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    Dear Lacex54,

    your ban has been extended to 21 days and you also banned from the forum for 1 week.

    Create another account to post similiar comments and the bans will switch to permanent.

    Your bad behaviour is cause of issues for all the community, we hope that these actions will make you understand that we are no longer able to tollerate these actions.

    Kind regards,

    Metin2SG Team

    Dear Lacex54,

    with this ban, we had hopes to teach a certain kind of behaviour and attitude.

    We did not want really to add more names, but yours is one of those and from your replies it doesn't seem you learned anything.

    Seen the countless reports against you regarding similiar type of behaviours, occurred also some days ago and witnessed by [SGM]Tary and since you seem to continue with this kind of attitude, we decided to suspend your account for 2 weeks.

    Best regards,

    Metin2SG Team.

    Dear Players,

    we are sorry to create this post, because it means we have reached a point where we must intervene to defend our community, due to behaviours used by certain users that includes profanity, bullism, harrasment, flames, insults and real life threats and pornography.

    Even if not written clearly on our set of rules, the cyberbullism, too frequent in our schools and society in general nowdays has also reached our server for quite some time and we can't tollerate it further.

    So, the following player:

    • 25cm / ArkadasJens

    has been banned permanently from our service, while the rest of the guild/group, has been warned that if one more episodes of this nature will be reported ever again, they will suffer the same fate, no matter who did it, external members or internal members.

    We are sorry to have come to this point, but this is a peacefully community of players and we want safeguard the serenity of all of you.

    Hopefully from today and forward episodes like this one won't happen again.

    We wish you a good game and a happy farming on the remaining days of the Easter Event.

    Thanks, Metin2 SG Team

    Dear Players,

    After a long wait, for which we apologize and appreciate your patience, today we have launched one of the most critical, necessary, sensible and substantial update in the whole history of Metin2 SG.

    Even if the content of the update is strictly technical and even if our userbase is not made by any tech guys, we would like to explain at best what we did, for your own security, the sake of the service we provide and for the future of the same and a better gameplay overall:

    1. The whole core of the source of the game has been completely changed. Truth to be told, it was a massive work, but finally done. We have now the latest standard library and codes. We forsaken the old version of the programming language used on the server and reinforced the source building to the newest version, faster and with better performances. All the external libraries have been updated to have the best result on the prestation and on the security of the application. The re-writing work on the code, other than fully supporting new standards, will also allow us to rebuild and restructure several parts that will make the future updates faster to develop and will allow a better control over bugs, that as much as unpleasant as they might be, they are however an unavoidable process of development of a software.
    2. The whole infrastructure has been revamped and replaced. The machines of the server are changed as well as their contents. We have the latest stable version and related operative systems on every one of our machines, to be always up to date and prevent security breaches and stability that are always a constant threat (i.e. some of you might have heard of the recent Specrte and Meltdown).
    3. The point 3 integrates with point 1 and 2. During the re-writing of the code, we also considered the change of the infrastructure to optimize every aspect at its best. To do a practical example, now the server compiles at 64bit. From the player's perspective this may seem nothing, but it brings huge advantages in terms on stability and infrastructure.
    4. The engine of the Database has been updated and changed. We always handle a workload of data and log that a player can't even imagine. Our team analyzes every day GB and GB of data and this was one of the reason that forced us to change the engine of our database. Other technical reasons may be found in articles online, for those who are interested (e.g.:…you-migrate-mysql-mariadb).
    5. We have a new website! Another big surprise for all of you, we have decided to invest on a new website, faster, intuitive and user friendly! (and maybe even better looking, but tastes are tastes :D) We also implemented new functions to make the navigation more pleasant.
    6. The patcher has been re-written, it is also faster and it is redesigned. Pretty self explanatory don't you agree?
    7. A new Dungeon. The most anticipated second part of the update for the top levels, we hope the wait was worth it. Since all these updates were not enough we also added a unique feature. We have created a new dungeon mode and a new raid mode. Or maybe both at the same time. On the new Dungeon you can participate in different groups, more than one group can enter on the same dungeon, even of different kingdoms. The unique feature is that each group will be in "war" among each other inside the dungeon. We are looking forward to receive several feedback about it and we hope this function will not be abused in any way but just used to have fun.
    8. An insane amount of fix, patch, optimizations, revamping... i am not going to list them all, since I have been boring enough.
    9. Discord vs TeamSpeak. Due to the recently requests, we have decided to replace the TeamSpeak server with Discord, which is the new standard in the gaming. This as always to grant you a better, updated and completed service, comfortable and secure.

