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    i also don't think we need to increase the rate, however I still wish they'd remove the despawning.. it makes zero sense for event metins to despawn.

    They only despawn once a player was actually close to them.

    So unless they are stuck somewhere and nobody destroys them because of that, they wont despawn.

    that's kinda^the point tho: getting close is not hard, but many overlook stones

    The despawn feature is to solve the stuck metin problem. Easter metin are metins so it affects them too. No idea what kind of question is that, instead of appreciating that something was done...

    i see the point of it with regular metins and appreciate it, however i don't see the point of despawning event metins, when the point of the event is finding hidden ones. anyways, it was a suggestion, if you don't want to consider it, so be it. it's your server. :)

    It would create lag as in the last years. I know you guys have basically no patience, but soon enough there wiill be enough eggs for all.

    but the staff didn't care for 10 years, why now? the point of easter is to literally search for hidden eggs. why despawn them?

    not a smart choice to divide the option to change it into 2 parts. shouldve been one and THEN been divided into how it shall be changed in a different poll. obviously the majority wants it to be changed but now it seems like it wont happen bc of the split.

    Hey. :)

    since you changed the drops from the event in comparision to last year, i was wondering what happened to the chests from back then? bc i still see people selling them. was their drop adjusted too or are the 2021 one "new" chests?

    You speak of English, Emy speaks of caps, different topics

    both parts of my post are to be taken into account separately.

    however, i just don't think it's that wise *badumtz* to present one of the options as wiser simply bc you prefer it.

    Please vote wisely! There are snakes who do not use the call chat and just sit around reporting players , do not give them opportunities to get players banned just for using caps or spam. Please think it does not affect their gaming experience or anything, they just enjoy downfall of others by reporting and thus pretending to be nice. Some really take pleasure in others misery remember this. Using caps or spam in call does not make you a bad person! Also feel free to voice out your opinions as we are in a free world and we have freedom of speech.

    #VoteForYourRights #YesToCaps

    " If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like the sheep to the slaughter"

    Stop being a sheep, be the lion.


    I love how you're saying "vote wisely" but what you actually mean is "vote for what I want"

    OT: The call chat is for every player and English is the known world language, so I think it's only fair for the call chat to be ab English only chat, this way every player can understand each other

    No, it's called rarity for a reason, adding it to the mall would ruin the aspect of that. I also wouldn't appreciate the possibility to craft them.

    The it is rn is perfect. The drop chance was raised a while ago and now it's balanced very nicely.

    Hey there,

    as long as you dont hit the Happy Easter button, it is.

    As soon as you click that button the Bunny will take your basket away and hand out the Rewards. [After the Event ended.]

    thank you very much ♥

    One thing contraddict the other. If nobody here wants a S2, then opening one won't kill the S1, as the players who are here today, will continue to play here. By saying that a Server 2 will kill the Server 1 you are admitting that it is wanted. There is no middle way, is either one or the other.

    Regardless, as already stated, we are not promoting a server 2 on this forum because we are not interested on luring the players from S1 there, as they are already our players. What we aim is to lure those players who wouldn't start on Server 1 due to the fact that is 10 years old. So what the players of Server 1 think about the Server 2 is not relevant to us as we are not counting them into the equation.

    We are working on a Server 2, we are hiring more people to provide a better service overall for both servers as we don't want to close SG, despite it is running since over 10 years.

    It will still happen. It happened even to the biggest Servers, even to GF Servers when they opened the world server. I won't start playing there but from past experiences it's almost certain that a big chunk will. I'm very sure it will damage s1 a lot and I'm also sure that people won't really play consistently on s2... hope the best for both servers nevertheless.

    I'm pretty sure s2 would have a huge start with more than 100 players, however just like several other servers showed, both will decline a lot in a short amount of time and s1 will die out completely. I cant believe they are believing the people on epvp when those are known for binging new servers and leaving after a few weeks. Crossing my fingers that the team won't make this mistake