Redwyne is out, bye - STORY Of mY BAN

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  • Hello,

    3 years ago me Matei and CuraFarm started to play on Metin2.SG. We played on same account Redwyne, CuraFarm, Chtulhu, Myrasha, bTwin etc.
    2 years ago I tried to sell a poison +9 for 300$ to HeroPety but it was just a plot. We were banned on all our accounts. He unbanned me for 3 days after that he [COMA]SHADOW accused me of buying an account from my friend for 40$ from one of my friends Moltres. I said it is not true and many other things and he unbanned me again (but not my level 35 farmer - CuraFarm). Then I left metin2.SG. (HeroPety the buyer wasn t baned and when I asked him if he is his protected he changed the subject - cool). From that moment I didnt sell or tried to sell anything for real money or something suspect.

    This week I came back to have some fun. I asked Mark - Shadow to unlock my account CuraFarm cuz I would like to farm something. He's answer: "it was banned for real money trades along with your Redwyne. Curafarm is not yours, the email belongs to someone else." - another false accusation. This account was created by me and Cura on CuraFarm email and it belongs to us. it is indirectly mine (I send them photo with everything to prove that is mine). THen he said AGAIN I bought it for real money.
    answer: "You admitted you tried to sell it for real money the first time. You did not admit of selling on the second time. After the first time, giving you a chance to play, we told you to never trade or gift your items, which you did not respect. This lead to the second ban, which you denied the sale, but couldn't explain the trades.". So I have to admit something what I didn't.

    Then I went crazy and I asked him (not called him) if he is on drugs or stupid because he ban me and then he unban me and so on wtf?. He got mad because I insuled him. But there is a difference. I just asked him not called him on drugs or stupid but he always understands something else.
    Then I logged on Metin2 and I talked to him.
    He lied to me about HeroPety's ban.
    Called me imature, piece of shit and that I am nothing for this server, to leave because I am rude and I do not recognize something I have not done and "I should kiss the ground because he allow me to play on this server"
    Again I was accused of buying Moltres account for 40$.
    I called him corrupt for not respecting his own rules. (The both parts of real money deal should be banned)
    I apologized for everything and he told me "I have better things to do and I will not talk to you anymore".

    why run away from me and do not solve the problem? doesnt matter.

    So I have nothing personal with anyone but I feel like he hate me so much because I do not play as he wants and also I feel like my ban was unfair.
    I promied to him I will not post the our conversation.

    My opinion about this server:
    [SGM]Tary try to make the game enjoyable - Shadow always ban for nothing.

    He will delete this topic but I wish you good luck

    Happy new year to everyone.

  • If you consider any behaviour on this server predatory just leave. I don't want to be rude but trust me, nobody here cares if you play here or not.

    If you feel you're being treated in a disrespectful way just leave. If y ou feel that your rights as a consumer are violated also just don't play here.

    I have no idea why some people consider playing here like it's their duty. There is a competition on the market, if you have to play metin2 and don't like it here just play somewhere else.

  • Wow what a bunch of lies, I am not really surprised thou considering what kind of person and player you are, but lucky for us and unlucky for you, all the tickets you sent are written down, so your lies have short life.

    Like I told you, the account is not yours, because the email is not yours. It doesn't matter if you created with your friend or if you play togheter, there is no concept of having 2 owners for one account, our rules are clear, who owns the email owns the account. It was banned years ago and it stays banned and we shouldn't even tell you anything because is not your account.

    And this is where you went nuts over nothing:

    Nobody insulted you, nobody called you a piece of anything, you did all on your own.

    You were banned years ago because you tried to sell your poison sword for 300 euro, over which you deny and admit from time to time, depends on the day i guess. After claiming you did it in a desperate moment because you needed money, you were unbanned with some conditions, which was to stop trading items away, to avoid accusations of selling and other stuff. You did not respect this as a matter of fact this happened:

    And this lead to your friend getting banned, cause apparently it was him, once again you were not punished despite you entered on the account and we agreed that you should just play with your things. We don't ban for nothing, you are simply rude, you insult for nothing and you are always involved somehow on real money trades. As I already told you, losing these kind of players is not a con to us.

  • Your ban of few days ago is based on the insults you casted for no reason, to which you explained that you talk like that when you are angry. Do you remember what I told you to do? To play, play normal, play without insulting anybody and you would be unbanned. But every 2 days you cast new insults on us :) even on Tary on the live chat. Sorry but the problem is not me, or Tary, the problem is that you don't have manners.


    and another interesting thing. u said the proof you have of selling my poison for 300$ is my word. then u call me liar. there is no logic. =)))

    The proof was a long discussion with a player ingame where you asked money for it, but like I told you, we don't keep evidences sent to us on 2015.

  • Then you told me it is not an option anymore.

    So let me know what insults I told you in my last days. Let me know ^.^ what offended you.
    And yea, i fixed the problem with Tary. The only problem is you. Because YOU DONT UNDERSTAND I AM NOT A REAL MONEY DEALER.

  • It was not an option anymore because you casted more insults, spreaded more lies and what not :) Do you think you should be rewarded for being so vulgar and rude?

    Attempting to sell something is equal to sell something, because if you were not banned on 2015, you would have sold it. But I don't understand why you keep mentioning it, out of mercy, as you said, i released you, your ban of today is for the insults you casted which continued for days. Sorry I am unable to post as I did not make any screenshots ingame, but the one on the tickets are more than enough.

    This thread is closed, your farewell will stay so I wish you good luck and all the best :)