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    I think this is not the right thread to argue about National War/Siege War, since this is about the Helpers update. There is a whole section called "suggestions" to write about it.

    Anyway I will quote you:


    Teirusu didn't give us any reward due to the fact that "not enough players joined relative to the number of players online" or "the war wasn't good enough" or "yellow kingdom didn't join at all" etc.

    That is true. Except the part of "Yellow didn't join at all". If any kingdom is missing, no matter the kingdom, there is a high chance of not getting a reward. Only if I see players are enjoying a good fight, even the lack of one kingdom, I may change my judgment. If two kingdom doesn't join, there won't be a fight and hence, every kingdom will get a -25%. This is very simplified, there are many fact I take in consideration to provide a fair reward but it brief, it looks like that.

    The problem is always the same thing. Our meaning of fair is different. No matter how many times we told to the players, it seems to be ignored. National war it doesn't involve a kingdom, involve all the kingdoms, and the reward is settled making focus on the participation from all the kingdoms, no matter how your own kingdom try. In fact, it shouldn't be a waste of time, because national war or siege war it should be funny, and you should join because it provide a good pvp arena to test yourselves, not joining just to get a reward.


    We don't join one time SW ( which by the way, i believe the way it is now, it has many flaws and is not the most attractive event from many points of view ), -25%.

    This is the 3rd or the 4th time I have to set -25% due lack of participation. So is not something up to yellows. I already explained earlier. -25% Has been set before, and will still set, as long as the requeriments are met.

    Again you are focusing about "we don't get exp", and the most important thing, which is "SW is not attactive from many points" you just tell us between brackets. I really don't understand how you can spend a lot of time, making a huge post about reason you dislike about NW/SW rewards, but the most important, which is improve our events, you just say one sentence in brackets.

    For last, and not least important, I just want to say, and hope it isn't rude: I don't care who win the rewards from NW/SW. So everything related with "This GM/GA like one kingdom or one player more than others are just pointless words". This sentence is applied not only on events, but also in most matter in the game. For us, every player is the same, no matter if he spent 1000€ or 10€. No matter if he is from a kingdom or another, no matter if he have been in the server 10 years or 1, or if he talk to us everyday or just for help.

    I hope I was clear enough, and I really hope I don't get an answer here but a thread on suggestion telling us why Siege War is not attractive and how it can be enhanced.

    Xalbador is giving the answer to the problem "Because of the delay, which occurs if you dismount of a horse." This is something that most of the players of Metin2 know. There is no need to be a rule (because if you dismount, it goes against you) is something you actually don't want to do. A rule is made to not allow players to do something you don't want to do.

    As you replied, dismount of the horse create a delay, and is not my internet, so blame me is pointless. Every player who play metin2 know that there are some issues with this. Players seeing different position of the characters or player placement issues with the horse mount/dismount. This is also an issue on OX, where players something got kicked because they think they are on a square, but actually the character didn't move. Your own character move fluently, but that doesn't mean that your character is actually moving, or have any delay with the server.

    Saying this, the most fair solution is just trust on the GM/GA screen. No one can manipulate it and we don't care who wins so we don't give advantage to anyone. If we allow players submit a screen, every player will come with a different resolution, making it impossible to end.

    Anyway, Reading this and seeing that players can't accept this fact, I actually accept your blame and is my fault. I should never bring back Horse Race. I tried to recover this event and see if we could actually make it regular again (as we did before, which was monthly as sumo) but I was wrong. This event leads to argue mostly of the time I run it, so tomorrow will be the last time it will be run.

    As always, I appreciate a lot your feedback, because it help us a lot to improve our events, no matter if deleting unwanted event or improving those who can be improved.

    Dear players,

    As you may know, from saturday 13 to saturday 20 Olympic event will take place.

    From this date, everyday at 3.P.M GMT a Budokan, Horse Race or Sumo will take place, except Friday, which all three events will take place consecutively. The events will reward players with points that will contribute to their kingdom for a final reward. Besides, players will get TP if they win in at least one of those events or contribute with most points.


    The players who get more points for their kingdom will receive rewards, which will be:

    First - 100.000 TP
    Second - 50.000 TP
    Third - 25.000 TP
    At least 1 point - 5.000 TP.

    The kingdom with the most points will receive 50% experience bonus, second and third receive 25%



    The winner of every category will get 2 points. The player who lose against the winner get 1 point, beside the regular rewards.

    To check rules or how does it work, please, check this thread.

    Please, take note that this Budokan is not a regular Budokan and will NOT count to the hall of fame. Saturday Budokan will count for Hall of Fame and NOT for Olympics Ranking.


