Patch Notes 04/11/2019

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  • Dear Players,

    with Todays maintenance the following things will be Updated

    • The pick up of items is as fast as you can collect.
    • The speed of the text of the quests or the npc is faster
    • Teleport Ring Cooldown reduced to 30 Seconds
    • Shops can now be opened outside of the Safezone
    • Third hand (Auto Gold Pickup) is now free and permanent for everyone
    • Mages and Assassins now have a standard 35% Monster bonus
    • Moonlight Chests now drop directly into your Inventory
    • Night Mode is now the standard mode and can be disabled via the System Options
    • A lot of Items are now stackable
    • Horse Missions 11-20 have a 100% success chance now
    • The linked items will appear in the language of your client and not in the language of the client of who sent it
    • From level 65 metins it is possible to drop Hexagonal Chest
    • From level 85 metins it is also possible to drop inventory key expansion
    • Horse Quest 1-11 Cooldown reduced to 1Hour
    • Adjusted the clam drop for level 80+
    • Adjusted the drop rate of Counterattack Strategy
    • New Red Wood forest is locked by a level 80+ teleporter, regens and numbers of metin are raised.
    • Added elemental resistances to several monsters
    • Changed the drop distribution. Dealing at least 60% of the total damage to a metin or a boss will grant every drops.
    • Fixed some spelling mistakes in the RO client
    • Fixed some bonus errors in the TR client
    • Herb drops were added to Heaven's Lair 1 + 2
    • PvP Pets, (Stats on)Costumes and Hairstyles have been exchanged for PvM.
    • Lord Gahnasel can now drop White Pearl, Blue Pearl, Red Pearl
    • Giant Plague Carrier can now drop White Pearl, Blue Pearl, Red Pearl
    • Skill Books have a lower cooldown now (Reduced to 3-4 hours)
    • Biologist Chaegirab is working hard currently and now has a lower cooldown on all quests (Reduced to 4-6 hours)
    • Purple and Green Potions wont be used anymore if the effect is already active
    • New NPC "Master" added which will let you craft several Items
    • Rarity Items are now also obtainable through crafting and chests
    • Certificates can now stack properly
    • Upgrade Items for Refine+ can now stack (Devil's Splinter etc.)

    • Adjusted the attack range of the "Hateful Titan" Mob from Devils Catacomb (Had ranged attacks while being a Melee Mob)
    • Cor Draconis are now tradeable and can't be opened if you do not have the DSS Inventory
    • Added (M) Autopotions to the General Store
    • Better tooltip for the chests
    • Added the option to open 100 chests with a combination of buttons (check the tooltip ingame)
    • Skill books have 4 main colors depending on which class they belong to
    • Hevean's Lair I and II monsters gives now higher experience
    • Heaven's Lair II monsters are doubled
    • Grudge Sword Attack rate is now the same as Partisan
    • Preview System Added
    • Metin spawn increased
    • Metin spawn is 50% faster
    • Adjusted the drops of Green and Red changers/adders and drop for high level metins
    • The Hero Ghost inside Orc Maze had different % of upgrades than displayed, it is now fixed.
    • The Metins are now marked on the Minimap
    • Duration of Skills increased by 50%
    • Pet Bonus Info updated
    • Spanish translation updated
    • Content of Mystery Box improved
    • Tiger/Dragon earrings added to the Boss Chest of Mid/High level bosses
    • Guild Chat is now Red
    • Call chat is now Yellow/Blue, Global and wont require a World Ring anymore
    • Changers / Adders now Stack
    • Fixed Minor Errors on descriptions
    • Fixed the "NO_APPROPIATE_DEVICE" error that could appear in case of not supported resolutions
    • Content of Hexagonal Chest improved
    • Coffer of Wisdom added as Prize for the OX Event
    • Dragor / Chocobo Mounts added which, in case they have Attack Value as stat, will have 300 instead of 100 when fully upgraded

    The Extra Inventory

    • Cooldown for sorting reduced from 60s to 30s
    • Sorting now autostacks all Items
    • Sort by Vnum and Socket
    • Crafting with Extra Inventory fixed
    • Refining Ores with Extra Inventory fixed
    • Boxes that require keys can now be opened while inside the Extra Inventory
    • Quick sell fixed which didn't work with the Extra Inventory active
    • Core Crashes that were linked to the Extra Inventory fixed
    • Fixed a bug where you could trade the golds but not the items with a full spaced extra inventory

    The Shopsearch System

    • This System will allow you to search a Shops that have your Desired Items, more infos in the Screens below.


    You can search for Items you'd like to buy, however, you need atleast 4 letters in order to start a search.


    The System will not only mark the Shop and tell you its coordinates, but also let you buy via the System directly and/or send a Private Message to the seller.




    If you need an Item more often, you can just bookmark it.


    Additionally you can now also add a "K" instead of 3 Zero's


    We added a new command, it basically explains itself.


    Metin2SG Team

  • We only needed those updates to make this server live for a bit longer, not lose players drastically and not kill it with another server.

    It's a bit late, but anyway thanks for your work and your time.

  • Thanks

    Shadow and Tary and all GM's . SO happy and good update

    Always work hard to Metin SG player .

    Wish u fix Mall Glover to be enough Glover .

    cuze we need to use normal glover with Mall Glover for best drop

  • I gift you the name changer ;)