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    Why would we need new pvm weapons when people are already soloing almost everything in the game in under 1 minute lol. I reckon that's fast enough already.

    Been like this for years and is here to say imo. Years ago you would just straight up see same members from 1 guild join only themselves mostly and whenever somebody else joined you would just casually see them before and after on ch2 near storekeeper "trading":). And regardless damage is already one and is too late for a change now and even so nothing would really change now... remmember when they added the IP rule and babies started crying.

    Good point, it would be a good thing to have indeed BUT:

    Firstly, it wouldn't be a [CHANGE] per se, but rather a [FEATURE] ?

    Secondly, NOT NEEDED full stop.

    And lastly please allow me to explain. I believe that both of you posses fully geared character / characters to do almost anything in the game. While I am aware that not every mob has every drop available in the "?" drop menu thingy and it may be frustrating you can bet they are working on it or at least they have it on their schedule.

    Ok then but what is to be done then? Easy. And also to quote you "SIMPLE". Get off your ass go to HL or where ever you want to drop whatever and simply kill the mob. Need x or y herb in HL? Go there kill the mob and find out who drops what herb in 2 minutes. Write it down if you want. Post in on the wiki everybody complains is not completed. Start a thread here and post it here if you really want to help. You got the point i think. Peace.

    edit: the real CHANGE starts with "you".

    Highly against... you can already reach absurd amounts of damage with every other in-game skin pet and everything else from the mall or in game. Watch any pvm king video on yt/forum and you will understand.

    Meh not different from almost everyone else here I see. Just wildly guessing who be doing what... and if you were so educated on the subject like you are pretending to be you'd know they didn't copy pasta like no update straight from other servers in the past what? 5 years? Whatever keep bashing, will not answer any other of your provocations.

    As about the lycan class? just no? What's the point. See who levels up faster to 120? x or y in 7 or 14 days? then who gears it faster in a few other days? And what after the 3 weeks? back to logging in only on easter x-max summer events nw and pvm king? ye definetly. What the game needs is a complete overhaul of the way the trading of items (see soulbinding system on almost any other mmo) works, the way the dungeons abuse works, the way ppl abuse acc sharing and everything, that's what keeps every1 from coming to the server and that's what has driven players to quitting overtime. But what do I know anyway i don't seem to be playing here from what others are saying.

    As I said im out peace, will just enjoy the mindless forum spam while it lasts.

    And next time please read what he wrote/suggested.

    The server needs something new. It could be any of those examples given above.

    I was just showing him that 75% of what he said has already been said more than 8 times before. Also everything above he straight up copy pasted from where ever you can bet your ass the devs or whoever is working on the updates already seen / thought about.

    I have never acknowledged nor denied that the server needs a change but at this point it is just futile to keep on with the conspiracy theories about a future server and the doom of the first one and so on (you should be up to date with the recent spam of the forum) - if something is to happen it will happen.

    Furthermore if one is to also be paying attention to what is going on the forums recently it is clear that the main priority for now is the s2 poll and the site and later (as they said) the s2... definitely not more dungeons to be exploited, camel mount ?in the sea of mounts we already have? or stupid lotteries (actually lol'd). Meh whatever, excuse me for no encouraging the mindless spam and conspiracy theories xD. Carry on with the spam, don't mind me.

    Ppl will vote for a 2nd server of the current state and not for a 2nd server of sg which is newschool. i prefer a 2nd server which is 1:1 with s1. why? cause i love the concept of this server. and its 10 years old.

    Then why would they open a new server if players vote to be exactly like this one lul. Just because your like it? rofl xD

    edit: I also highly doubt anybody mentally sane would play an exact server like this one because guess what...? It will end up in an almost unplayable state like this one... With an oversaturated and overpriced market, with players abusing dungeons like there is no tormmorow and so on. But don't listen to me go ahead and keep playing the server you like.

    PS: " i give .SG the label of Oldschool. [...] SG dont have those newschool aspects [...] .SG the best oldschool server. ". undecided much?

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