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  • deathpool

    content of lobster chest was edited? I remember there was a chance of panda chest before, I think

  • EmyEmy

    OMG Juare :))) welcome <3 I did not see you in game yet!

  • Juare


  • EmyEmy


  • EmyEmy

    No ? why:(

  • react

    Elspeth pls ban her already

  • react


  • EmyEmy

    React ? stop it u nab xD

  • juli7505

    Forum Lottery:

  • UnkoJP

    Summer is not yet in SG. Due to the COVID-19, there wont be any summer invite xD

  • Hiumi

    Na, we dont have that kind of events

  • DerStevy

    Is here some Summer event?

  • PrincePersia

    thanx guys

  • EmyEmy

    Just send a ticket for bugs with screenshots.

  • Fivel

    Is there any thread where we can submit bugs?

  • ALmoSIQaR

    Shadow - is there new costumes in this week?

  • jackywin814

    shadow here? got something wanna ask 1 qeustion only

  • PaliPali

    happy bday Prince! may you have many many years to come : :growup:

  • SirCrowley

    Happy Birthday :bday:

  • bombardieru

    oww happy bday PrincePersia

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  • in reply to all that you have said in the replying posts. rarity items are not appealing in 2020 anymore? yeah they are not now atfer update but before they was of course. only you and a few others like to grind?, by that you mean the loyal players that had played here for along time yes, the others being noobs who make it to level 80 and then quit the game,the server was doing fine with no monitoring. slowly growing before the pandemic myself being an active player knows this, i always help new players with items. anybody who knows me in game would confirm it, i also wouldn't consider myself powerful in the game. but if its all easy to obtain everybody will get it. get bored then want new content and leave since you wont even be here to further the content, noob players come and go all the time but the old players mostly stay around and grind away for a sense of achievement. if anybody can match you with little work where is the need to grind and play to gain advantage? i dont understand how you can say we dont care for new players yet you dont care for loyal players who have played and paid lots into the server, not even enough so to ask for a poll on a big update like this, that was previously and recently turned down by a 75% against 25% poll. i agree some things should be easier to allow new players a chance, like dss has helped alot since it was so hard. preview of the exact items isn't necessary but the concept itself would help within a poll to ensure people are happy not just springing and whole new update and turning the market upside down. back to your previous point of it not being appealing? where is your information coming from since people voted against it and no further poll was made. look from what i see this is your server and you have all the right in the world to change whatever you like but please can you think of the loyal players who spend alot of time on the game and the effects this has on the people who work hard and support the server. even [SGM]tary and many other was supporting my opinion of the changer would have a massive and bad impact on the servers market and value of items which clearly undermines any work people have put into the game prior to the update. lets say you was to work hard for something and in the end it was given to everybody for 1/10 of the work and less, you say you want to help new players yet im a new ish player playing here for 8 months and my best was of making money (moonlights) was recently ruined by your crazy idea to change something for no reason, me and alot of friends had drastically cut hours down on the game to see the further crazy updates and damage to the game yes in the last 20 days people leaving? maybe that's because of 100 unpolled updates. you keep saying you get complaints and are against them but why? its the players speaking there mind and just wanting the best for the server not all are selfish, they just dont want all there work to become nothing. you also say lockdown let alot of people grind? so now you will take it all away and make it easier for the coming people (if any. you are still unsure it will work) (the merge)and to violate previous players work. again its not against new players if you value your hard work. there is alot of private servers for the lazy people all that die very fast when reaching the end goals. the others have been playing in servers like this one for a sense of acheivment and not easy to get items. dont you think people should be rewarded for their hard word and dedication? or do you think there time and effort to obtain perfect items should be matched with no effort at all? i know this is out of context but if you was training for a marathon and then somebody was using electric scooter to go past you how would you feel? but like i said it is what it is its your server what will be will be.

