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    So now guilds have Infinite guild members, quite interesting. Maybe it opens possibility for some guilds to merge and finally some guild wars to happen, or to create a huge "new player guild" that recruits every new player and helps with tips every time someone joins the server.

    bombardieru ahahahah funny post but that's the champions league of PvM, why don't you guys equip a weapon sura in blues such as Tydy, the Bone Face Exterminator:assaultrifle: and try to beat his time? Would be nice to see some competition.

    Just did a Orc Maze run and it looks great ! Monsters are easier and quite accessible for new players, but they need to be in group if they want to have enough damage to kill the bosses, which benefits team-play. Lv30 weapon drops are a great choice to increase the interest of new players.

    My negative comment would be in the fact that Green Changers and Adders drop right at the beginning of the run, and this will open room for exploitation. You can just enter the run, drop a decent amount of changers in 3-5 minutes, and exit. Doing this multiple times in a day after cooldown will result in a total of 20-30 minutes spent and a lot of changers. Probably the point was to ensure that even weak new players that cannot reach the end of the run can still get a decent drop. However, to avoid exploits, I think it would be more suitable to put these changers dropping throughout the second maze (with a lower rate of course as there are more monsters), or preferably in the 3rd maze - reaching these parts of the run is not that hard, only ensures that players invest more time into the run to achieve a good reward.

    Btw, changers did not drop with names - I wonder if that's because the total number of changers dropped in the 1st part is always equal to the number of players doing the run (e.g party of 8 will drop 8 changers). If that's the case, then I guess exploits are already avoided, as players will only drop 1 changer max, and my suggestion loses effect :D

    Guild Smith 10% bonus didn't show previously to this update, and when the Refine Plus System came out it was explained that even though it didn't show, the 10% bonus rate was there. Of course it's hard to test this, we have to believe it basically @RSMirage xD

    About Dragon Scroll, I know they didn't forget about changing it because before this update it was 35% +7 25% +8 and 20% +9 (without refine plus), and now as you can see it is, for example, 25% to +9, so there was a 5% increase. Of course these scrolls give fixed rates and so only compensate at higher lvl equipments, but as of now they are almost the same as blessing scrolls, I haven't tested yet but on higher lvl new equipment such as new armours or helmets, probably there is more difference between the blessing scrolls and Dragon Scrolls.

    Yes to +9 with compass is now 30%, and so with the refine system it becomes 40%. It's a 10% increase from what it was, but 10% is still a huge difference and so it's much easier now. The most notable difference is the increase of odds with blessing scrolls and on low lvl items, that changed more.

    But in my opinion it is a positive chance, because it is 2017 and people that started now and don't grind 24/7 had sooo much items to refine to +9 when they reached high lvl with a 30% +7 20% +8 10% +9 blessing scroll chance, and also due to rarity this server works a bit different from others, since non-rarity server old items and stuff you upgrade at DT are not "good" in the eyes of players and therefore you have to upgrade manually almost everything that has rarity.

    I agree that putting an item +9 is not such an "accomplishment" now, and in this server 100% +5 and +6 scrolls also help a lot, but for players that play casually it would still take a lot of time to gather many compasses and white pearls to try every item they needed (for example just to put 3 items, phoenix shoes, heaven's tear necklace and heaven's tear bracelet to +9, it would take some months to these players) and this way it will be less frustrating for them.

    My opinion is that it only feels really strange since people, including myself, have been used for so many years to the grind required in this game, but you have to understand that this is a new perspective and allows people that wouldn't consider playing the game or that don't want to start again, to give it a shot.

    It actually happens to me every 5 mins in giant wasteland mobs and even using the classic marbles like savage minion or infantry soldier, the purple ones, it probably has something to do with hits from certain monsters dk, but don't waste time trying to correct it, there's more important things to do ^^