    The winner of sumo will get 3 points, second player 2 and third player 1 for every category.

    To check rules or how does it work, please, check this thread.

    Horse Race:

    The winner of horse race will get 3 points, the second 2 and the third player 1.

    How does it works:

    You must run through a map from a start point to a goal, announced by the GM/GA. The faster players to reach the goal using a horse will get a reward.


    - Items are allowed except carrying a weapon. Remember: You can't carry a weapon neither you or your inventory. If you have a weapon, please, place it on the Shopbox. Again, detecting a weapon in the winner inventory will disqualify the player.

    - As before, is forbidden to carry Bravery capes or any item which can ruin the run of any participant, like the Curse Ring. Any player who carry any offensive item on their inventory will be disqualified.

    - Players can carry any not forbidden item or use any potion to increase their speed. Skills are NOT allowed, and only the Regular Horse is allowed. No power mounts, no white lion, nothing. Just any level regular horse.

    Hall of fame


    Player Event Wins Points Kingdom
    25cm 6 18 Elgoria
    Xalbalow 5 17 Elgoria
    XandroFarm 4 16 Elgoria
    Chiye 3 12 Asmodia
    AlmightyBeast 3 9 Elgoria
    MiniOreo 4 9 Asmodia
    NormalNicht 2 8 Pandemonia
    xSheyn 3 8 Elgoria
    IwickedI 1 6 Asmodia
    SkyquakeR 1 6 Asmodia
    NexaIncantare 2 6 Elgoria
    Ghavage 1 4 Elgoria
    InsaneLowLvPvP 1 4 Asmodia
    Korr 1 3 Elgoria
    SoKawaii 1 3 Elgoria
    xLykan 1 3 Pandemonia
    FinleyBoss 1 4 Elgoria
    Kloder 1 2 Elgoria
    KingGolDAce 1 2 Elgoria
    Zynox 3 4 Asmodia
    NOVOLINE1 2 3 Asmodia
    B0RN2F1GHT 1 1 Elgoria
    blazze1 1 2 Elgoria
    FarmerT 1 2 Pandemonia
    najiko 1 2 Asmodia
    BabyDrink 1 2 Asmodia
    Received 1 3 Pandemonia
    MrPolk 1 2 Elgoria
    FarmingforLife 1 1 Elgoria
    Strobe 1 2 Elgoria
    LillyMae 1 2 Asmodia

    Kingdom's total score:

    Pandemonia Asmodia Elgoria
    Points 13 50 100

    Dear players,

    In celebration of the Olympics of RIO 2016, from Saturday 13 to Saturday 20 of this month, a new quest will be available for all players from level 30.

    What is this quest about?

    During this time, all players will have a new quest:

    In this quest, the player must talk with Yu-hwan, the npc located on the second village of each kingdom.

    In this quest you must collect Medal's Pieces 'killing any mob between your level (+/- 10) and more than level 30. These pieces are stackable and tradable, and once you collect the 5 different parts, the player must bring it to Yu-hwan to get a reward.

    The reward for this quest is the Hero's medal (see the picture below) and a chest based on your character's genre, Athena's Chest if is female Milon's Chest if is male. You can continue doing the quest over and over to collect more chests, the Hero's medal is a one time only reward.
    Don't worry about which one is the best, both chests contain the same items, only some items which require a certain genre are changed, so male players can't receive female items.

    Please, take note that Hero's Medal countdown start after getting it, just after finish the first quest and also the Milon's Chests can only be opened by male characters. You can't open a Milon's Chest with a female character or an "Athena's Chest" with a male.

    Besides this quest, there will be also another exciting things during this Olympics:

    There will be events every day at 3 p.m. GMT: Sumo Ring, Horse Race or Budokan

    Keep in mind that each IP can participate only once. The winners of these events will get points alongside the usual prices for these events. These winners will be on the forum and will contribute with points to their kingdom. Depending of the event, players will receive different points. All the information about how many points players will score, will be explained on the Kingdom's Olympic thread.

    On Friday, from 3 P.M there will be all three events: Sumo, Horse Race and Budokan.

    After these Events are over chances to drop the event chest pieces will be increased for the rest of the weekend and there will be a combined Metin and Boss spawn so players can immediately start using the increased drop

    The big event on Friday gives twice the amount of points for each event and the regular event rewards are also increased by 100%

    The kingdom with the most points will receive 50% experience bonus, second and third receive 25%

    The players who get more points for their kingdom will receive rewards, which will be:

    First - 100.000 TP
    Second - 50.000 TP
    Third - 25.000 TP

    If you have at least 1 point you get 5.000 TP.

    Random Metin Spawn, Boss Spawn, Find The GM and Quiz Events will be held.

