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  • EmyEmy

    OMG Juare :))) welcome <3 I did not see you in game yet!

  • Juare


  • EmyEmy


  • EmyEmy

    No ? why:(

  • react

    Elspeth pls ban her already

  • react


  • EmyEmy

    React ? stop it u nab xD

  • juli7505

    Forum Lottery:

  • UnkoJP

    Summer is not yet in SG. Due to the COVID-19, there wont be any summer invite xD

  • Hiumi

    Na, we dont have that kind of events

  • DerStevy

    Is here some Summer event?

  • PrincePersia

    thanx guys

  • EmyEmy

    Just send a ticket for bugs with screenshots.

  • Fivel

    Is there any thread where we can submit bugs?

  • ALmoSIQaR

    Shadow - is there new costumes in this week?

  • jackywin814

    shadow here? got something wanna ask 1 qeustion only

  • PaliPali

    happy bday Prince! may you have many many years to come : :growup:

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    Happy Birthday :bday:

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    oww happy bday PrincePersia

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    Prince Happy Birthday :beer:

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    Your egotrip is breaking out bro. I can understand you are not competitive anywhere else, not in budokan, in ochao or in the boss spots. The NW is your only stage, but don't be so arrogant as to believe that everyone thinks like you. I mean that, if a blue lvl 80 player participates, you may not farm it but surely someone from your kingdom would do it. It is not a event to prove who the strong individual is (for this there are other events) but for those who arrive first to a certain number of kills.

    We are going OT, so I stop. Have a nice day.

    I farmed COBRAAA? Bro, Corba have better res at 2 hand than you, i can show you if you want.

    First) I meant not you BBazzy, but you guys. Second) Yes, show me please.

    you don’t have balls to focus a player who is at your PvP level bcs is harder to kill

    Strange, becouse unlike you I always try to support another event, the Budokan.

    Your arguments are second hand, if in NW will join a lvl 80 player with 0 PvP, you’ll focus him because look like food.

    I have already expressed myself about how to win a war where you collect points with kills, but at this point I start to think that, maybe you can't understand.

    Premise: I have already said in this post that I agree on removing the mounts.

    Yes, it is easy. We have top guild in yellow too (Paradox) but the difference between them is that only half of PvP players are online nowadays.

    With this contradictory answer you confirmed what I was saying. You can't keep a kingdom alive.

    But it’s ok, if mount “strategy” and focusing low lvl players with low resistance

    In a war where every kill gives you points, would your strategy focus on who has the better resistence? You did 3 rounds to farm COBRAAAA.

    As I said, every player focused by us has used mount, if you need proof of that I can post the video. And btw yes, Vyenna really low level.

    Nation War event will die, more than 50% of yellow PvP players will stop to join, including me.

    Try to think if we (tired of your complaints) stop partecipating, your years of work would become useless.

    1) Every player focused by us has used mount as well, see Vyenna, Mihm, Mickey, ef23.

    2) "this is not called strategy, it is called disrespect against players who play correct." If a guild has won alone against a kingdom, yes, is called strategy.

    3) To be honest, i agree with you, but as Cerva said I would add white flags and loach at the list.

    Dont change the subject, crit in skills is shit, i used to have max crit in items and i realised after a time this not worth. If u compare pierce with crit its like u compare a god with a demi-god.

    Wait a moment, let me understand. The fact that you can have 82% chance of block, you don't find it a balancing fact?


    I don't understand what you mean. In your list you wrote "pierce hits" next to some classes but you didn't write "crit" next to the others.

    It's obvious that, if your damage target are the hits you need to max the pierce and if your target are the skills you need to max crit and spell speed. Can you explain me better what do you mean about the pierce in your last post?


    taichi is useless in pvp, it is good only in pvm.

    I don't agree. Taichi isn't useful for the defense it give you, but becouse you don't bounce like basket ball.


    mental warrior damage its fair because this char dont have anything special

    It only has the most powerful skill in the game.

    I find your valutiation of the classes questionable. In your opinion is a BM in raid/war more OP than a weapony? The defence skill of the BM is more OP than remove? The damage of Remove isn't decreased by the opponent's Sura Res. and even can remove you boost like ToyTop.

    I hate to waste time and efforts on something that might not be used.

    Then i suggest you to review the new recipes that you have proposed in this thread for craft the rare changers. The gloves are 2kk each one, Ice grail 2won.

    as mental is quite not used and it should be the last standing tank of the characters, etc etc.

    In my opinion it is a mentality of 2008, the mental is a full damage character not a tanker.

    7) New Assets: Costume pets and mounts seems to mean a great deal to most of you.

    An interesting suggestion could be to put skins available for a limited time, for example 10/15 days. This would make it possible to make your character unique, mixing costume and hair with originality.