Easter Event 2017 (Fri, Apr 21st 2017, 12:00am - Thu, Apr 27th 2017, 11:59pm)

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Easter Event 2017

Fri, Apr 21st 2017, 1:00 am - Fri, Apr 28th 2017, 12:59 am

Local Time: Fri, Apr 21st 2017, 12:00 am - Thu, Apr 27th 2017, 11:59 pm

  • Dear Players,

    Next Friday, April 21st, Easter Event will start.
    The event will have a duration of 7 days and will be divided into 2 parts.

    In-Game Event:

    • Every schedueled Event will be canceled during this 7 days period, except:

      • Nation War
      • Budokan PvP Event
      • OX Event

    • Each town will be visit by the White Rabbit that will give you the Easter Quest. By accepting it, you will receive an Empty Basket, and you will have to collect Easter Eggs to fill the basket. You can gather 20 different types of Easter Eggs all accross the server.
    • Once you placed every egg in it, click on it again and it will transform into a Basket with Eggs, which you can bring back to the Easter Rabbit. Repeat this proccess as many times as you can, the White Rabbit will keep the count.
    • You can obtain Easter Chests for every time you fill the basket completely and deliver it to the White Rabbit.

    • You can only drop the eggs from the Easter Metins close to your level
    • You need 20 different type of eggs to fill the basket, you can check at any time which eggs are missing by clicking on the basket.
    • Low level players may get the Easter Gem, it works like a radar, pointing out where the closest Easter Metin is.
    • You can only got your reward AFTER the event is over.

    • Every day at 15:00 GMT+0 there will be a Random Special Event:

      • Gold Fever;
      • Hunter's Hour;
      • Vein Spawn;
      • Boss Spawn;
      • Metin Spawn;
      • Find the GM;
      • Tanaka Hunt;
      • Horse Race;
      • DT Run;
      • Dance Party.

    IMPORTANT: To promote selfless behavior during this Easter Event we have a rule in place.
    You are allowed to farm Easter Metins ONLY WITH YOUR MAIN CHARACTER.

    In-Forum Event:

    • Screenshot Event: Take the best screenshots you can during the Easter Event. Be as creative as you can. You are allowed to edit them.

    We wish you a good time farming and Happy Easter!

    Kind Regards,
    Metin2 SG Team

  • omg a whole week
    i'm shaking and can't wait
    we don't deserve this

    thank you

    edit: will we really get GOLDEN EGGS this year or these easter chests again? because last year the post also said golden eggs but we got easter chests :D or are they the same?

  • u overslept it, eastern is over

    anyway, good event for players from lvl 1-75....hope they will enjoy it

    here u can watch my vid from the last year, the leadership of the server did not change anything, ima right or?
    (except the new main-rule....)

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  • watched this just a few hours ago! :D and when i last saw you ingame, weren't you still lv 75 as well? ?(

  • How do you define the main char of a player? Highest lvl? Because my buffer haves a higher lvl than my main

    If you have a level 90 and you create a character with names like "Easter Farmer", with overpowered low level items to just farm low level metins, you are basically killing the fun for the new players who just joined. Because instead of breaking the tons of level 90 eggs that will be spawned and that you can farm, you farm theirs, and since they are new players they can't farm anywhere else.

    If you have 10 characters level 90, we don't care which one you use, cause the map that compete you is the same for all the characters. If your buffer is 100 and your body warrior is 90, we don't care if you use your 90. We care if you use a level 15 or level 30 when you have a 90 or a 100.

    I hope this is clear, because these rules are not meant to ruin your fun or make you farm less, because to be honest if that was the goal, we wouldn't held events for 7 days. The goal of this rule is to not let you ruin other's players fun.


  • First u ask how do u define the main char , and after that u say that ur buffer is higher lvl than ur 'main'. That means u already defined what main char is . So i dont get ur question ?(

    I started today, thats why I asked that.. My buffer is higher lvl because I let my main char at lower lvl so I can farm.
    Imagine that they define our main char from his lvl.. I would have to play with my buffer in the event.. got me?

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