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    The point is, many people cannot do runs not because they don't have the capacity to or they just waste too much gold in boosters, but because they simply don't have someone to buff them. They still do the runs when they can, but it's not in a non-stop fashion that makes you enjoy the game more. Basically, having no buffing partner doesn't allow some players to play the game as they prefer and how a big part of PvM-time should be occupied.

    DC Run with sura is an exception to the rule I mentioned, however, at this stage of the game, most high level players have access to characters with which they can do the run. For example, Silvester who was just talking here had also a lv115 Sin. Moreover, with the new lv100 helm, new pvm armour and fire shoes, while pushing a lot the damage, maybe suras can do the DC run solo, but as you say it doesn't compensate. DC is one of those cases in which cooperation compensates, since if you take a 90- level partner with you he can assure that the first 2 bosses drop a changer and stone craft 99% of times, increasing the "pie" of each run by 55-60kk.

    Having dungeons unchanged for solo is a terrible idea. Most won't be able to use them anyway since some dungeons are hard even with party.

    Every dungeon in the game can be soloed now with this personal buffer pet except for maybe Erebus and Ice Run since you need a sin and mage players at least for some floors' quest. If you lower their difficulty even more, it will be too easy for experienced players. People that aren't able to do it solo can just do it in groups, they'll finish the run faster and will have a bigger "pie" of rewards to distribute if the extra boss box idea is followed. Plus, the conclusion of this topic is that given the low amount of players in the server, you need to bet strong in the solo dungeon component.

    If the problem is finding people to do run, how could 1 box per player fix this? Sorry but if you can't enter because you can't make a party, even 100 box would be useless as reward.


    1) Not enough people to do runs in groups;

    2) People don't want to join runs because either they don't like to play as a passive buffer, rewards aren't good enough in groups or they simply prefer to play the game alone


    1) Option to do runs solo, drops stay the same, difficulty of mobs stay the same, you add a personal buffer secondary pet that gives 20-30% buffs (again, for dragon mages to keep their relevance since they can reach 70%+ buffs), drops would stay the same as now

    2) Runs in group will now drop X boxes per player besides the normal drops, in which you can put whatever drops are adequate, this way you still keep a small incentive for people playing together, besides the fact that doing a run in group makes it end faster

    My suggestion wasn't that the drops would be solely the boss box, would be that the drops would stay exactly the same as right now, but additionally, in runs with a party, the boss would drop X boxes per player. So in a solo run, the boss would drop 0 additional boxes. In a run with 2-8 people, it would drop X boxes per person. These extra boxes wouldn't translate into double the profit, but less, they are just an incentive to do the run together. Doing the run in a party already has the advantage of finishing it faster, so wouldn't make any sense to also double the drop.

    In my opinion, the exploit of putting a char inside afk is really not a big problem for the following reasons: 1) these additional boxes wouldn't be that valuable; 2) server has a small population that can be easily monitored and knows how strict the team is regarding exploits 3) the server needs a run reformulation urgently 4) let's be real, the runs we are talking about here are Hell Run, DC, Dragon, Plagued and Ice Run. 95%+ of runs made are an attacker + buffer - in which of these 5 runs is it strictly necessary for the buffer player to be 100% active? None. It may help a little in some phases that the buffer player is active, such as Hell Run's keys stage and metins stage, hitting and following on DC doors, but it's not strictly necessary. What I mean is that, the concept of "group runs" now is already an attacker and a buffer player who can be 90% of the time afk. So, in a sense, people are already exploiting runs like that. What would be nice to see would be a plagued run where you actually have 1 Assassin for eggs, 1 Sura/Warrior for tanking and a strong mage that also attacks. That's a fun run, and as of now the reward is not adequate for that to happen. If you put things into perspective, before the IP Block, 90-95% of people doing runs were active attackers, now 50-55% of people doing runs are active attackers ;) , and that's why the IP Block is bad in my opinion, forces you to be a passive buffer and the great majority of players to have fun like to play together as active attackers. And also as I said, "having fun by playing together" for 90% of people is not necessarily doing runs with friends where everyone can be an attacker, considering the way the game is designed and the late stage it is at. There's activities such as PvP which can be done together, and moreover the big part of the "fun" it's just communicating with other people.

