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  • Jese

    The Best of BM

  • MutenRoshiii

    Eyes 300k tail 10k.

  • Jan Nowak

    Hello. How much cost spider eyes and scorpion tail ?

  • EmyEmy

    :D you need to wait they will be accepted

  • iPsycho

    Drunk 7d bann incoming

  • CaptainDrunk

    for real sins i got 1 day bann they ignore ? :D

  • CaptainDrunk

    i see Tary is in forum.. why it take so long when i used my ODINS i need my coins bro

  • CaptainDrunk

    is there any GM online ??

  • [SMOD]Tary

    Krylo, all the categories are explained in the PvM King thread

  • Krylo

    can someone tell me which are the categories of pvm kong event?

  • Saft

    Cosplay priceees xD

  • [SMOD]Tary

    Hey guys! You can already register for PvM King! PvM King Event (Sat, Nov 10th 2018, 2:00 pm - 8:00 pm) :rocketlauncher:

  • EmyEmy

    some have brains but unused xd rofl.........

  • Thoreau

    So they're supposed to baby sit you 24/7 because you can't use common sense? If you don't like it here just leave, they're doing their best.

  • CaptainDrunk

    MrSoon helped me.. thanks for no help ( GMS )

  • MrSoon

    killed or lured out of metins spot probably

  • CaptainDrunk

    great support ingame

  • CaptainDrunk

    why is there no dark leader in Temple ? i lookt in all channels

  • Onyekuru

    wtb any 61 +9shield with 15block

  • EmyEmy

    Hey coma shadow!

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    honestly this server would probably bloom if they reset it. A LOT of people look for new servers and mall the crap out of their accounts to be the first to either max lv or best pvp. the only bad thing is that this was once an official server and would pretty much screw over every person that worked so hard for years on end on their level and items. the only way they would be able to make it up to current players would be to give them mall coins or something that would make them not lose interest.

    any time anyone has said anything to help out or give a suggestion to make the game better they get hushed and told that it's non sense. u dont understand how many times ive been told by people that one of the reasons they have left the game was because the game doesnt feel welcoming and are always treated like crap by a certain someone, and to some extent i understand that u have to be strict but there is a limit to how much people can be looked down on and disrespected before they just walk away and never come back.... also about the shoutbox you're literally asking me to name u half of my friends list in the game and when u said that i just face palmed and pretty much said ok forget it ur right im wrong.

    No I don't know everything, but when you explicit tell to one of our Gms or helper that you are mad because you did not receive any help from your situation, despite our rules are clear regarding it, it shows exactly that what I said is correct. As a matter of fact, when I confronted you about this, you twisted again claiming you got told "we couldn't do it" and "you know" we could even if noone told you those words.

    Seems like twisting facts is an habit to you. Once again, I did not say the server is flawless, I gently asked you some names to see if what you were saying was the truth, you did not provide any which is fine. What is not fine is addressing me words that I never said.

    actually i have never told any gm or helper or santa clause that i was mad. the only thing that bothered me was that i was told "it cant be done" instead of saying we choose not to do it, which means i was being lied to and there was no reason for it. as i stated before there is no reason for me to be mad at all, and i am able to realize that it was my mistake to which nothing could be done about it. i actually learned how nice people could be, even when i decided to not make a big deal of it everyone was there asking me if i needed help...meaning i gained more than i lost IMO

    how about we drop this topic since it isnt related?

    lol u got it all wrong brotha. first of all i have better items now than i did before, so i actually was thankful that i had something to do in this game again even if it was recover from a scam (fun while it lasted). i have said time and time again that my mistakes are only to be blamed on me and i will never hide that. the vibe that i get when i see some of your posts or from the time ive talked to u are that u feel like u know everything just by assuming and that is a bad way of hard feelings but u are saying i am putting the blame on the team for my mistake? thats an insult to me

    i was told " the game is not dying and there are no problems in this server unless u show me proof" so i guess we r both wrong bud. sad that the players care more about the game sometimes than the people managing it