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  • Lyetta

    no, in discord boy

  • SirPic

    as soon as u give us your number

  • Lyetta

    when you can call me, -.-

  • Alin Stefan

    just stating the obvious about the run xD

  • Alin Stefan

    no no

  • A.O.S

    omg were u tryna find other blue run partners?!?!? traitorrrr

  • Alin Stefan


  • Alin Stefan

    aos nub..it s me, ivg

  • beckmen

    nevermind :D pm on tary works too

  • beckmen

    anyone can sned me? pls ^^

  • beckmen

    Shadow where is the post, to sign up for fishing extravaganza event that is today? i can't find

  • A.O.S

    stefan r u blue? i go blue run sometimes if u wana join

  • Alin Stefan

    and level 10 and 11 are op

  • Alin Stefan

    under 60 items only :(

  • Gentle

    It's like you are flying high, and than you fall but you can't die, cause angel always save you from falling huh true story

  • Gentle

    yeah it's fakin amazing thing

  • Alin Stefan

    downgrades in case of failing

  • Alin Stefan

    yes, no breaking

  • buryzencio

    guys how exactly work blacksmith after blue death in demon tower? something like bleesing scroll for rarity items?

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    Yes some players reported this already, but sadly we can't reproduce it with our accounts or player's account too. So is going to take some time to fix this

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  • Dear Players,

    as you noticed today there was a reboot which i want to discuss about with you all.
    As some of you noticed already, there was a little bug on the Christmas event, some players promptly reported it to us, with great maturity and responsability, and so the event was temporary disabled.

    However there is an unpleasant fact that happened: as some responsable players reported it to us, some others, sadly, did not, they tried instead to exploit it.
    And this is really bad because we are exactly on Christmas, the typical period to be good and honest and have some fun too.

    Since we talk about honesty, for this time we want to publish the names of the exploiters.
    This because we believe these people should just be ashamed of their behaviour and also to show to all of you that here is useless to exploit anything.

    Hereby the list of the permabanned players with the relative exploited box, other exploiters, but in a lesser way, were just warned and stripped for the box/items:

    • alperenitems - 60 boxes
    • Ktal - 38 boxes
    • Soplica - 35 boxes
    • xTrash - 61 boxes
    • Monty - 150 boxes
    • SN2Venom - 19 boxes
    • NeedDolars - 14 boxes and farmed without his main
    • NACRESMON - 28 boxes
    • BlackCavalry - 64 boxes
    • J8lackMagic - 34 boxes
    • Exziz - 40 boxes
    • Farm4Sucht - 37 boxes


    But lets put aside this unpleasant fact, now is time to talk about some good news.

    As you noticed, we inserted the Mob Drop Info, the system is (even if some of you might have seen already) totally new in its structure and function and also is completely stable.
    We always make extra efforts to ensure a better gaming experience for all of you and this is a small step towards that road.

    Here you can see a little example of this system:


    There were also certain gameplay changes, which we did not explained on the last thread, because we wanted to explain them better on this one.
    As some of you noticed (and as some of you complained) we requested that during this event you use your main.

    Why this?
    It is just an experiement, of course we noticed that part of the problem of the server is that most of you relay more on the farmer to gain the money rather that your main, and this is against the logic.

    For this reason we made some changes to the gameplay, trying to enhance the experience of farming at every level.
    You must have noticed that now, high level metins drops spiritual stones, and there is more, the higher the metin, the higher the chance of dropping a high tier spiritual stone.
    I.e. a level 90 Metin, has more chance of dropping a +4 stones compared to a 35 Metin.

    We have raised the gold rate drop for high levels too, to help you start using your main character and discourage the use of low-level farmers, which is harming the new players.

    Even though some of you don't think so, we do think about all of our community, new and old players, we care about all of you.
    In fact, our next big update will be almost completely about top players.
    Please have some patience, we have a lot of priorities and we care about all of you, even if some time we prioritize only a certain level range , it doesn't mean that others are not welcome or are not taken into account.


    It has been an exciting year, with ups and downs, and it has been a pleasure to see that, for yet another year, you have chosen Metin2 SG.
    I wish you, on behalf of our entire Team, to spend these holidays with joy and to accompany us through the new year, for which we, as always, want to offer you the absolute best.

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  • Special Thanks for the kind words!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to You too!

    I am confident you will be able to apply this rule during other events. It's good to see low lv players will now have a motivation to keep lv up. Outside events, tho, i will continue to farm with lower lv characters too, for gold and to inject in the market cheap upgrade items. I don't believe new players care to spend hours to farm them.

    Thanks for spirit stones on high lv metins, you saved my time from using the farmer for them.

    I'm looking forward to see how the update will look like for high lv players.

  • Manny thanks for spiritual stone from level 75+ metins and for new gold rate drop. I ussualy play with big caracter , and was verry frustrating until now, when i want a stone to change on lower caracter for farm.
    Merry christmas and happy new year!!

    (what taste need to press to see what moobs drop?)

  • shadow i dont want to complain, but !

    ther was a guy wrote here that he got ban with fishbot, and you didnt show any proof's
    and we talked about it why not showing anything ( i was not on the side of the banned guy neither did i know him or friend or anything maybe you remember? )

    and you had some nice explanations why not to show , and our conversation was simly finished with no big drama or anything

    now this guy here abused some christmas bugs, and you got no problem to show with screenshots proof's

    im sry but this is far away from authenticity

  • Because you are the typical person who reminds only some parts of the post, the one that suits better, in your case, to your new cospiracy theory :)

    We never show evidences of hacks or bots because sometimes we catch them using hacks when we just patrol ingame, and if we have to take a video to show to you people, we will have our drivers full of them. We also never show logs, because we don't want the players to know how we got them, why making our work of cleaning the server from these kind of cheaters harder? This is the explanations I gave, because is true.

    Showing the screens of this exploiter will not make our work hard, he is not using a third party program so i can't help him figuring out how to not be detected easily. If you noticed, i always shows evidences in case of complains regarding scamming, loss of items and what not, but never about hacks, so i don't know why these screens are surprising you so much :)

    Also the player that you shielded, was banned weeks before for hacks, which you probably ignored, since you were too busy pointing your clueless finger against me :)

  • Quote

    i dont shield anyone xD, you interpret way too much in the few sentences i said

    No is more likely this:

    "Because you are the typical person who reminds only some parts of the post, the one that suits better, in your case, to your new cospiracy theory "

    It is normal that you don't remember since it happened over a year ago and most of the times players like you post rushly without even thinking.

    Also how can you claim it is not personal if your post was directed to me?