[Maintenance] 31/03/2017

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  • Update:

    • Added III and IV Inventory slots
    • Added key to unlock the Inventory Slots on the Mileage Mall
    • Added new questions on the OX Event


    • Raised the % of refine for most items
    • Raised the Exp Rate and Gold Drop Rate on low level maps
    • Removed the Kill Stealing rule

    Metin2 SG Team

  • This time I'm not in favor of this update. To put third and fourth inventory seems to me something so unnecessary, but I am of the minority that thinks that. I also think the exp was high enough for the new ones. Anyway, thank you.

  • Yes to +9 with compass is now 30%, and so with the refine system it becomes 40%. It's a 10% increase from what it was, but 10% is still a huge difference and so it's much easier now. The most notable difference is the increase of odds with blessing scrolls and on low lvl items, that changed more.

    But in my opinion it is a positive chance, because it is 2017 and people that started now and don't grind 24/7 had sooo much items to refine to +9 when they reached high lvl with a 30% +7 20% +8 10% +9 blessing scroll chance, and also due to rarity this server works a bit different from others, since non-rarity server old items and stuff you upgrade at DT are not "good" in the eyes of players and therefore you have to upgrade manually almost everything that has rarity.

    I agree that putting an item +9 is not such an "accomplishment" now, and in this server 100% +5 and +6 scrolls also help a lot, but for players that play casually it would still take a lot of time to gather many compasses and white pearls to try every item they needed (for example just to put 3 items, phoenix shoes, heaven's tear necklace and heaven's tear bracelet to +9, it would take some months to these players) and this way it will be less frustrating for them.

    My opinion is that it only feels really strange since people, including myself, have been used for so many years to the grind required in this game, but you have to understand that this is a new perspective and allows people that wouldn't consider playing the game or that don't want to start again, to give it a shot.

  • This percentage is the fruit of your distorced reality as the real % is 25%.

    The % for most of the items on the game over level 40, was 20%, with the sole exception for the armors that were 10% for unknown reason. So the difference is not that huge as some claims. The Master compass now raise this % better, as it should have done since day 1. It is a premium item, people spend money to purchase it, so is fair that it boost the % properly. The refine plus raise this % but it needs expensive items, so again is fair and doesn't grant you 100% of success anyway. To sum it, it is 25%, if you spend a lot of golds / money is more but is not 55%.

    Back to topic with today's quick maintenance the belt issue is fixed. The potion that "you lost" should be back at their place if you did not use the slot where they were. In case you still have loss, write a ticket at

    Please write a normal ticket, we often receive tickets with random names with just "Please Help me", we can't know who you are if you don't tell us and it means the time to help you will be increased because we need to ask you details that you should have written already.

    So write your character name in the ticket and write the potions that you lost