    I believe this is it. This thread might have been longer than it should, but this only covers around 10% of the work that has been done on the server. We want to let you know that we put a lot of efforts every day and that we want to offer the best service to our loyal players.

    On a side note, due to the huge content of the update, we hope you'd understand that some minor issues might appear. We thank you in advance for the patience and for the report that you might do. We also want to point out that abusing eventual bugs or exploits is simply stupid and unfair in regards of other players.

    You just need to play!

    Metin2SG Staff wish you a good game!

    Dear @beckmann,

    i am considerably tired of your attitude and, as i said for Christmas event, we don't accept any discussion on the rules we make.
    You are banned for 3 days from this forum.
    Complain this decision and i will ban your accounts in game as well, so you won't have the problem on where to farm during this event.

    Kind regards,

    Dear Player,
    please read this:

    • Changed the formula of the drop of the Moonlight Box

    Another change done is the formula of the moonlights, one of the most appreciated events.
    The change is big as you won't drop as you used to be, in the good and worse, and the drop will be higher for the high level players.

    This because we find it not fair that a 35 or 60 drops more than a 105 and also to reduce that constant pressure on the maps2 and V2/V3, at least on the days where the event is active.


    • The Red Changer will roll the items from 41 to 65. We won't display when you can drop this as is part of the game to discover it, but you can try the dungeons :)

    and this:

    You must have noticed that now, high level metins drops spiritual stones, and there is more, the higher the metin, the higher the chance of dropping a high tier spiritual stone.

    I.e. a level 90 Metin, has more chance of dropping a +4 stones compared to a 35 Metin.

    We have raised the gold rate drop for high levels too, to help you start using your main character and discourage the use of low-level farmers, which is harming the new players.

    and tell me if you were really so disadvantaged.

    Kind regards,

    Dear Players,

    the time has come!
    The new update is ready and focused, but not exclusive, for the high level players!

    Hereby is a list of what has been done, so that you can see the amount of work done and so the entity of the update:

    • Added an item that raise the percentage of attaching a stone with success
    • New Equipments
    • New clams and pearls
    • New Metins
    • New mobs
    • New Dungeon
    • Blocked multiple accounts on the Dungeons
    • Karma Change:
    • PK Drop +100% chance while negative
    • Raised loss of Karma when killing a player from 2000 to 4000
    • PK Drop starts at level 15
    • Updated all the server side controls of the animations of the mounts.
    • Possibly fixed the Bell bug that makes Mage miss the hits if the attack speed is too high (need feedback to confirm it)
    • Changed the communication of the packets between client and server for the format of the HP
    • New Game Functions for the Dungeons
    • Restore All skill, Healer new skill, if the healer is the leader of the party
    • Added a new interface on the Options that allows you to reduce the range of the visible shops, hence reducing the lag on Map1
    • Changed the formula of the drop of the Moonlight Box
    • Added new loading screens
    • DT Floor 11 Experience reduced by 25%
    • Green changers drop rate reduced slightly
    • Added New Costumes and Hairs on the game
    • File games reorganized, removed duplicated files, to improve game performance
    • Fixed exploit that allowed the group to enter inside Dungeons even if most of the party were offline
    • Fixed a Metin on the Temple that wasn't respawning properly
    • Fixed issue with return scrolls showing "GPS Error" in some new maps
    • Added new items in the Item Mall (You can find them in the New Products category)

    Let's go on the details with these new updates.
    We think the time has come to raise the level cap and we expect a good competitive battle to reach the top!
    With the new level cap a new map has come as well (reason why the exp from the DT was lowered) with also a Dungeon.
    You already saw a preview on the guide done by our CoMa.
    The dungeon is quite challenging but we advice you to try it and not give up, otherwise you may lose unique rewards!

    As for the gameplay changes, we must mention the changes done to the Karma System (and we may expand this if we receive proper feedbacks).
    We would like to add an additional malus for the negative karma (maybe one on the drop rate) to reduce the pressure on the map2 and prevent invincible farmers's alt to boss around the new comers.
    Yes, we know the rule is that if you kill each other is ok, but we believe it is fair if someone who kills his own kingdom should have some negative consequence.
    On this we will hear eventual feedbacks, hoping that the community will be HONEST and overall POLITE.