    Now, the case you mention is more extreme, is basically assuming that 2 or 3 more people just log a char inside the run and leave them there (reminds me of the "solo" meley dungeons that are supposed to be guild dungeons). Even though for the reasons I mentioned that's really not a big problem, you have some ways to regulate it, for example put the boxes dropping straight to the inventories of players that are on combat mode with the end boss and do at least X damage points. Even if the "afk" guys just play in the end boss stage, as they start attacking the end boss, that's still playing, that's still being a metin2 SG player. After all, I really don't see a lot of people even trying to do that and I think it's just taking things into extreme and not focusing on the main problem that is the state of the server itself.

    Suggestion: You could simply allow players to enter runs solo, keeping the IP-block for parties. The drops would stay the same but if you enter with a party of X people, the end boss will drop 1 chest per person, in which you have the flexibility to put any drops you want and adjust the rewards the best way you can (e.g You do an Hell Run in a party of 3 people, Yamachon will also drop 3x Yamachon Chests, 1 for each person). You can put also a different number of chests per person. I think this is very easy to implement and feasable. Besides that, doing a run with multiple people will make the run faster, so you already have that benefit for playing in group.

    The only problem is that it will give an edge to weapon suras and body warriors, since they can do for example Hell Run on foot and tank and other classes such as mages are forced to poly to complete the run - and they cannot tank now in poly due to the absence of Blessing Spell. Solution: either implement a personal buffer pet that will only give you 20% buffs max (for dragon mages' function to still be relevant since they can reach 70%+ buffs) or lower the mobs difficulty. I prefer the pet :D

    Solo dungeons? A metin2 server is also cool if you have the ability to farm non-stop, and if you cannot do dungeons solo at any time you log in, it loses that fun. If besides the solo option, you implement a timer with all the dungeons cooldowns, pvm fanatics (most of the server) will really spend a lot more time farming.

    Greediness? This is simple, for the game to be fun it has to be competitive, and for it to be competitive you have to maximize your progress, and you do so by farming in the best way possible and earning the most gold possible. There are many greedy players yes, but that's not the point. People just want to develop the char and be top players and that's it.

    Playing solo? There are already many opportunities for people to play together. In PvP situations people play together, in dungeons such as Plagued and Ice Run you are forced to play together, you can also implement the Meley dungeon which is a guild dungeon, etc. Moreover, people don't need to be close to each other in the game to "have fun". There's multiple ways to communicate and that's what's fun. "Playing together" is also talking to people while farming solo. Moreover, people that want to do everything together in the game already do that, with or without the IP-Block.

    There's no high level pvm situations which I can remember in which piercing hits from mobs will be a problem (except maybe metins lv95-105 in which the ranged mobs pierce can be annoying sometimes, but just in the sense that you may have to use an horse attack once to regenerate a bit). The way how the bonus works is just decreasing the opponent's piercing chance, so if you get 5% piercing res then the opponent will have less 5% piercing chance. Therefore, maybe 5% pierce res is enough for every mob of the server except some bosses to not pierce you.

    Regarding the mental question, just try it out with Taichi on and off, but in my opinion it compensates to use Taichi up to the point where the mobs do 1 damage, after that every extra point of defence you have will only add more piercing damage, so until you reach that point, 1 more defence will lower the normal damage but also increase the pierce surplus, therefore will end up being the same. For my experience, having extra 330 defence will really help in some high level situations, since defence also increases a "Magic Resistance" stat that you have different from the one of the equips.

    As Vyenna said, average damage resistance is very good since it lowers both the normal damage and the pierce surplus. Also, block and dodge will avoid completely those kinds of hits.

