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  • GM Auctions? 79

    1. Yes! (31) 39%
    2. Yes, but only Costumes! (12) 15%
    3. No to both! (36) 46%

    Dear Community,

    as mentioned by Shadow on our Discord earlier today, we were considering the option of GM Auctions as it would bring a bunch of benefits into the game.

    For one, it would take out gold in big amounts, which helps keeping the gold value stable.

    For the other, it gives us the option to bring Items into play, that could be Costumes or potentially Items from previously Permabanned players.

    Naturally, there would be a few criteria to those auctions.

    While we consider the option of auctioning some items of Perma banned players, it goes without saying that those people can not be banned for Hacking or similar, the items must still have been earned on a normal and fair way.

    Also, the Player would need to be permabanned without the chance of redemption. Meaning that they have 0 chance of ever being unbanned.

    Before we'd Introduce something like this, we'd like to know your Opinion on this though, as it would be a big step.

  • apparently yes. but the truth is that someone who has a currency will buy items and sell them even more expensive. these people will still be rich and the rest will not.

    maybe add mixing legendary alchemy for yang, e.g. for 3-5w. introduce sales tax?

    hold my beer and I'll think about it

  • why not add actual content that contains gold sinks to the game instead?

    for example the rarity changer is a nice gold sink that most people have interest in

    the treasured weapons are honestly a missed opportunity for a gold sink, seeing how people in every single event so heavily go after the rare skins but it's locked behind such heavy restrictions that the 1 won cost is meaningless

    why not instead make an existing NPC like Ah-yu more interesting? give her trading ability for rare skins that can only be obtained by a skin token that would be sold through the auction only and would actually be special for the people that get it

  • The auction is a content. Else we wouldn't have it. I do not get the logic behind auctioning a token that makes a costume instead of auctioning a costume directly, but like i said, the poll is set to know what you think not to suggestion shortcuts.

  • They idea of selling such items (permabanned) is quite funny and cool yet I highly doubt there are many items worth buying :D

    Well it generally is the same as the Judiciary auctions, stuff that was previously confiscated by the law enforcers, in this case us rather than a police officer or similar, gets sold in an auction.

    The server is online for 12 Years by now,

    I am a GM for roughly 2 Years here and well, when i search for my name in the bann list this happens


    As you can see, i banned 2437 Accounts at this point in time, and let's just say compared to Shadow i look like an Amateur.

    I'm pretty sure that we'd be able to find some stuff, especially because it wouldnt be meant to be done on a daily basis but much rather than a sort of Event.

  • I'd suggest thinking about sth similar like what you have in WoW with the Black Market Auction House

    There you can buy a box that has random content in it. You can get stuff that is no longer in game, old tabards (like skins), mounts and even equip

    Now... metin doesn't really have content for that yet you probably could create some unique skins that are only obtainable in that box or even mountskins stuff like that

    Also maybe items with perfect rarity? Maybe a poison sword with 8avg + 5mob, stuff like that?

    This could actually be very nice to consider!