    Another change done to the gameplay is the Dungeon System.
    It is now forbidden to enter with groups composed only by the player and his alt accounts.
    Don't worry we thought about brothers/sisters/married people, you won't have problems to enter, in case of issues you can send a ticket.
    Again, only if you have issues you should send a ticket, and trying to exploit this system will be the cause of a permanent ban.

    Some of you may not agree with the decision, expecially the same particular "class of players", but we believe is for the best.
    We waited months, trying to make you do the dungeons in the way they were developed, working togheter and having fun togheter. But since they were just abused, we are forced to do this change.

    Another change done is the formula of the moonlights, one of the most appreciated events.
    The change is big as you won't drop as you used to be, in the good and worse, and the drop will be higher for the high level players.
    This because we find it not fair that a 35 or 60 drops more than a 105 and also to reduce that constant pressure on the maps2 and V2/V3, at least on the days where the event is active.

    Some new items were also added with different uses:

    • The Spirit Blessing, raise the chance to socket with success a stone. The stone will display the new percentage from 30% to 50% or 80%.
    • The Red Changer will roll the items from 41 to 65. We won't display when you can drop this as is part of the game to discover it, but you can try the dungeons :)

    Due to the high amount of updates we are inserting on the live server at once, we ask you kindly to report any bugs and we will fix them in due time as we always did.
    The testing phase was long and we thank the helpers who offered us their help, but there is a higher chance to find errors when thousands of players play (lets hope no) so some errors may not be detected yet.

    Bottomline, I wish you a good game, give us feedbacks on this update and good luck for the new raise to the 120!

    Kind regards,
    The TEC Interactive team

    Nice! What are rewards for succesful run if i may ask?

    Dear Player,

    no, I am sorry but you can't ask the reward of the boss.
    Forgive me if I may sound rude, but apparently it is necessary that somebody tell you this.

    It is really frustrating and bothering that, whenever we create new contents, new system, new mechanics, new events, the standard answer is "yeah ok but the reward?"
    Play and you will discover it.

    Kind regards,

    Dear Players,

    as you noticed today there was a reboot which i want to discuss about with you all.
    As some of you noticed already, there was a little bug on the Christmas event, some players promptly reported it to us, with great maturity and responsability, and so the event was temporary disabled.

    However there is an unpleasant fact that happened: as some responsable players reported it to us, some others, sadly, did not, they tried instead to exploit it.
    And this is really bad because we are exactly on Christmas, the typical period to be good and honest and have some fun too.

    Since we talk about honesty, for this time we want to publish the names of the exploiters.
    This because we believe these people should just be ashamed of their behaviour and also to show to all of you that here is useless to exploit anything.

    Hereby the list of the permabanned players with the relative exploited box, other exploiters, but in a lesser way, were just warned and stripped for the box/items:

    • alperenitems - 60 boxes
    • Ktal - 38 boxes
    • Soplica - 35 boxes
    • xTrash - 61 boxes
    • Monty - 150 boxes
    • SN2Venom - 19 boxes
    • NeedDolars - 14 boxes and farmed without his main
    • NACRESMON - 28 boxes
    • BlackCavalry - 64 boxes
    • J8lackMagic - 34 boxes
    • Exziz - 40 boxes
    • Farm4Sucht - 37 boxes


    But lets put aside this unpleasant fact, now is time to talk about some good news.

    As you noticed, we inserted the Mob Drop Info, the system is (even if some of you might have seen already) totally new in its structure and function and also is completely stable.
    We always make extra efforts to ensure a better gaming experience for all of you and this is a small step towards that road.

    Here you can see a little example of this system:


    There were also certain gameplay changes, which we did not explained on the last thread, because we wanted to explain them better on this one.
    As some of you noticed (and as some of you complained) we requested that during this event you use your main.

    Why this?
    It is just an experiement, of course we noticed that part of the problem of the server is that most of you relay more on the farmer to gain the money rather that your main, and this is against the logic.

    For this reason we made some changes to the gameplay, trying to enhance the experience of farming at every level.
    You must have noticed that now, high level metins drops spiritual stones, and there is more, the higher the metin, the higher the chance of dropping a high tier spiritual stone.
    I.e. a level 90 Metin, has more chance of dropping a +4 stones compared to a 35 Metin.

