Valentine's Event 2021

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  • EmyEmy

    Omg true all guildless also me xd I thought u guys were trolling

  • [GA]Elspeth

    We are aware of the problem and will take care of it, thanks.

  • GoldSteal

    On Map1 Guilds are deleted. On other Maps Guild are normal

  • Puhi

    Nevermind sorry, guild problems solved when I relog 10times xD

  • Puhi

    Am I the only one , who's guild has been totally annihilated?

  • DonALmo

    i thought my internet shit xD

  • severina

    same problems

  • skuss


  • Nick21

    am I the only one who cant log in? D:

  • Ghazal

    when will be dm?

  • [GA]Elspeth

    Mostly to prevent people from spamming TP Rings left and right

  • GodOfPaint

    hmm maybe because you need to invest money to make a automated system for it ?

  • Degmond

    How is making it automatic related to increasing the price? Am curious :/

  • EmyEmy

    I am not overreacting but u were the one who kept on spamming, to accept your tps!

  • Gilgamesh

    Stop Overreacting Emy theyr not online in the game even 10h a day

  • EmyEmy

    But they cant work 25/8

  • Gilgamesh

    let them do their work if theyr gm's no ?

  • EmyEmy

    If i was a gm i would never accept your tp

  • Gilgamesh

    ok thanks for answering now maybe accept them ?

  • [GA]Elspeth

    people spamming TP Requests and i honestly doubt a lot of people would like that

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  • Dear Players,

    The most romantic period of the year is coming! And, as always, we have prepared some events for you!

    The Event will start on February 12th, at 00:00 GMT+0, and will have a duration of 3 days!

    In-Game Event

    Every monster (close to your level) will have a chance to drop Roses and Chocolates!

    Once the Event starts, we will make available to you new Item Mall Cosmetics:

    - Costumes;

    - Hairstyles;

    - Pets;

    - Mount Skins;

    - Weapons Skins;

    - Sash Skin.

    Forum Event

    • Puzzle Event

    Every day there will be a Puzzle available for you to solve. We will reward the fastest answer with Tec Points, and each player will have a participation reward!

    Remember that I will only accept entries sent to me via private message here on forum.

    • Screenshot Contest

    During these 3 days, show us your most creative and romantic side with some screenshot about St. Valentine's Day!

    The 4 best and most romantic screenshots will be rewarded with Tec Points!

    • St. Valentine's Love Letter

    In this event we will appeal to the creative and romantic side of everyone.

    Which means, that you will have to write a love letter to your loved one and the 4 best letters will be rewarded with 10.000 TP!

    In this event, everyone should send me the letter via private message and write there to whom the letter is directed to, since I believe some players would like to keep such romantic side as private as possible! Of course, to those who wish to share their love in a public way, are welcome to share their letters in this thread.

    We hope you enjoy this romantic time of the year with us!

    The Metin2 SG Team wishes everyone a Happy Valentine's day!!

    Kind Regards,

    Metin2 SG Team

    Note: All the scheduled Events are canceled during Valentine's Event!

  • Hello,

    as all the other events, does thief glove from mall or thief glove from metins affect the drops of roses and chocos?

    Any chance you could reveal the drops?

    thank you!

  • Post by xFalcoN ().

    This post was deleted by the author themselves ().
  • Nobody knows you better than me

    Better than the lace you wear

    Every single detail chantilly

    Every curl inside your hair and I'm
    Falling in, falling into the light

    Anything you want to do

    You and me, you and me intertwined
    I can be the king of shadow

    Everywhere you turn I'm chasing you

    Tell you where to go I follow

    Everywhere you run I'm stuck on you

    I can be the dark, you can look right through me

    In a flash of love, we are just one body.....

    My screenshot for event:) Love is something amazing, It is great to love and to be loved. <3

  • Post by EmyEmy ().

    This post was deleted by Elspeth ().
  • Letter and Screenshot

    My sunshine
    Your bright smile competes with the sun and the moon.
    I love you and will keep falling in love with you every day.
    I’ll spend extra moments to achieve good things that will make our lives comfortable.
    I love you, and I promise to give you the best of me.
    Believe me when I say ‘I love you’ because no matter what life throws at us, I will always be by your side to warm up your cold heart.


  • You taste like strawberries

    On a summer evening

    I'm in euphoria with every bite

    It's so hard to forget about you

    Your scent make old memories come alive

    They say you make me feel bad

    I know you make me feel good

    Single gaze at your perfect shape

    cause my mind to do what I should do

    Drunk in love, lovely sips

    Blissful feeling on my lips

    Not gonna fool you

    nor lead like a puppet

    I'm not talking about Woman

    but about Chicken Nuggets