PATCH NOTE 22/01/2022

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  • Dear Community,

    hereby i present the Patch Notes of today, 22/01/2022.

    This Patch will be applied to both Servers.

    • Added various herb drops to the Enchanted Forest
    • Made Various Items stackable. [Waterstone, Monkey Herbs, Magic Metal]
    • Changed Lord Gahnasel's drop requirement to Level 75 to match the Dungeons entry requirement.
    • Made Couple's Ring work in Heaven's Lair 1&2
    • Chocobo/Dragor Certificates are now Storeable
    • Dragon Mage Buffs now group the entire Group, as long as they are in 50m Radius. [Roughly the same as the EXP Range]
    • Removed "Town Return Scroll" from the Hexagonal Chest
    • Reduced the chance of obtaining EXP from "Chest of Darkness".
    • Added the DT Ground Floor as a Stand alone farming Map back into the Game. It can be found at the DT Guardian
    • Added an alternative "Meley's Pass" crafting recipe [3x Ice Grail + 1x Flame Key] to make the Dungeon more accessible and Ice grail more valueable

    Kind Regards,

    The Metin2SG Team

  • Please change the mount system. I spent 15 won for 2 days to get a mount with 300 atack, but unsuccessfully. It often happens to me that I forget to extend the mount time. Makes the mount tradable, offers in the Itemhop 30 days runtime, implemented in the Itemhop or in game an item, with which you can revive your mount. A better solution is needed. It's totally frustrating.

  • nice but can you stack em with the chocobo/dragor that you get from the daily ?

    Also is there a plan for the monkey herbs in the future ? i mean atm they are useless since our horses can't die anymore so they lost there only purpose :thinking:

    Its the same item, so yes it can be stacked with them. Thats also the reason why they won't be tradeable.

    As for the Monkey Herbs, maybe, who knows.