    We have raised the gold rate drop for high levels too, to help you start using your main character and discourage the use of low-level farmers, which is harming the new players.

    Even though some of you don't think so, we do think about all of our community, new and old players, we care about all of you.
    In fact, our next big update will be almost completely about top players.
    Please have some patience, we have a lot of priorities and we care about all of you, even if some time we prioritize only a certain level range , it doesn't mean that others are not welcome or are not taken into account.


    It has been an exciting year, with ups and downs, and it has been a pleasure to see that, for yet another year, you have chosen Metin2 SG.
    I wish you, on behalf of our entire Team, to spend these holidays with joy and to accompany us through the new year, for which we, as always, want to offer you the absolute best.

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

    Dear players,
    the draw was not made by Tary but by myself.
    I do not have to remind you that we are not interested in who wins and who loses, because the events are designed, organized and managed only to entertain you, and not to satisfy personal interests and greed.

    That said, all players who have accused the staff of bias and favoritism, will be banned for 3 days.
    If the ban will be disputed, it will become 7 days long;
    if other accounts will be created in the forum to protest, the ban will become permanent.
    Learn to respect the people who devote their days to the improvement and enjoyment of the community.

    Kind regards,

    Dear players,

    the next who will say "private server detected" will probably "detect a ban" (for x days on this forum and maybe for x days in game aswell).

    If you have something constructive to comment tell us what you think, otherwise stop it with little (not) funny and offensive jokes to us.
    We study and we lose hours to try to make better gameplay, we deserve respect.

    Kind regards,

    Dear players,

    with today's maintenance we will take some extreme measure, but upon a lot of thoughts, we believe it is for the good of the server and so for the good of your gaming experience as well.

    We noticed that reopening the Red Kingdom did not brought the desired results as the kingdom is not filled, despite our efforts and given prizes.
    For these reasons we decided to move Pandemonia into the Asmodia Kingdom, hoping to balance the two kingdoms and incrementing the pvp and pvm.
    We apology to all the Reds, but sadly is the only thing to do to balance the kingdoms.

    Having said this, from today the Helper System will go on live.
    As anticipated on the thread, the Helpers will deal with the most concerning doubts that you may have ingame, as well as providing advices and why not, also some chit chat.

    Keep in mind however, that Helpers are just volunteers and they are players like yourself, so show them the respect that they deserve ALWAYS, even more than the ones given to the GMs, and mostly, if they do not answer immediately, remember that they might be busy and that you can always ask another Helper.


    • Fixed the Vitality System
    • Fixed a graphic issue with pickax and fishing rod
    • Fixed the building on the guild lands

    Kind regards,
    The TEC Interactive team.

    Dear @Nature2,

    I appreciate your feedback and I respect your opinion, but I would like you to follow my reasoning.
    The stun lock was a bug, the game was not programmed in a way that a player stuck another player on the ground forever just by hitting him.

    This created a huge problem between the classes, and thanks to this bug some classes, like Weapon Suras or Body Warriors are now the strongest on pvp, something that does not feel right.
    Or for better say, they are great raid class, and meant to be the best against certain classes, but not against all of them.

    I would like to remind how the Archers or Healers, that you yourself quoted, have both a skill that raise the movement speed.
    The Archer skill in particular is useless if you take away the ability to flee from the attacks.

    Can this change make it one of the best 1vs1 class?
    Maybe, but we think is right if it is so.

    Simply try to exp, do solo dungeons, do DTs, do everything that you do with a Sura or a Warrior, try to do it with Archer or Healer.
    They are the hardest class to exp, very limited on the pvp aspect of the game.

    Why are they so rare in game?
    Because the only thing they were programmed to do at their best, they could not do it, and this is unfair.

    Players need to understand that a class can't be the best in everything, a God on PVM and a God on PVP and a God on Raids cannot exist.
    And the fact that 90% of the playable characters are Sura or Warriors is a clear example, it is because people knew they were the best at everything.

    This killed the pvp, killed the wars, killed any kind of strategy.
    What kind of strategy can you do if two classes are good at everything?

    I try to let you know that there is a concrete reasoning behind these changes, and if your class is not the top anymore in some aspects of the game, you must understand that is for the well being of the game,
    and for the correct mechanics of the gameplay, so are things that benefict all, included you.

    Kind regards,