Easter Event 2019 (Fri, Apr 19th 2019 - Thu, Apr 25th 2019)

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  • Cassidy

    @KataYagami you're welcome

  • XxXAliXxX

    That so weird!!! 5 days and no answer on my ticket! Emy I also sent a pm to Tary on discord you sent here.But She didn't answer too!!

  • KotaYagami

    Cassidy thanks alot for the help, really appreciate it :)

  • Cassidy

    @KataYagami I just posted a guide maybe it helps you if that's an issue. Cheers!

  • EmyEmy

    yes its working fine^^

  • KotaYagami

    is the game working ? cant log in

  • EmyEmy


  • EmyEmy

    Ali join discord metin sg and speak to GM

  • EmyEmy

    sg2 is P server

  • xaptu

    is this official server or pserver

  • xaptu


  • XxXAliXxX

    3rd day still no answer... i bought something 300kk gold is gone but no item I received...

  • EmyEmy

    Maybe your ticket was pointless?

  • XxXAliXxX

    Created by Ali Pakzad 02/19/2020 10:55 AM But Still no answer? this is not a live support message or Email or other thing i have a profile in support center and i have my my sent tickets in my profile :modo:

  • XxXAliXxX

    Are you sure all tickets are answered? so where is my tickets answer? :thumbsup:

  • XxXAliXxX

    Ticket Status: Open Department: Support Create Date: 02/19/2020 10:55 AM

  • [GM]Elspeth

    Every ticket is answered within 24hours, means you probably either sent an email, live support message or it ended up in your spam folder.

  • XxXAliXxX

    More than 24H passed and there is no answer to my ticket! and they say " Send us your reports in 24H answer in gurrantied

  • Ak29

    Hello guys! I'm looking for some full moon sword with skill damage with stones+6 if is possible. Wtb aparat de sudura+9 dm :pleasantry:

  • L0lu

    Btw. what is the deadline for the love letter? To the end of the 20.02 or just certain hour?

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Easter Event 2019

Fri, Apr 19th 2019 - Thu, Apr 25th 2019

  • Dear Players,

    Next Friday, April 19th, at 00:00 GMT+0. the Easter Event will start!

    The event will have a duration of 7 days and will be divided into 2 parts:

    In-Game Event:

    Every scheduled Event will be canceled during this 7 days period, except:

    • Nation War
    • Siege War
    • Budokan PvP Event
    • OX Event

    Each town will be visited by the White Rabbit that will give you the Easter Quest. By accepting it, you will receive an Empty Basket, and you will have to collect Easter Eggs to fill the basket. You can gather 20 different types of Easter Eggs all accross the server.

    Once you placed every egg in it, click on it again and it will transform into a Basket with Eggs, which you can bring back to the Easter Rabbit. Repeat this process as many times as you can, the White Rabbit will keep the count.

    You can obtain Easter Chests for every time you fill the basket completely and deliver it to the White Rabbit.


    • The rewards are ONLY given after the Event ends!
    • If you click on "HAPPY EASTER", you will lose your Basket permanently and you WILL NOT be able to fill it anymore! Please be careful not to click in that message!
    • We are NOT responsible if you lose your Basket after clicking by mistake on "HAPPY EASTER"

    You can only drop the eggs from the Easter Metins close to your level.

    You need 20 different type of eggs to fill the basket, you can check at any time which eggs are missing by clicking on the basket.

    Low level players may get the Easter Gem, it works like a radar, pointing out where the closest Easter Metin is.

    Every day, there will be a Random Special Event:

    • Gold Fever;
    • Hunter's Hour;
    • Fishing Extravaganza;
    • Vein Spawn;
    • Boss Spawn;
    • Metin Spawn;
    • Find the GM;
    • Tanaka Hunt;
    • Horse Race;
    • DT Run.

    In-Forum Event:

    Screenshot Event: Take the best screenshots you can during the Easter Event. Be as creative as you can. You are allowed to edit them. The best 4 artworks will be rewarded with Tec Points!

    Puzzle Event: Every day it will be available a puzzle for you to solve. I will only accept the answer via private message. The fastest player to send me the correct answer via private message will be rewarded with an Odin's Ring!

    Selfie Event: Show us pictures of your Easter celebrations in different locations of where you live! The best and funniest 4 picture will be rewarded with Tec Points!

    We wish you have fun farming all the eggs and Happy Easter!

    Kind Regards,

    Metin2 SG Team


    • The rewards are ONLY given after the Event ends!
    • If you click on "HAPPY EASTER", you will lose your Basket permanently and you WILL NOT be able to fill it anymore! Please be careful not to click in that message!
    • We are NOT responsible if you lose your Basket after clicking by mistake on "HAPPY EASTER"

    1 year to solve an inconvenience , i would call this indifference from the devs , but who am i to critique . xD :crazy:

  • So if someone dont read forum announcements, will be penalized in game? Why dont remove "happy easter"and add it at end on event ?

    Isn't better to ask details rather than jumping to conclusions? :nono:

    "Happy Easter" appears only when the event is over. You can't "screw up" your event before the end of the event, but i gotta say that you should always read what the game tells you, regardless if is written in forum too.

    The warning was given because we usually leave the NPC active for more days, so that you can collect more baskets by trading missing eggs and fill some more baskets.

  • No.

    You simply have 1 week to collect as many baskets as you can or want. Each full basket counts as 1 reward. You won't be able to get these rewards before 1 week. After 1 week the option Happy Easter will appear and by clicking it, every basket you collected will be delivered to you.

    Now the warning, which you misunderstood, is that if you don't want your rewards yet, but you want to fill more basket after the end of the event, you should not click on Happy Easter, because by doing so, your basket will disappear, full or not full.

  • No. It is better to use numbers i guess.

    You fill baskets with 20 eggs and when is filled, you go back to the NPC and click on the option to deliver the basket. The NPC will record it as +1. Imagine in 1 week, you collect and deliver to the NPC 350 baskets. The NPC will count 350 rewards for you but he won't deliver until the event is over. After the event is over, the option HAPPY EASTER will appear. You can click on it to get your 350 rewards and thats it, OR you can wait and collect more baskets by trading eggs with other people (cause the Easter Metins won't spawn anymore).

    The warning written here is exactly to not click on HAPPY EASTER if you want to collect more baskets AFTER THE EVENT IS OVER.

    I hope is clear now.

  • Because the event is scripted this way just like the real life counterpart. You search the eggs and when the time is up you enjoy what you have got.

    If you want to suggest new events, you should do it some weeks before the actual date, to give us enough time to do the proper changes or to develope.

    Bare in mind that in 10 years, nobody ever complained of this event.

  • Cmon guys we all need a bit of change. Farming boxes is too ordinary. We already farm mobs to drop moons every week. We should think of real counterparts of this kind of events. I believe this is one of only event which keeps the own character of that special day.

  • 4-5 Easter Metins in an entire map is really bad....if there are 3 players farming that map then each will kill 3 metins in one hour.

    This is the first time i try this event and i'm already disappointed after one hour.

  • Nice i wanted to return to the game on easter event. but my main accounts are banned xD. I didn't got any e-mail from support about this Ban. so i don't even know for how long i got this and the reason why i got.

  • You sure it's banned? You might need to unlock it with the the Lock & Ready system

    PaliPali yep i'm sure. I got statement when i try to log in "your account is banned". and i can't log in to site with same reason. I wrote already ticket to support and we will see what happend. so many years spend of character gone away...