    1) All characters created will be by default in a "NewPlayerGuild". GMs or trusted Helpers will be the leaders of this guild and can moderate any infraction (No, new players won't feel intimidated by GMs/Helpers moderating it since their style in this server is generally informal and friendly).


    -Interaction with other people;

    -Clarification of doubts regarding the server;

    -Undermining any feeling of the server's emptiness;

    -Increases probability of some players leveling/farming together in initial stages of the game;

    -GMs/Helpers are able to track new players of the server with a better precision/less effort, and therefore help them/provide them with support.

    Cons and solutions:

    -New accounts created by old players will also be part of the guild. However, if they feel bothered by the spam of the guild chat, they can simply exit the guild, they should know very well how to exit a guild by this time and, since the NPC to do so is in the shopping area, would present minimum effort to them.

    -Some old players may try to benefit in any way, shape or form from this new guild, however I doubt any old player would do this and the benefits of being part of this guild are mainly related with player interaction. Besides that, some GMs can always double-check if the account is really new.

    -New players that don't want to be part of this guild since they want to play "alone", can just exit the guild with minimum effort also.

    - Banned accounts will probably remain in the guild forever. I don't think there's any problem with that, since the capacity is "unlimited", but if there is, we'll figure out some solution.

    2) Every character joining a guild will have a red announcement visible to its guild members, e.g: <Guild> XXX has just joined the guild. Welcome!


    - At least stimulating some initial interaction with other guild members associated with welcoming the new member.

    3) (OPTIONAL) This guild will have a guild land where players will now spawn initially, and it will be located very close to the old spawn. The guild land will be well-decorated and will have an NPC with text messages that contain tips to new players (e.g Green Changers dropping in metins lv25-60, armed horse 3h cooldown, 6-8h book cooldown, polymorph craft, etc). Some "guild buffs"/"special guild skills"/"special guild buildings" may be considered to implement by the team if they have imagination to create something that wouldn't be exploitable by older players. (However, it would be stupid in my opinion to restrict a lot the access to this guild to avoid "exploits", like what happens with the Novice Channel. This is supposed to be an automated feature with minimum impact on the server and to not cause any additional work to the team).

    4) (OPTIONAL) If the idea is a success and the guilds have many players online, GMs can do a Guild War between Yellow and Blue new player guilds and do a mini-siege war event for example in the guild arena.

    So now guilds have Infinite guild members, quite interesting. Maybe it opens possibility for some guilds to merge and finally some guild wars to happen, or to create a huge "new player guild" that recruits every new player and helps with tips every time someone joins the server.

    Yes hits are overpowered, especially in 1v1 but that's another story. On raid it's still also a problem but not such a great one - in my opinion it's only for people that made their gear based on skill resistance instead of average damage resistance/block.

    Personally speaking, skills are a bigger threat than hits to me on raids, and you also have to consider that the Magical Attack bonus is currently bugged, and when it gets solved, BM suras and Mages that have the new lv100 helm, ruby earrings, the new pvp armour and decent VS/demi/INT on their gear will deal really a lot of damage. I think they will easily deal 4-5k uncrit skills even on people with decent resistance, and if they push VS damage to 1 class they can deal 6k+ even against an opponent with good resistance.

