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  • Legano

    somebody selling dragon claws?

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    someones trollin here haha

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    No ox event tonight?

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    Help me pls ^^ Resolution Problem

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    ye pretty much, must be the lack of proper fonts

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    I guess its blurry? With wine

  • xWoops

    well it's fine, graphics are a bit worse but it's playable

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    Sure it is ok, but in case of issues caused by wine, we can't provide help.

  • xWoops

    (on linux)

  • xWoops

    shadow, i'm using wine. That's ok isn't it?

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    I miss him more, toss off! u minion

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    shadow i miss u bb

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    Sell [Lot of Stuff] updated

  • CapTaiiN

    Trade Sura PVP Armour make offers guys

  • DontBeScared

    When will be released lottery results?

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    when hunter ranking got reset?

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    buy salvation fans 5int mystic

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    Let's rebuild red kingdom

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    Shadow is that silent stalker, stay in the lights and you will see him

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    1) All characters created will be by default in a "NewPlayerGuild". GMs or trusted Helpers will be the leaders of this guild and can moderate any infraction (No, new players won't feel intimidated by GMs/Helpers moderating it since their style in this server is generally informal and friendly).


    -Interaction with other people;

    -Clarification of doubts regarding the server;

    -Undermining any feeling of the server's emptiness;

    -Increases probability of some players leveling/farming together in initial stages of the game;

    -GMs/Helpers are able to track new players of the server with a better precision/less effort, and therefore help them/provide them with support.

    Cons and solutions:

    -New accounts created by old players will also be part of the guild. However, if they feel bothered by the spam of the guild chat, they can simply exit the guild, they should know very well how to exit a guild by this time and, since the NPC to do so is in the shopping area, would present minimum effort to them.

    -Some old players may try to benefit in any way, shape or form from this new guild, however I doubt any old player would do this and the benefits of being part of this guild are mainly related with player interaction. Besides that, some GMs can always double-check if the account is really new.

    -New players that don't want to be part of this guild since they want to play "alone", can just exit the guild with minimum effort also.

    - Banned accounts will probably remain in the guild forever. I don't think there's any problem with that, since the capacity is "unlimited", but if there is, we'll figure out some solution.

    2) Every character joining a guild will have a red announcement visible to its guild members, e.g: <Guild> XXX has just joined the guild. Welcome!


    - At least stimulating some initial interaction with other guild members associated with welcoming the new member.

    3) (OPTIONAL) This guild will have a guild land where players will now spawn initially, and it will be located very close to the old spawn. The guild land will be well-decorated and will have an NPC with text messages that contain tips to new players (e.g Green Changers dropping in metins lv25-60, armed horse 3h cooldown, 6-8h book cooldown, polymorph craft, etc). Some "guild buffs"/"special guild skills"/"special guild buildings" may be considered to implement by the team if they have imagination to create something that wouldn't be exploitable by older players. (However, it would be stupid in my opinion to restrict a lot the access to this guild to avoid "exploits", like what happens with the Novice Channel. This is supposed to be an automated feature with minimum impact on the server and to not cause any additional work to the team).

    4) (OPTIONAL) If the idea is a success and the guilds have many players online, GMs can do a Guild War between Yellow and Blue new player guilds and do a mini-siege war event for example in the guild arena.

    So now guilds have Infinite guild members, quite interesting. Maybe it opens possibility for some guilds to merge and finally some guild wars to happen, or to create a huge "new player guild" that recruits every new player and helps with tips every time someone joins the server.

    Yes hits are overpowered, especially in 1v1 but that's another story. On raid it's still also a problem but not such a great one - in my opinion it's only for people that made their gear based on skill resistance instead of average damage resistance/block.

    Personally speaking, skills are a bigger threat than hits to me on raids, and you also have to consider that the Magical Attack bonus is currently bugged, and when it gets solved, BM suras and Mages that have the new lv100 helm, ruby earrings, the new pvp armour and decent VS/demi/INT on their gear will deal really a lot of damage. I think they will easily deal 4-5k uncrit skills even on people with decent resistance, and if they push VS damage to 1 class they can deal 6k+ even against an opponent with good resistance.

    Also, I do not agree with the statement that increasing the Attack Value of weapons will put hits even more overpowered compared to skills. I believe if you tell me that the formula benefits hits the most, but at this moment hits are just a "bigger deal" because of their "pierce" component, not because of their "normal" component. The "pierce" part of the hit will stay constant regardless of the AV of the weapon, the only thing that influences it is if you have Average Damage on your gear/dss. Increasing the AV of weapons will only increase the "normal" component of the hit that is generally very low now, and as this component rises, the "pierce" component stays constant. E.G Imagine if I do 200 normal hit, 200+700=900 pierce hit, 200x2+700= 1100 critical-pierce hit, and I do 3k skill (this is a realistic scenario on a raid nowadays). If you increase the weapon's attack value drastically, the normal hit will go from 200 to 500 and the pierce will still add 700, so it will be 500 normal hit, 500+700 pierce hit, 500x2+700 crit-pierce hit. However, the skill will rise to 4,5k, which is much more significant (even though it increased 50% (3 --> 4,5 compared to 150% of the hit 200 --> 500). My point here is that, when increasing the AV, it doesn't affect the pierce component, and therefore hits will not increase that much compared to skills. Adding more, as AV rises, the "overpowered pierce surplus" that we complain so much about will lose relevance in the total hit damage. Adding even more, average damage resistance/block are great bonuses because they affect the entire hit damage, which means that if you increase AV it will increase the hit partially, whereas the resistance for hits will decrease the hits in totality. Imagine if you have a house and when you try to warm it up, you only are able to increase the temperature on the living room and in the bathrooms, but when you try to decrease the temperature it affects all the house's divisions, so the net result is that temperature reduction is more powerful than it's increase. On the other hand, the effect of AV in rising skills is total and it's resistance is also total. So my conclusion is that, increasing the AV of weapons will have a stronger effect on Skill Damage than Hit Damage, which will help Skill Damage being more relevant in raid situations. I don't know if you agree with my analysis and only testing will corroborate if that's really the effect, but a 12 stat point gain for epic weapons 105 is a bit laughable since they still require pearls and compasses to be upgraded and many people only upgrade them to shine more and because they wrongly think that at +9 it really gives more attack value when it doesn't.

    Rune Sword gives 237-277 from +0 to +9, at +9 it shows higher AV but it's a visual bug, just equip a rune sword+9 and you'll see. Same goes for the other 105 weapons.

    And yes, only 12 STR bonus for upgrading it to epic+9 doesn't make much sense, an AV boost of these weapons would help solving the problem, even though I'm confident that when everyone has the new pvp armour and helm the lack of damage problem be reduced on raids, however 1v1 will still be broken.

    You guys have always to turn a joke into some stupid discussion about pvp, seriously ahah.

    After what happened in the video I was for 15 min in a 1 vs 2 pvp situation against you and SerbaNN, where you and him weren't able to kill me once and I wasn't able to kill both of you guys once, end of story, I don't know what's left to discuss. And yes when I have level to poison you i'll be glad to 1v1 you.

    I remember that, in the old old Orc Maze, if I increased my AC by 300 with the earrings, the mages would do less damage. Same happens in 11th floor DT with ranged mobs and same happens in Heaven's lair with the Clerics/Magistrates. These are all monsters that do "magical damage", since increasing Magic Resistance % on the equipment also lowers their damage.

    I believe this happens because more AC leads to more "MR" in the character window, which I suppose to be (a different) "Magic Resistance" - however it's a really strange stat, when I change Equipment it varies a lot and sometimes without making sense. But without a doubt, AC helps you lowering the damage from magical monsters, just try to use the 300 defence earrings while fighting any magical monster and see for yourself.

    bombardieru ahahahah funny post but that's the champions league of PvM, why don't you guys equip a weapon sura in blues such as Tydy, the Bone Face Exterminator:assaultrifle: and try to beat his time? Would be nice to see some competition.

    What about putting a cooldown in Perch usage? I would suggest 30 seconds.

    Probably Assassin classes, especially the Archer, would be overpowered if he just used a poison arrow and then run around forever. No other class has a ranged weapon like the bow that can do Hits and therefore poison, so the only way for Warriors, Suras or Mages to poison people would be to catch them with hits, which they can only do if the other class stops to hit or skill, and in the running archers' case they wouldn't have an incentive to do so. The root of the problem is still poison being so relevant in duels, it accounts for probably 50%+ of HP taken in some duels when this value shouldn't ever pass the 25-30% mark, but that cannot be solved.

    I'd like to bring this post up since it didn't have that much discussion in the first place and it's an important topic.

    I agree with all the points made by Nature2 and I'd like to add a few things.

    1) First of all, duels are long and have many poisoning moments in which you are forced to use multiple perchs (since poison is so important, you pretty much have 0 chance if you don't have them), and every perch trades now at about 5kk, and it's quite rare to find. If you have a budokan where 5-6 people join, it is enough people for the winning player to have to participate in 3 rounds. It's really not a joke to say you spend 6-7 perchs per duel, at least. So what this means is that, even if the player wins, he had to spend around 100kk (only on perchs) for mere participation? He doesn't even break-even with the prize he gets, not even close. This clearly doesn't prove "who is the strongest and completed" fighter - in my opinion it hasn't even anything to do with that. This is like a "fee" you pay to even join the event.

