[Maintenance] Gameplay Balancing & Bugfixes

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  • Dear Players,

    we noticed that removing the stun lock broke the community in two, hence in order to try to please all, we completly re-wrote the system of attacks of metin2.
    After a huge amount of hours of work, and thanks to the costructive feedbacks of some of you done these days, the work is done.
    Therefore we can proudly say, that at the moment, everybody should be pleased as we found a great compromise for all, but always following our philosophy regarding the balance of the gameplay.

    The major changes are the following:

    - Stun lock is not completly removed, but revamped: The players won't be able to block during the pvp or the raids, but they can escape as they currently do. However, the collisions and the fall backs are now possible.
    It is possible to throw your opponent on the ground, but without bugging him. Good news for the Assassins, they are now able to do their precious skill, which is harder than in the past of course, but it is not a matter of skill and not of pressing random buttons;

    - The auto attack is removed (PVP Only): real plague of the pvp and of the raids, making useless the skill and gaming mechanichs (for example the Stealth), lowering skill, talent and intelligence of a duel, to pratically nothing;

    - Nerfed the cure skill: The mage can now escape from the stun lock, hence the powerful skill they once had, is no longer necessary for a correct balance of the gameplay;

    - Regarding the PVM, normal monsters are brought back to the pre-stun lock period, even if it is just at 40% of what it used to be, making the pvm still easier than before.

    - As for the PVM Boss: The Boss are left untouched, it won't be necessary anymore to exploit the wall to kill them, hence it is easier to kill them and even cleaner.

    - Fixed the graphic of the Guild Smith on the Demon Tower and the Ghost NPC on Orc Maze.

    Will these changes makes everything perfect?
    Of course not, but we are happy to listen what do you think about it, even if we are sure that these changes should make everybody happy and change the pvp and the raids into a real matter of skill and strategy and not just a random click and go.

    We wait your feedbacks to keep the server into a positive state and to keep on a great gaming experience for all.

    Kind regards,
    The TEC Interactive team.

  • aah, tested pvp a lil bit. gz, way better than before. looks good
    also tried with asassin and its fine
    had not time for pvm but others can share xd
    gz guys
    happy pvp everyone

    The crown, it never has left me
    'cause the town will always elect me.


  • Firstly, i want to express my appreciation for the work done by the team in order to improve the gameplay.
    I play metin2 for like 9 years or so and this is easily the best server i ever played on.

    Secondly, i want to share my opinion regarding these new updates once again.
    I noticed that team considered all the feedback regarding the previous removal of stun lock, which made 50% of the server to go crazy, and this is a pleasant surprise for me because i did not really expect things to change again after such a strong and steep position which Shadow took at first sight.

    Right after seeing the new update post on forum i was very excited and logged ingame to test how it feels but i didn't really expected the new dynamics. Sadly, i think this new "stun lock" is 90% as it was when it was completely remove, so i don't see too much change and i will try to point things out further.

    I say that because when you do the first hits of the combo it works exactly like when stun lock was completely removed, there is no effect, no push back, the opponent stays in the same coordinates.
    The change is that, the last hit of the combo pushes back the opponent but in a way in which doesn't feel natural at all.
    There is also something strange sometimes, when you do the last hit at a certain angle, the push back is somehow out of control, something like playing pinball with your opponent.

    Let me give an example :
    When you do a normal combo with body warrior, the first 3 hits have absolutely no effect, the opponent stay the same whilst doing the 4th and last hit of the combo, it strongly pushes the opponent which i find it funny (e.g. Shadow mentioning about how funny it was when 2 body warriors fell back on their ass like there is some force between them) since the absurdity is even more unnatural than those duels governed by the "force".
    Same goes for the complete combo.
    Now, in addition, there is also some weird effect as i mentioned before : when you do the last hit at a certain angle, the opponent is pushed back twice and with a higher intensity.

    I believe there is almost no difference since the last update regarding dynamics and effects, because the actual push back is still unnatural and sometimes out of control.
    Regarding 1v1, the problem remains because long range classes will still not be controled in any way so they are free to just run around and destroy any melee class with ease.
    I hold my belief that stun lock is a necessary evil for the game balance in pvp because this is the only way melee classes would stand a chance against long range classes.

    Now, i want to emphasize why it is necessary to have stun lock in duels :

    -when long range classes run around, even if you would make any dmg with skills, even if you do the perfect play with perfect items, there is no chance to win since you miss a lot of skills and hits and the primary weapon of a melee is completely nerfed ;

    -the duel becomes dull when 2 close combat characters fight, since they will just press space like crazy and it is not needed to have any skill as a player since you only press they keys like crazy ( before, you needed good timing of the skills and hits in order to repel the stun lock - who is crying that they can't move or make skills in duel clearly don't know how to duel );

    -there is no sense in losing so much time running to catch your opponent, it's completely pointless.

    These are only a few arguments which come to my mind in this moment, there are probably more things which can be analyzed in order to make a preliminary conclusion.

    I believe the game would be just perfectly balanced if you guys would just leave the old stun lock system and just shape all the other features of pvp.

    My point is that, since you already nerfed attack power from bio and you will soon nerf pierce hits also, melee already lose a huge amount of power and it makes no sense to destroy the dynamics just to completely nerf them and make new advantages for long range classes. The balance is around that point where you know when to stop (i.e. the point where you nerf a lot the dmg of hits, but not go in reverse and overpower long range classes).
    If the other classes could fight against stun lock before, why change it ? This is, in my opinion a trade mark for metin2, that flying thing which gives you the thrill to overcome it ( players will know what i mean ). Making things too easy will just not be as fun as before.

    After i shared my point of view, i want to make a few suggestions as well, since critics without providing solutions is senseless.

    So, since you guys are so determined to destroy the effect of stun lock, at least you could do it in a way which doesn't change the dynamics too much.
    I mean you could leave those effects and just work on the other side of the problem : the feedback of the opponent ( i.e. the ability to make the skill even if you are flying around ). You could make the skills stronger than the stun lock, some kind of counter-stun lock which to overcome the effect of being stunned and not being able to make the skill.

    More precisely, if combo from hits can stun you, why not make the skill somehow stronger that this and counter-stun you ?
    For example, i am sure that certain skills had already before a very small amount of this concept. Let's take for instance 2 skills of body warrior : charge and whirlwind.
    In "flying around" state, it was obviously easier to outcome this with charge, rather than whirlwind.

    What i am saying is that you could start from this point and develop a practical model which could improve a lot the gameplay in my opinion, since timing, order and nature of the skill will play a crucial role in duel.
    You will still get the balance you seek in pvp, whilst keeping the old roots and just shaping around until the desired results are reached.

    I am not sorry for the long post ; these are a few thoughts and ideas which i had to share with you.
    I still wonder who will have the patience to read all this :)

  • Give them a finger, and they will take the whole hand.

    Did you ever think how is it for other classes regrading long range ones? They are in the same position as warrior is now.
    Dragon mage also has no chance to catch an Archer or win a duel against Healer.
    I am not complaining against that because as much as Archer has that advantage, heck, the whole point of an archer is exactly that - being able to attack from the distance, he has other disadvantages on other fields which makes it fair enough in my opinion.

    No offense but seems to me that you are trying to disguise your efforts to bring back stun lock for the good of a server, while you are actually thinking about your character only which one is clearly a warrior.

    Few of your statements in this post are showing your ignorance toward other classes.
    Just following the logic of this statement:

    If the other classes could fight against stun lock before, why change it ? This is, in my opinion a trade mark for metin2, that flying thing which gives you the thrill to overcome it ( players will know what i mean ). Making things too easy will just not be as fun as before.

    As a mage I could even use a skill sometimes between stun locks but that was rare, even if so I was still unable to escape.
    And if you ever tried to play PVP with Dragon mage you should know the outcome.

    Further more, it was fun and thrilling when warrior just had to keep backspace and use hits?
    Now, things are not going to be so easy for warriors so why you complain? :P

    Joke aside, I know it is a big change for the most played class in Metin2 but at least try to look from the other perspective. Perspective of other classes.
    In the time of release, Metin even had bigger playerbase than Blizzard, meanwhile things started to change and as we all witness more and more things have been added without balancing the classes.
    You cannot just add things without looking how it's gonna influence the whole gameplay.
    Things that maybe didn't made such difference in the beginning with time will show and the unbalance will be more and more obvious.
    Keeping something just because it is sort of a "trademark" for you, it is just silly.

    This is just my opinion and things crossing my mind at the moment.
    I am not sure myself how this changes gonna end but gonna wait and see.