    Also, I do not agree with the statement that increasing the Attack Value of weapons will put hits even more overpowered compared to skills. I believe if you tell me that the formula benefits hits the most, but at this moment hits are just a "bigger deal" because of their "pierce" component, not because of their "normal" component. The "pierce" part of the hit will stay constant regardless of the AV of the weapon, the only thing that influences it is if you have Average Damage on your gear/dss. Increasing the AV of weapons will only increase the "normal" component of the hit that is generally very low now, and as this component rises, the "pierce" component stays constant. E.G Imagine if I do 200 normal hit, 200+700=900 pierce hit, 200x2+700= 1100 critical-pierce hit, and I do 3k skill (this is a realistic scenario on a raid nowadays). If you increase the weapon's attack value drastically, the normal hit will go from 200 to 500 and the pierce will still add 700, so it will be 500 normal hit, 500+700 pierce hit, 500x2+700 crit-pierce hit. However, the skill will rise to 4,5k, which is much more significant (even though it increased 50% (3 --> 4,5 compared to 150% of the hit 200 --> 500). My point here is that, when increasing the AV, it doesn't affect the pierce component, and therefore hits will not increase that much compared to skills. Adding more, as AV rises, the "overpowered pierce surplus" that we complain so much about will lose relevance in the total hit damage. Adding even more, average damage resistance/block are great bonuses because they affect the entire hit damage, which means that if you increase AV it will increase the hit partially, whereas the resistance for hits will decrease the hits in totality. Imagine if you have a house and when you try to warm it up, you only are able to increase the temperature on the living room and in the bathrooms, but when you try to decrease the temperature it affects all the house's divisions, so the net result is that temperature reduction is more powerful than it's increase. On the other hand, the effect of AV in rising skills is total and it's resistance is also total. So my conclusion is that, increasing the AV of weapons will have a stronger effect on Skill Damage than Hit Damage, which will help Skill Damage being more relevant in raid situations. I don't know if you agree with my analysis and only testing will corroborate if that's really the effect, but a 12 stat point gain for epic weapons 105 is a bit laughable since they still require pearls and compasses to be upgraded and many people only upgrade them to shine more and because they wrongly think that at +9 it really gives more attack value when it doesn't.

    Rune Sword gives 237-277 from +0 to +9, at +9 it shows higher AV but it's a visual bug, just equip a rune sword+9 and you'll see. Same goes for the other 105 weapons.

    And yes, only 12 STR bonus for upgrading it to epic+9 doesn't make much sense, an AV boost of these weapons would help solving the problem, even though I'm confident that when everyone has the new pvp armour and helm the lack of damage problem be reduced on raids, however 1v1 will still be broken.

    You guys have always to turn a joke into some stupid discussion about pvp, seriously ahah.

    After what happened in the video I was for 15 min in a 1 vs 2 pvp situation against you and SerbaNN, where you and him weren't able to kill me once and I wasn't able to kill both of you guys once, end of story, I don't know what's left to discuss. And yes when I have level to poison you i'll be glad to 1v1 you.

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    Just a little joke :p

    I remember that, in the old old Orc Maze, if I increased my AC by 300 with the earrings, the mages would do less damage. Same happens in 11th floor DT with ranged mobs and same happens in Heaven's lair with the Clerics/Magistrates. These are all monsters that do "magical damage", since increasing Magic Resistance % on the equipment also lowers their damage.

    I believe this happens because more AC leads to more "MR" in the character window, which I suppose to be (a different) "Magic Resistance" - however it's a really strange stat, when I change Equipment it varies a lot and sometimes without making sense. But without a doubt, AC helps you lowering the damage from magical monsters, just try to use the 300 defence earrings while fighting any magical monster and see for yourself.

    bombardieru ahahahah funny post but that's the champions league of PvM, why don't you guys equip a weapon sura in blues such as Tydy, the Bone Face Exterminator:assaultrifle: and try to beat his time? Would be nice to see some competition.

    What about putting a cooldown in Perch usage? I would suggest 30 seconds.

    Probably Assassin classes, especially the Archer, would be overpowered if he just used a poison arrow and then run around forever. No other class has a ranged weapon like the bow that can do Hits and therefore poison, so the only way for Warriors, Suras or Mages to poison people would be to catch them with hits, which they can only do if the other class stops to hit or skill, and in the running archers' case they wouldn't have an incentive to do so. The root of the problem is still poison being so relevant in duels, it accounts for probably 50%+ of HP taken in some duels when this value shouldn't ever pass the 25-30% mark, but that cannot be solved.