  • just do it slowly cus i dont like it too fast hihi

  • U are nice :)) thanx for worke ga i cant buy maill tp if can buy hellp u for thats but reealy Iran is boycod for banks we are cant buy any things in international banks sry for that

  • You are free to consider the fact that the npc already has multiple placeholders as a confirmation that we already considered adding new recipes in the future. Adding new ones is no hard task once everything is set up.

    Either way as it is right now you are complaining that everyone can have everything but at the same time you are telling us that gloves and rings are not affordable for new players anymore. Some people told me the price is betqeen 8-11kk per piece at the moment that would make more than 20won per changer. Of course that will drop eventually but I'll let you in on a little secret of mine; I had some fun rolling stats on the test server and even getting just 8 avg res mystic or legendary/titanic with just one good stat often times took more than 50 changers. Getting a perfect legendary will take hundreds. Sure there will be people who are lucky but metin2 is already an rng based game, nothing changed about that.

    changers are not the problem(outside of the recipe which will be addressed)...the problem is that you can just spam random mystic items in DT for example(or even common) and then just spam them with rarity adders because they cost like literally nothing. Once you luck out you finished your item.

    Not to mention that a bunch of players turned borderline mediocre items(5-20w worth maybe) to perfect items with literally no investment(you can prolly get 150 rarity ore for a 2nd stat in like 5 metins)

    I appreciate what this update is trying to achieve but it could have done it in a much more challenging way!(I know that you don't want players to have to grind for 1 year to get their desired items but I also don't really agree that they can finish enchanting all their items in 1h worth of farming metins and potentially turn an average item into a perfect one with that little effort)

    TL;DR: spam adding on items is WAY cheaper and efficient than changing.

  • kitkat12 Almost got a stroke reading that compact wall of text, but there is no poll aganst rarity, there is a poll against rarity in the mall. Quite a big difference, which some of you don't get it, even if you can clearly see some comments that would live to have it farmable ingame and not just pay 2 win.

    Second, 50 votes on a poll which some have also double ips just for the record, don't make the server opinion cause, even if we don't have a populated server, you are not 50 people. I care for loyal players, but doesn't mean they get to decide where we have to go. The fact that every SG player since 2009 can access to his account means we care, another server would have wiped out this server as this is the "mode" of Metin2. The fact that we are merging server 2 to prevent people who invested time and money there to get waste, means we care. But when I hear players that complain that 5 years ago or even 1 year ago they spent X KKKKK and K to make an item that now is much easier to make, of course i don't care. Is like expecting to be paid forever without doing your job just because you worked 5 years ago lol.

    @ PrometheusX Some posts ago the problem was the changers, now is the adder ^^

    Good luck spamming adders on Zodiac Armors +9 or new weapons or even level 120 armors. People add so much in these days cause
    1) They have +9 item since years
    2) They have rarity items for sales for years which nobody bought

    You can spam adders on +9 items but you will still need to get 5 great bonus. Besides if you are all spamming adders how come you complain about the exp rings and thief gloves used on the changers? :P

    Rarity was implemented on 2015, after 5 years is simply not a rare thing anymore, is only a matter of luck and grinding. I heard many complains about Ochao due to the fact that dropping armors with rarity is frustrating. Add the fact that after 5 years and despite several 101 explanations of how rarity works you still don't get how it works, I understand the frustration.

    Most of the updates done on 2015 were done due to my personal preference of certain game mechanics, like the rarity from Diablo games. But truth to be told we lost more players than we gained with the rarity and +6 stones. Because the mentality of the players is to get the perfect items. They won't care if their full moon sword with +4 stones could be enough, they wanted +6, wasted bilions on stones and quit. Same for rarity, no point doing +9 items, waste all golds trying to up a rarity item and fail, quit.

    If these changes makes the server easy as pserver it is fine, cause at the end of the day, officials are empty while pservers are full of players. This alone shows what the players want. Define them lazy and noobs if you like but honestly i rather have more lazy and noobs players than a bunch of elites.

    Thread Closed