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  • GamerSHell

    sometimes i get that problem aswell, usually on CH1 it just randomly happens :D

  • Akuuu

    But, that's exactly why i wrote (jk) . so that it's obvious that I'm just kidding, and he doesn't live in fear that his Char is lost in space and time.

  • EmyEmy

    Dont scare him poor guy xd, dawnbreaker please send a ticket or on discord contact a gm

  • Akuuu

    Dawnbreaker - That sound's like a banned account if you ask me. (jk)

  • Dawnbreaker

    Is any GM on that can help me? I have a bugged char that just can't be logged into

  • Hiumi

    Is KarmaComa here?

  • EmyEmy

    The books do not stack just click on 'refresh' they will be stacked'

  • PrometheusX

    since the patch yesterday

  • VeKi

    since when do the kingdom books from moonlight boxes dont stack..and are in the extra inventory...what

  • EmyEmy

    Ty shadow for so many costumes , at least will not have to wear same costume every month, would be different costume every month:)

  • Pukka

    and not lv 85 ruby necklace for example? Which is lower and takes only normal pearls? Ty

  • Pukka

    Shadow just one more question, why can we up Oceanic Shoes lv 90 which take ancient pearls

  • ALmoSIQaR

    ty Shadow you are good leader

  • Pukka

    That'd be lovely, thank you so much :)

  • [GA]Shadow

    The block is based on the level. After XX level the smith won't work. In case we can add a similiar smith for the high level items on another run

  • Pukka

    and prob it was a bug, just wanted to check, ty anyway

  • Pukka

    Anyway as I had some answers from espelth saying we should be able to up all in that smith

  • Pukka

    I understand for the armours, which requires ancient pearls, but the neckys?

  • [GA]Shadow

    From what i see it is blocked on purpose. It was done probably to keep the values of the upgrade items.

  • Pukka

    "The item can't be made better" please can we get this fixed?

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    He was banned for his dis-behavior. So what PVP has to do with it?

    I expressed my opinion about the subject.

    How many 1day bans, 7day bans etc he had? How many chances?

    He can act (as all of you) all innocent and humble now but as someone who witnessed numerous insults and provocations from his side and even some of you guys who jumped on me here in this very thread... I am saying it once again:

    "Vulpes pilum mutat, non mores."

    It is just my opinion based on my experience.

    I still wish him GL.

    Chill. :)

    Let's be honest, this is not sincere apology towards the community but a try to get your character back.

    If it would be sincere, you would change your behavior right after your ban but you continued to provoke in similar manners from other people accounts (if I am not mistaken, some of them got muted/banned thanks to you).

    So basically you did exactly what you mention in your apology... made other people characters muted/banned with your own doings.

    The irony is funny and humility in this post entertaining.

    "You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time."

    Good luck tho.

    Haven't made any new recently and lost some of my favorite ones so gonna leave some of my old and those I could find here (in case I lose my data again).

    Hope you like.

    This game is heavily unbalanced and despite the players think they know all and everything is easy we can't really change the class system and make it balanced over a night. You are all suras and warriors, none of you cares about the other 2 classes. How do you think a mage or an archer could solo a run the same way your warrior or sura does?

    Ditto. Cannot agree more.

    There is not a single run on this server that cannot be done in a party of two. Is it really so hard to find another player to team up?

    I do see some people constantly looking for an Orc Maze partner or other lower level runs. Mostly the same players (farmers). Probably doing nothing but those runs. Enough said.

    Others just go with their friends/partners/guildmates and rarely want to join with new/unknown players.

    I do believe that there are probably fewer which cannot really find a partner for runs but it is not impossible.

    Plus, there is still an option for those who just cannot find an Orc Maze partner in that given time.

    Farm Metins. When it was first implemented, everyone used to farm them but now when Orc Maze gives more, no one even mention Greenies from metins.

    You don't need a partner for that nor you need to share.

    The drop is not so generous but hey! at start everyone loved it.

    So what changed?


    Are you talking about raids (1-2h) that happen once in weeks, a month maybe?

    I didn't mention DSS in PVP because when it comes to PVP we all know that those who do PVP will use all possible things just to show off their strenght, no matter the price, duration etc.

    Besides if DSS Recharger from Item Shop is too expensive for someone, there is still an old school way available. Good luck.

    Maybe it is just me but I cannot imagine a single Run nor PVP event where the duration of DSS could play such a huge role.

    Once again, in my opinion 4h duration is just fine considering the price. 8h wouldn't hurt either with the higher price of course.

    Jokes aside.

    I think 4h duration is a fair deal considering the price (1k TP).

    With all the rarity and boosters nowadays there is actually no such need for use of it in PVM.

    Maybe 1 or 2 minutes for easier/faster Boss killing?

    From my point of view it is good as it is.