    2) Also, it makes it unfair for Assassins or people with poison equipment, as Nature2 mentioned. You can claim I'm biased since my main is an Assassin, however I'm trying to be impartial here, and I think that is obvious that 1v1 in this server is quite broken for every class and the team will probably reformulate it. However, I'd like to state that the Assassin class was built with poisoning chance for a reason, it's one of their signature strengths, and what you give with 1 hand you take with the other, so when this game was developed, if they hadn't put poisoning chance on the Assassin's Skills, they would compensate by, for example, increasing their skill damage or with a different buff. My point is, the assassin class is weaker on other aspects because it has poisoning chance, and having a fish like this completely removes this slight advantage. Also, I'm not even sure if this advantage existed after all - this server has a poisoning pet always available which already takes away this advantage, so other classes are already being benefited comparing to the initial version of the game.

    3) Adding to what Nature2 said about the liquids, doesn't make any sense to me to remove boosters (such as the Blue Liquid) that would cause both players to take out more 5-10% of the opponent's HP if we compare Using VS Not Using situations, and then allowing a fish that pretty much gives a 60-70% HP advantage if one player uses and the other doesn't.

    4) Finally, the biggest problem of not participating in the budokan are still the egos that exist, yes, but that's not related to this discussion. Even if a player has the most genuine intention in the world to join for fun, he is forced to spend 50-100kk to do 2-3 duels? If he opts not to spend this money, he has 0 chance, so the duel is not minimally competitive or fun, because we are talking about an item that makes all the difference in the world in the current 1v1 context of this server. If you give me the option to choose between A) A Potion that doubles your initial Max HP but you cannot use Perchs or B) 20x Perchs, I have no doubt that my answer will be B !

    I'm currently lv105 and will stay this level for a while, so actually having Perchs benefits me A LOT if I want to duel a lv111-120 player. Therefore, I'm not trying to get this removed to have a chance against the best PvPers on the server in budokan, it's just to make minimal sense - if I want to duel a lv120, I have to level up to lv115 to be able to poison him, and until that level, with the relevance of poison in this server, i should have NO chance against these players. So having such a silly fish also takes away most of the advantage of leveling up, and it's unfair for higher level players. So maybe, just maybe removing this fish will make more people joining budokan.

    It's not fun to fish for 10 hours to get enough perchs for 2-3 duels !

    This won't most likely be implemented due to several reasons:

    1) Being prompt to exploitation - anyone can log 20 characters and leave them online only for this and it will be a pain for the team to be constantly monitoring these situations.

    2) Many players already leave their accounts afk in town, and the staff won't be able to tell if it's an habit or they just want to get the rewards; they'll have also a lot more workload without need.

    3) Also, it is hard to figure out which rewards would be good enough to incentivize players to login while not destroying the server's economy (this is an on-going feature, not a 2-week mini-event).

    4) Moreover, the staff of this server is really strict in terms of avoiding exploits in the game, which is quite positive, so they are very risk averse regarding suggestions of this nature.

    However, I see the advantages that you are referring to: not only it can give a notion of more activity in the server for new players, but also stimulate people to be more active (some will have incentives to login as a result of this and will end up playing a bit, and even become more consistently active players). Also, I've seen such type of system work very well in different games and in a different metin2 server.

    Therefore, I'd suggest this in a different fashion, so if we think about the possibilities:

    - Distributing rewards based on IP? No, it should be hard to do and still a bit prone to exploitation.

    - The points being obtained through Combat Mode being on, since the game recognizes when a player is fighting. However, players can just leave their characters in a spot with aggressive mobs and a fast respawn. Also, there's the issue of level difference - a level 120 player can go to a spot with lv50 monsters that make no damage, he'll still be on combat mode but he wasn't supposed to kill monsters with such lower level.

    - The best solution in my eyes is making it Karma-based: to win karma points you have to kill monsters near your level range so the staff can use this as a basis for this "point system", which makes it is easy to implement and ensures that players only gain points by doing so. I also don't think it is a problem to have already 20k karma, with or without 20k karma i suppose the game has the same mechanism and formula to know how much karma points you should win by X kills. This won't stop the "afk-leveling" problem in some spots, such as on Lemures' spot - however, I believe that if rewards are moderate there will be very few people there will be very few people with incentives to do this and in the end, the benefit for the server overall will be much greater than this small risk.

    Just did a Orc Maze run and it looks great ! Monsters are easier and quite accessible for new players, but they need to be in group if they want to have enough damage to kill the bosses, which benefits team-play. Lv30 weapon drops are a great choice to increase the interest of new players.

