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    +1 , but a very small chance to drop master compass and all the stuff you've just mentioned for those playing on normal channels, and higher for those who are new and playing on novice channel.

    war+4 2-2.5kk
    sura/ninja+4 1-1.5kk
    mage/dodge/magic+4 500k
    Defence+4 8-10kk
    Evasion +4 6-8kk
    Haste+4 3-4kk
    Monster+4 12kk
    Death+4 6-7kk
    Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

    It doesn't matter if you quit for a period of time, you are not a new player unless you start fresh and not with these items that you already made on 2014 or character's level.

    Your privacy was not touched, your name was not revealed, your purchase history was not showed nor your email or ip address or even less your real name.

    You are quite grasping for air and out of arguments if you resort to reply in such manner. I suggest you to stop if you don't have anything constructive to say.

    You know I've deleted all my chars with all the items,restored them and only got back some gold.My equipment is 1month new:) . Fine,lets call it an end,since it's obviously you can hang on this matter to ban me.
    P.S.: No further replies from you needed.

    if you're so sincere you'd know I've quitted for like 2years and came back last Christmas, also, I think that's some personal info, when I've made my account, you seem to use personal data quite a lot on threads when you like to, isn't there any privacy policy in this game or what?

    I already explained that is the same as before but you seem to have comprehension problems.
    The chest is structured in a way that if you are lucky you get the valuable drops, if you are not, you get the lower drops. This means that i can add 400 lower drops, the chance to get the changers and adders will be exactly the same, what change is which one of these 400 lower drops you will get, but you won't get less changer or adders compared to the past.

    Again you have no right to criticize this dungeon because is not meant for high levels. It is actually a shame how you guys ruin the gameplay for the low levels, by overfarming those changers making it impossible for them to play here as you control the price on the market.

    We are actually considering of removing the orc maze from the normal channels and leave it only for the novice one, so that just the new players will benefit it as it was really meant.

    I can do nothing but tell you the same,you have comprehension problems.I'm talking about the drops on the 2nd boss and you're telling me about the cursed box which is obviously not the same thing.Secondly I'm not criticizing the dungeon but you.You say the dungeon is meant for low levels,lets say I agree with that,my main is in that range level for doing Orc Maze so this makes me a low level.Yes I'm overfarming it cuz it's a good source of money,more than the metin stones,but now I'm starting to believe metin stones are way better than it. 3rd, the problem isn't the price of changers,or the way they affect lowbies, cuz it doesn't affect them much since I,as a lowbie,used to farm in map2 and I've bought my gear with the money I was getting there,I've used a few changers on items myself but after seeing the low chance of getting even the HP bonus I've just stopped.
    The green changers are mostly bought buy the high levels to change the stats on rarity items or by low level players who are spending real money on Item Shop so they get gold easier then a non-maller guy.
    This looks to me as the "selling accounts/items for real money" problem.Now that there are so many green changers on market the buying of the normal changers from the Item Shop decreased so you guys are facing this problem again.Lets face it,you need people invest real money in-game ,it's all about that, this "it was meant for the low levels" thingy is just to cover that up.Stop being evasive in your answers and start being sincere.

    If you like changing drops in Orc Maze why don't you do it for high level instances as well, you always seem to think so much so much about us,the lowbies, when you should also pay more attention to the higher levels as well.You speak like you know how it feels to play this game as a lower level when you obviously don't know a thing,well let me tell you this : if you were a lowbie you would want to get better,so you'd farm metin stone,get better gear,move on to the next progression,in this case it would be Orc Maze.At this point you wanna get enough gold to be able to buy awesome high level gear so you can move to the next level and so on.In order to do that you can have 1x/ 2x or God knows how many Orc Maze farmers.My point is it's not so easy to get gear for Orc Maze,not that cheap,plus that you don't get that gold just like clapping your hands and damn,there's some gold...I always loved surprises, but yours make me sad often enough. :cursing: