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  • EmyEmy

    goodluck i hope you get your chars back:)

  • HadorisHUN

    i found nvm

  • HadorisHUN

    Sry where can i find the discord server? :)

  • EmyEmy

    join discord...........server and pm the gm easier this way

  • HadorisHUN

    in pirvate?

  • HadorisHUN

    can u just tell me in which e-mail are they pls?

  • HadorisHUN

    How do u know? :O

  • EmyEmy

    Unlock your chars

  • [GM]Elspeth

    Both your Warrior and your Assassin are not deleted and are both still locked

  • HadorisHUN

    And we will know its deleetd or no. I logged one of my account 99% it was for my warriror account, and there is no character in this account

  • HadorisHUN

    Can u search name in ranklist Elspeth?

  • [GM]Elspeth

    They aren't, you simply logged the wrong accounts. Neither of them has been logged since December.

  • HadorisHUN

    What the hell? :D my level 90 warrior and 80 ninja archer is deleted, how is this possible? Meanwhile i had security on them :D

  • [GM]Elspeth

    Seems to have been laggy for a minute there, but it was resolved as far as i can tell

  • XxXAliXxX

    server down?

  • L0lu


  • L0lu


  • PaliPali

    hi santa

  • EmyEmy


  • PooKeR

    lag....very very big lag !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Since there is no CoMa to fix these problems right now, other players trying to help out. If you have a problem and you are scared of downloading a file, dont do it. You can also scan it before you downloading it btw, you just need the right tool to do it. And I i think its the least thing players want on this server, to harm other players with virus or other kind of things. We are here to play metin2 and the more players can start the game the better is for the server.

    try to change your settings to 800x600 on lowest quality. after that try to start the game.

    you can change the settings before you start the game. go to your folder and open config.exe, there you are able to change the settings. set everything to lowest.

    are you able to play other games?

    if not, try to download the newest driver for your graphic card.

    if you dont know how to: just google your graphic card + driver update

    if you already have the newest graphic card card -> try to download the version before

    there is another bug with item mall items. For example, I can not take out Stone of Dryards from item mall inventory and put it in normal inventory or extended inventory.

    I gift you the name changer ;)

    When you buy a costume you get random bonus yes, but you roll those bonus with the change costume from the general store. So is the same. The only difference is that based on luck you may get a bonus you want instead of using golds on rolling.


    I purchase this one with 20% regen hp, rolling got me 10% warrior. It could have been the reverse too.

    This is to make you understand that rolling or random bonus = same thing.

    yes I understand that. But at the moment you can roll 3x Res stats on your costume and you are still able to bulk up way too much Resistance. After all your work on the PvP-Update, nothing has changed. Except it got easier to roll pvp stats on items, but still there are no people doing pvp.

    In my opinion these costume, hair and pet resistance are still way too high.

    Or is it ok to deal 1-2k with high-end gear in duels or raids? You can look up the duels in bodukan threads, its really frustrating to watch.