    We wish you a very exciting hunting!

    The Metin2 SG Team

    The 4th Metin Hunter is over and the winners are:

    HenryKendall for Silver

    CarnageHero for Gold

    Contact a GA ingame for your rewards.

    The contest will begin again on Monday 16 May

    Here is the Hunter Hall Of Fame, where all the winners' name from the Hunter event will remain, along the date they were selected as winners.

    The rewards for the two categories are:

    • Silver: Premium Pack 7 Days and 50.000.000 Golds
    • Gold: 30.000 Tec points and 1x Spirit Stone Pouch

    Hunter's Hall of Fame 2016:

    Rewards will be given automatically to players the same day or one day after the winners are announced.

    May the best hunter win!

    From March 25th, for 4 days the White Rabbit will visit the towns. By talking to him you can start the Easter quest, he will deliver you an Empty Basket and ask you to collect Easter Eggs and fill the basket. You can gather 20 types of different easter eggs all across the server.

    Once you placed every egg in it, click on it again and it will transform to a 'Basket with Eggs' which you can bring back to the Easter Rabbit. Repeat this process as many times as you can, the White Rabbit will keep the count.

    You can obtain Golden Eggs from the Easter Rabbit for every basket you filled up completely.

    • You can only drop the eggs from the Easter Metins close to your level
    • You need 20 different type of eggs to fill the basket, you can check at any time which eggs are missing by clicking on the basket.
    • Low level players may get the Easter Gem, it works like a radar, pointing out where the closest Easter Metin is.
    • You can only got your reward AFTER the event is over.

    We wish you a good Easter and a great hunt.

    Regards, Metin2 SG Team

    Budokan Hall Of Fame 2016:

    Budokan Hall Of Fame 2015:


    Hi everyone,

    NOW! We want to truly recognize those of you who achieved flawless victories; those of you who stand in admiration and awe before the community; a sense of fear when his/her name is mentioned!

    Hall Of Fame 2015 (Claim your rewards speaking with [GA]Teirusu in game)

    Hall Of Fame 2016


    1. If you have chosen the reward for your category, you are not allow to choose the Champion reward; vice-versa. The Champion reward is base on cumulative victories, since players may advance in their level and participate in the next category.

    2. The Hall of Fame will be reset on 1 January 2015. You have 55 weeks to potentially accumulate 5 victories, 10 victories or 20 victories.


    5 Wins 10 Wins 20 Wins
    10.000 Tec Points 22.500 Tec Points 50.000 Tec Points
    Blacksmith's Memo Wise Man's Memo Premium Pack 7 Days
    Exorcism Scroll Blacksmith's Memo Blue Dragon Breath
    Hermit's Advice Exorcism Scroll Wise Man's Memo
    Red Monocle Hermit's Advice (x2) Blacksmith's Memo
    Quest Potion Red Monocle Exorcism Scroll
    Quest Potion (x2)
    Hermit's Advice (x3)
    Enhance Scroll
    Red Monocle
    Enhance Change Scroll
    Quest Ption (x3)
    Blessing Marble
    Enhance Scroll (x2)
    Enhance Change Scroll (x2)

    Sumo Wrestling:

    Day of the Week: Friday
    Location: Special Map
    How to go: Speak with the Archer Guardian
    About: Players duel in a 1 vs 1 with a level 1 sword. Their goal is kick out from the ring the other player. The player who pass all the rounds win.

    Rules & Equipment:
    1. Sword (level 1 weapon)
    2. No items with poison, slow, stun
    3. No skills
    4. First who gets kicked out of the ring loses

    Illegal Substances:
    1. Speed pots
    2. Attack Speed pots
    3. Alchemist liquids

    Note: Only 1 character per IP is allowed!!!

    There will be 3 groups of players which will be able to participate:

    1) Lightweight - Players from level 15 to level 35
    2) Middleweight - Players from level 36 to level 64
    3) Heavyweight - Players level 65 and above


    1st Place - Golden certificate and 10.000.000 gold
    2nd Place - Silver certificate and 5.000.000 gold
    3rd Place - Bronze certificate and 3.000.000 gold

    Teirusu started a new event:



    Find The GM:

    Day of the Week: [/i]Friday
    Location: Global
    Duration: 3 rounds

    • Players have to find the GM hidden in one random maps. The 5 first players who found him will get a reward.
    • The event will have 3 rounds in 3 different Maps announced by the GM.
    • In each round, the GM will give a total of 5 rewards to 5 different players.
    • Each player can only find and receive a reward for the GM once per event.
    • Once a player finds a GM, he/she has to open trade with him/her to receive the reward.