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    if before the rarity and +6 stones, players lvled on that floor while tanking the whole floor, nowadays it's even easier. 40% buffs with those stats should be more than enough

    gll nub and hope all goes perfect on the big day to come soon and from then on too :)

    Damn I get back from vacations and you're leaving... ||
    Best wishes Taka, hope all goes well on your big day, contact me someday for that beer :P

    Hopefully after the big day we can arrange something :)

    Thanks and GL InGame and in RealLife :beer:

    I tested with around 200.000 hp and 50% and it doesn't give back 100.000 HP everytime it occurs. There is some kind of limit or it just take into consideration some HP and not others, like quest, modding, etc.

    I won't say that at 50% it will work like that, but at least as far as i tested it before:

    on 20k hp and 10% restore hp i got 2k hp each time the effect happens.
    on 20k hp and 15% restore hp i got 3k hp each time the effect happens.
    on 15k hp and 10% restore hp i got 1.5k hp each time the effect happens.
    on 15k hp and 15% restore hp i got 2k ish hp each time the effect happens.

    maybe it caps at a certain max hp, or restore hp %, but in values not achieved by players.

    Guys the format should be


    and if it isn't a draw you predict, then there isn't any shootouts.

    why so many are "predicting" final results and shootout "predictions" aswell ? ?(

    And about 50 minutes left and it seems this reached 51 Likes and 1 dislike :)

    Good job everyone, and Good luck with the drops :)

    hehe Shadow... :beer: Cheers

    It's great to see so much love coming through, especially going to almost double the likes than total posts i made in this new forum. :dance:

    To everyone that commented again after my last thank you, Thank You for the support.

    I've got all of my accounts locked with Lock&Ready system, except my BM, and i'll be sure to log in from time to time to see how it's going with your in game lifes.
    Can't lie and say i wasn't tempted to do so yesterday to check up on your new Guild War system, but i've gotta stick to my decision, as hard as it can be :)

    You're 5 Likes off from shadow's offer :thumbsup: :beer:

    Thank you all for the greetings, It's been really fun playing here.
    Spamdemonians unite ! ! ! :) good times...

    This idea seems great Shadow, Thank You for the opportunity. And Good Luck to you all guys.

    To all my in-game friends, Guildies , and ( i belive none ) possible enemies i might have made, and anyone who might have crossed paths with me,
    I wish to you all good luck with both your in-game adventures, and Real Life experiences.

    It's been real fun playing here since 2009, but I feel my time has long passed, and so i'm oficially leaving Metin2.SG for good.

    I won't be mentioning anyone in particular, because i'd miss way to many of you, and i whouldn't like that. ;(

    With all that said, it's time for me to go. Goodbye to everyone


    I totally forgot to thank the whole Metin 2.SG team, who for every issue i had, were always there for me. Thank you so much Everyone. you guys make all the diference to the server.

    HaHa , It should be just Blue Balls :)

    " Buying Blue Balls "
    " who has blue balls? "
    " I got Blue Balls , anyone interessed? "

    oh the possibility for puns ... :)

    well my main reason for not changing to my original kingdom was my lvl diference with my mage, hence i could not re-marry her.
    secoundly was the 2 guilds i have since 2009, and also the 4 marriages i whould have to re-do.

    I'd love to go back to Pandemonia, maybe when i stop beeing lazy and lvl my mage a few lvls :P