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    We never said that we finished to balance this class, so be patient (no one prevents us, for example, to enhance the skills).

    good the update is okay. news is welcome. however ruin a class taking its main attack is x3 the dagger. It is a Lack of consideration to all players who have the killer class. players spent time and money to build a character who is like them, and you come to a modification of these without at least we players know that will change the character, then yes, you are responsible for spoiling the game by a majority that disagrees this modification. the excuse that does not want to play just go to another server is not valid, because time and money is not found in tree. I believe they should find an update to keep this new feature without affecting the assassin class, and if you have any class that needs adjustments in pvp are the magicians of thunder and the suras black magic. if they want to get attract new players are doing the opposite or exclude game killer character or return it to the players that was spent on their characters, killers now are useless if before killing little now so do not kill anything. it is an outrage no offense, I hope return.

    the dagger assassin class has now become useless, congratulations, and the question of sending insatifestos players stop playing, without remembering the effort it took to put the skills of your characters .. perfect master is very easy to speak, managed to end another class that was already weak. and now strong leaving spells suras and lightning mage. team congratulations. -1 :thumbdown: