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  • A.O.S

    shadow i miss u bb

  • CapTaiiN

    Sell [Lot of Stuff] updated

  • CapTaiiN

    Trade Sura PVP Armour make offers guys

  • DontBeScared

    When will be released lottery results?

  • H2SO3

    when hunter ranking got reset?

  • MrSoon

    buy salvation fans 5int mystic

  • Jese

    Let's rebuild red kingdom

  • Jese


  • palita

    Shadow is that silent stalker, stay in the lights and you will see him

  • EmyEmy

    Who is shadow o.o?

  • [CoMa]Shadow


  • xWoops

    shadow you here?

  • deathpool

    you tested that? cause I tested with 10% and didnt notice the difference

  • CapTaiiN

    btw support is online. maybe u ask them

  • CapTaiiN

    kuktas why u cant download? any error message or whats the problem?

  • CapTaiiN

    deathpool lightning is effective at magistra

  • CapTaiiN

    why not?

  • kuktas666

    please help me i cant download sg client :C

  • deathpool


  • deathpool

    lightning resistance it's not useful against setau priest or whatevere its name (the one who is a woman that throw lightning attacks)

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    We haven't buffed the monsters, but since the last update the server is more responsive so it can register multiple damage from multiple mobs. It may be possibile that if you tanked 100 monsters at once, you could only receive the damage from 70 of them, now you receive from all 100 and hence you die. But this is not a buff, this is solving a bug, that wether it makes your game harder, was still a bug.

    And, when will you solve the bug where a mage and assassin can't overall a certain attack speed or they start missing hits? Because if you solve about the monsters and not about the caracters, there is not a balance here xD (Maybe it sounds a bit offensive, but it's not the intention, i just want to say that there are certain bugs which must be solved too, not just for making harder)

    I think it's not correct to make special events only for yellows. About all your points i would like to comment them.

    1. When people make new account, make it buy default to frist pop up Asmodia kingdom (cause it's populated)

    2. When people are making new account and needs to choose some of kingdoms, make a pop up massage ,if possible of course, which will say if you choose Asmodia you are contribute to balancing among Kingdoms. This massage can be implemented on site too, while making account.

    I am in accordance with this. It's a fact that point 1 is a good option for real new players. The problem with that is nowadays, this percent of player doesn't exist in a great quantity because most of players who are playing played in other servers and would choose blue Kingdom. About point 2 well, i think most of the people would not read it or they wouldn't care too much, but i think it could be a great try.

    3. This one is hardcore, but let's try it, disable making new chars on Elgoria for some period.

    I wouldn't like this. I am yellow player, almost all my characters are yellow except one i use for selling. But, as a player, even if the server it's unbalanced, i understand people should be able to play in the kingdom they most like. As an example i put you Pandemonia. When red Kingdom was on, some people went there, and they didn't care about the unpopulated. I think the problem is they only played in blue Kingdom before or they don't like, for any special reason, yellow Kingdom. It's a fact less people means more bored, at least for me. I always see the same people in town, with the same comments, the same conversation most of the times, the same fights between people and so on. I'm tired of that, personally. That's why Kingdom in my opinion is getting worse, because I'm not the only one who is tired. But, anyway, I think people should have the freedom to play with their friend if they want (because remember this is a MMO, you can tell your friends to play with you), and they shouldn't have the need to spend 170kk + for changing Kingdom just one account. The game should keep the way It's in this aspect. The problems is about players mind, not the server. It's always "I go where more people play" but they don't realize that If everyone mke that, the other Kingdoms get empty (or They do and just don't care about it).

    4. In game you can make guy who will let you transfer from Elgoria to Asmodia, and won't let you to go back to for next 6 months, and his name will me GentleBalance .

    I strongly agree with this. I remember in the past there was an NPC who let you to change from blue Kingdom to yellow one for free (but not from yellow to blue). And, if I don't remember bad It was taken away for some abuses. To prevent this again the team could put a cooldown much higher than betrayal scroll, as 3 months or 6 months as you said. I see a great idea. Also, It could compensate in certain way the special right we have for requesting a free Shopbox. We have the Shopbox, they could have the chance to change Kingdom with any cost and in that way contribute to population. I'm sure the team can think well about this to find a way to make it without abuses.

    5. You can also make some Kingdom Balacing Events as 5 hours of rush bonus exp random time weekly, something like this. Yup it's unfair to one Kingdom has event, but this disbalance is more unfair. *

    As i said in the start i wouldn't like this. It's unfair. I don't have anything more to comment.

    *Similiar thing was with shops, and it worked in some way, there are more shops in Asmodia, but I think new players don't know about free shopbox, make that pop up too while choosing Kingdom. Like pop up balancing window.

    New players don't know about it. A pop window would be great to make them notice (include the people who start playing) they can have a "special reward" for playing in yellow, and they have the "right" to ask for it.

    I finished to comment all your post. Now, i would like to comment some parts of Parampam's post.

    you have to realize that new players won't balance the pvp on the short run, it will merely balance the number of players on both kingdoms and the complaining will keep going since this balance refers mostly to pvp

    Well, we shouldn't look always in a short time period. You have to think that those players, some of them of course, will be a day (maybe in a year or two) a great potential for yellow Kingdom. As everyone they will improve and with time and help, they can participate in pvp too. Also, even if they don't participate in pvp it keeps being good too. The more people you can speak with, make party with, to put in guilds, and so on, make players to want keep playing. Unless, explain me why people go to most populated Kingdom. For not moving for shopping? You have a teleport ring, you don't have to move. Don't think more, the answer is: Because there're are more players and, as MMO, It's funnier. Players would improve everything, even if they don't make pvp. If people would see Kingdom is not that unpopulated I am sure much more people wouldn't care about starting on yellow. It's very frustrating to see who anybody want to play with you, or you just don't find a properly company for playing or speaking with.

    Another real solution in my opinion would be to reduce the price of the Scroll of Betrayal, if you want to move your buff and main you need to spend like 32k tp (350kk with odins 55kk), if you want to move a farmer or something else too then it really isn't worth it. Making it 5k tp or 5-10 wouldn't affect that much the server's profits, it might actually help it since people will buy that item more than they do it now.

    This is not a solution and yourself said why It's not:

    People prefer to be in a kingdom with more players and also most of them only know the blue map, that's why blue map is the one with more players on every official and private server.

    So, the only thing you can make with this is people can leave easier yellow map. And to ruin in a very small percent server's finance. I don't see it as a solution.

    In definitive I agree with point 4 mostly. I think the team can find a way to make this possible. Thanks for reading all my post, i know It's long, but important themes should take their time.

    When you do this, you will kill the server. Of course not. If you need hacks or something like that to level up or farm (because this would be a "legal hack"), this, is not your place.