    My negative comment would be in the fact that Green Changers and Adders drop right at the beginning of the run, and this will open room for exploitation. You can just enter the run, drop a decent amount of changers in 3-5 minutes, and exit. Doing this multiple times in a day after cooldown will result in a total of 20-30 minutes spent and a lot of changers. Probably the point was to ensure that even weak new players that cannot reach the end of the run can still get a decent drop. However, to avoid exploits, I think it would be more suitable to put these changers dropping throughout the second maze (with a lower rate of course as there are more monsters), or preferably in the 3rd maze - reaching these parts of the run is not that hard, only ensures that players invest more time into the run to achieve a good reward.

    Btw, changers did not drop with names - I wonder if that's because the total number of changers dropped in the 1st part is always equal to the number of players doing the run (e.g party of 8 will drop 8 changers). If that's the case, then I guess exploits are already avoided, as players will only drop 1 changer max, and my suggestion loses effect :D

    Hey everyone,

    This is a hardly feasible suggestion, not because it is hard to implement, but because both the team and players almost lost all faith in Guild cooperation and any form of Guild PvP.

    What I can tell you is that many times players only keep evolving and find motivation to cross every game stage until eventually reaching lv90, 100+, due to being in a moderately active guild, and that's one of the main reasons why online games are so addictive. The Guild where I've been the past 2 years and a half has a core group of players that have been together since lv30-60 and now almost all are lv90+. Sometimes some of them are inactive for a period of time, but they always come back. That's how metin is and always has been: people come and go. But they only stay when they eventually come back IF and only IF they find people they know online.

    -So what's the main goal here? Player retention.

    -What's the solution? The solution for that is making them play together to form bonds. (Some people are lonely wolves and prefer to play alone - but that's fine, they are not the problem since they enjoy the game playing alone).

    -So how to make people join Guilds? Give incentives that are important for their game development (not absolutely fundamental, or lonely wolves will quit, but sufficiently important to actually cause a change)

    -How to guarantee that they don't create their own guilds and keep playing alone?  For them to earn something, they have to participate in collective activities, so they need to be in crowded guilds. These collective activities can be PvP or PvM.

    - So what activities can people do together? It is hard to force people to do runs in guild with 8 people: the rewards of the run will be very bad divided by 8 (as the game reward system is now), which means that we'd have to create a super-ultra reward for doing it in guild to offset that and that seems too overpowered, exploitable and kills the game for people wanting to play alone. And since I want to make a simple suggestion that wouldn't give too much work to the team, the simplest way is to only implement this in a PvP perspective for now.

    So there are 2 suggestions I want to make:

    1) Guild Reward NPC: it would be located next to Hong-Hae like in the picture below. For now, I only give an idea of 1 Item it could sell: a 50% EXP potion that would last for 3 hours. It would be non-tradeable, non-storable and non-cumulative, which means players can only have 1 of these potions at the same time in the inventory. The potion would also have a timer on it, my suggestion is 10 hours - after that the item would disappear. The duration is only 3 hours otherwise it would be better than a mall exp ring, and we don't want to take the utility from that ring, otherwise the team will be mad.

    How to buy this item? With Guild Tokens. How to earn these tokens? Participating in any type of Guild War that has at least 12 players entering each side. At the end of the war, regardless of the result, every char inside the war would receive 1x Guild Token in their inventory. The 50% EXP potion would cost 3x Guild Tokens. To avoid exploits, Guild Tokens are not tradeable or storable, and players cannot receive a token when they already have 3 in their inventory. EXP is an important reward for every player in-game so it would give enough incentive for people to join guilds, and giving EXP doesn't destroy the server's economy or the server's profit since no mall item is losing its utility, and if it contributes for more player retention, it would help it. Do I believe that some people would try to exploit this and do wars 12 vs 12 where in reality it's 3 people each side logging 4 chars each? Yes, however that will still be 6 people doing something together and guild wars are watchable so a simple report would solve the situation.

    2) Guild Announcement Field

    Next to Hong-Hae there would be these field of flags, they could be put by guild leaders and each one would have their guild's name. If players clicked on them, a text box would appear with : Guild Information - a brief text about the guild where leaders could put their values, guild activities etc; Guild Leader name - for people that wanted to join to PM (or even an option to open PM box to leader if that's possible ; Flag of Guild ; Average level of guild; etc.

    - But most players prefer PvM and don't PvP at all, and they don't stand a chance in PvP situations... - True, but there's 3 reasons why this will help:

    1) PvP players will come together and fight more often;

    2) Guilds with little PvP players can do Siege Wars against both PvM and PvP guilds, or normal wars against other PvM guilds;

    3) New players will join crowded guilds more often due to Guild Announcements, and that will cause a lot more medium-level guilds with 5-10 active people to exist. These guilds can battle each other so their first PvP experience won't be a massacre.

    I can give the example of 2 weeks ago, the guilds StripMeBaby and MorningWood battled each other on town in a 30 min field war, and next MorningWood battled us on a Siege War. All these wars had 12+ people on each side. I know most people don't care about PvP, but this would be easy to implement and will bring people a little closer.