Item Transfers from old Shopbox system to the New Offline Shop

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  • Dear Players,

    the shopbox, our custom offline shop have been replaced with a new one. For the players who had, before this reboot, items inside the shopbox, either stored or for sales, those items will be transfered to the new shop under the tab SAFEBOX.

    The Safebox is used to store the items that you couldn't sell or that you won from auctions.

    Since the shopbox was account based while this shop is character based, the items will go inside the Safebox of one of the characters of the accounts. If you just have 1 character there isn't a problem, but if you have 4 it may go in one of the 4, not necessary the main character or the one you used to create the shop.


  • The items you were not able to sell when your shop was closed go into the tab SAFEBOX. You must empty this tab if you want to open the shop again.

    The saving price is a feature that will come, there was no reason to delay the update for certain QoL that can come at a later time.