critic palms, monocle, compass, normal adders and changers, wise memo, 10kk gold bars, Blessings L(got only red for now), BDB, marriage items, this is what i dropped so far.

    Maybe it will be better to give the points to some events based on a percentage. For example at the OX above, if there are 70 blues and 30 yellows, the yellows will have a smaller chance of winning so a yellow player should receive more points than a blue player receives for winning. Ill think of a more clearer way of giving these points based on my idea, but first id like to know what you think.