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    I registered also for the second server , and now i don't know if is a good idea or not xD . Maybe if it will be a drastic difference betwene those 2 , but will still drag some of the players from this server with the open of the s2 . And the player base is not flourishing to say the least . But we will see what will happen . :beer: And fix the feature of the Easter Event "Happy Easter " xD TX .


    • The rewards are ONLY given after the Event ends!
    • If you click on "HAPPY EASTER", you will lose your Basket permanently and you WILL NOT be able to fill it anymore! Please be careful not to click in that message!
    • We are NOT responsible if you lose your Basket after clicking by mistake on "HAPPY EASTER"

    1 year to solve an inconvenience , i would call this indifference from the devs , but who am i to critique . xD :crazy:

    You are right about the rating and also , i see a lack of new players , a lack of presence on forum , and i feel like something is not going in the right place , the server is dyeing .

    I love the staff and the players that are verry helpfull , i like this server , i am not an active player but i made my first account 3 or 4 years ago , and also i want the best for the server . So the reason why i am screaming here is becouse i want the comunity to come with ideeas for our server to grow lager and nicer , like a heart warming place xD :chinese: , if they feel the same . :beer:

    The server is in decline , in intensive teraphy right now , on the edge of death :dead: . So , you get my point . :crazy:

    Please rate how dead our server from 1 to 10 and also i have a question for you players <3 . What can be done if your rate is lower than 4 .

    Maybe who owns this game need ideeas from the players , so don't close and thelete this thread in the hope that noone will see the problem . Thank you .:thumbsup:

    I start first .

    It get a 3 from me .

    The publicity exists but i think the target audience who see it don't present interest in it . So maybe they should start also put this server on different sites who promote private servers , i have't seen SG ever on any of these sites .


    Easy to search an item that you need . This will be a bless .

    Yeah , a lot of servers have this feature , so i don't think is hard to borrow it , please take consider of this feature <3 .

    hahahahaha , " you know who I am ? I go and cry at my big account if you don't leave ".
    Greate job Ziron , next time make a ticket if he steals your metin .
    helper .. <X
    ( funny post @dreamsfrv , thankyou , made my day )

    Or we can simply remove v2 and v3 from the drop list and everybody will farm where they belong ;)

    V2 and V3 are not regular farming places ?
    This is not a solution , all is nice and good like the way it is now in my opinion .
    This topic is about recalling some old event and other suggestion I think , not to prevent over farm in v2/v3 .

    I never saw the event called Natural Disaster , so I think this could bring us some fun .

    The prices of pearls went crazy , maybe a big fishing event , where we can get points , and with that points we can buy clams , pearls , whatever you want ? xD