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    where is the Halloween map ? that was so cool and different than hunting metins again..

    and again same bosses that only the strongest can kill them .. average player like me has no chance again..

    hi. for sure there are some guides on the forum.

    u started playing this game few days ago, or this is your first time on this server ?

    ReSouvlaki is my char name. feel free to pm me with whatever you need if u see me online.

    Thx dude. Ive been on this server for about 6 years and play this game for about 12.. when u smash 1 metin and get 1 skill book 1 band of oblivian and 1 armour and 1 weapon dont think it will help except if you wanna play and have the time to play 14 hours per day .

    gold is a real problem this days.

    im lvl 103 and cant do any gold.

    metins lvl 100-120 have a very depressive drop. nothing can be sold except at general store and that would give some 3 kk every 30 minutes.

    medium bosses like Arges or Lemures have nothing interested

    my shop sold one item in 1 week for 4kk ... but the rainbow stone failed 11 times at P7. seon pyong red sky gem i cant get bcs of level and if i buy they all fail and with what money to buy ??

    dungeons and bosses are too hard for single medium players.

    anyone know how to make gold here cause i dont? any idea?

    best idea would be to open up lvl 180-250 and make the lvl 120 look like level 1 . also add lots of new equipment, new maps, new upgrades and so on.

    2 years ago i couldve buy the monthly packages and win something at the end, then buy again and so on.

    right now there is no chance i can make gold and buy Odins to buy that packages. that balance is gone. its only few players(guilds) that can do runs and get a lot of gold.

    one guy was saying to the other he made 15.000 wons.. how is that even possible ?? i cant even make 5 won .

    The second part is to sacrifice to the sash a 75 weapon with highest average and best rarity bonus as possible. You don't need to feed your main weapon, any 75 weapon will do.

    so i dont need to sacrifice my weapon(finally got it after u used sacrifice, was thinking i would lose my poison :D),

    does it needs to be + 9 the poison that i will use ?

    ok ok .. i think i got.. the sash costumes are all the same, same stats.. but to get avg on the costume i need to sacrifice a weapon lvl 75..

    god have mercy.. i dont understand anything.. i didnt play for long time. i have a poison+9 with avg40 and i want one of this royal sash costume that has 25 absorption. what i loose ? 10 avg ?? i am level 103 sura and i only hit 3k-6k on metins(so low that some lvl 35 hit more then me, ik). if i lose another 10 avg i will hunt in map1 at lvl 103

    The lack of information can hardly be considered a bug.

    thank you, Shadow. i'm actually very active on this forum and also discord, i read about everything. i knew i had to press asap as soon as i see the icon above the chars head, but still no catch. as u said there is 70%..lets laugh here. many times we get 85% to upgrade something like a wep or armour and guess what? fail. and im like, this is ridiculous. but now with 70% chance it must be like 23%. anyway i was only fishing at Fishing Extravaganza. dont take me wrong, i know u are the hero for this server but maybe its too fast to take a decision and you have too look at the numbers from last months on how many fishes got cought and how many this month. till now i dont think u can compare cause just yesterday u implemented this system, so we are just giving our real feedback. Nice map and mechanics but low chances to catch something.

    its easy !! u open level up, add new weps, armours, accs, and so on change the drops from metins and add totally new upgrade items like u have lets say the mithril, agate etc... u dont let people concentrate on changers only. also lower the drop rate of everything in game.

    example: New Wep in the game at +6 you need Master Demon keepsake(u make with 50-100 demon keepsakes)..

    something needs to be done.. more shops or more spaces :) .. or, when looking for an item in shop search to find from all channels and all maps..