TaKaShi's Farewell

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  • To all my in-game friends, Guildies , and ( i belive none ) possible enemies i might have made, and anyone who might have crossed paths with me,
    I wish to you all good luck with both your in-game adventures, and Real Life experiences.

    It's been real fun playing here since 2009, but I feel my time has long passed, and so i'm oficially leaving Metin2.SG for good.

    I won't be mentioning anyone in particular, because i'd miss way to many of you, and i whouldn't like that. ;(

    With all that said, it's time for me to go. Goodbye to everyone


    I totally forgot to thank the whole Metin 2.SG team, who for every issue i had, were always there for me. Thank you so much Everyone. you guys make all the diference to the server.

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  • Good bye and good luck :)

    And since you told me you wanted to leave a "mark", without going too much into details, if your main post receive at least 50 likes in the next 48 hours, I ll make Levi's ring drops from monsters for 24 hours.

    The drop will be rare of course :)

    Well 49 likes to go.

  • Goodbye man. Good luck with your life And I hope Portugal will win this euro cup :D

    Well pt has won tonight against walles so 1 more step to reach that cup!!!!GOOOOGO

    ******* AND PT WINS ******* HAHAHAHAHAH So cooool beating france at their home :D :D ;)

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  • Thank you all for the greetings, It's been really fun playing here.
    Spamdemonians unite ! ! ! :) good times...

    This idea seems great Shadow, Thank You for the opportunity. And Good Luck to you all guys.

  • Takaa ...
    At whom I am gonna rage if PT wins Euro? :cursing:
    Who's gonna prevent me from farming Bosses?
    With whom in game I am gonna share the same b-day?


    You are heading towards better future, I am sure. Wish you all the best, nublet. :)
    Be happy together. <3

    Hope you will come from time to time to check up on us.

    Take care. <3

  • arghhhh....

    sadly we couldnt talk past days, you know I would stop you from that :P >.<

    I wish you and your familiy all the best bro, hope you will be happy :)

    Please check from time to time ingame, you will stay forever in guild ;)


  • probably the Best way to say Bye

    Troll me is Fine when u can Laugh When i Troll back :love:

  • It's great to see so much love coming through, especially going to almost double the likes than total posts i made in this new forum. :dance:

    To everyone that commented again after my last thank you, Thank You for the support.

    I've got all of my accounts locked with Lock&Ready system, except my BM, and i'll be sure to log in from time to time to see how it's going with your in game lifes.
    Can't lie and say i wasn't tempted to do so yesterday to check up on your new Guild War system, but i've gotta stick to my decision, as hard as it can be :)

    You're 5 Likes off from shadow's offer :thumbsup: :beer:

  • gll nub and hope all goes perfect on the big day to come soon and from then on too :)

    Damn I get back from vacations and you're leaving... ||
    Best wishes Taka, hope all goes well on your big day, contact me someday for that beer :P

    Hopefully after the big day we can arrange something :)

    Thanks and GL InGame and in RealLife :beer: