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    Write a properly detailed Suggestion in the Suggestion Forum section, LozilkSG. The Shoutbox isn't a good place to discuss such stuff :P

  • LozilkSG

    + Every chest/run would get an stabil value

  • LozilkSG

    I would appreciate a Dungeon system within the Dungeon Difficulty is set by the Amount of Player and the Difficulty Choosen Normal/Hard/mythic at the End every Participant gets a chest you would never have problems again to find people for runs

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    Aos Noob

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    whats after grizzly bear?

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    Server on

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    How long does the reboot last?

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    :crazy: :dash: :hi:

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    shut up

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    You cant ban me for that! I will spam harder

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    why this guy is not perm banned?

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    please ban this guy PalitaGoblin he spammed my wall

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    Good morning, have a good breakfast everyone

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    [VIDEO] ASIAN vs HOWHIGH 08.11.2020

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    Open thread If you want

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    So Shadow, should I open a new thread again on the same topic? Since the topic is closed i couldn't say my opinion.

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    @[GA]Shadow Can you tell us the purpose of the poly update ? Btw closing thread after thread to forbid players from talking about updates is a great step forward :thumbsup:

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    high lvls do not farm mats, they buy from market when they want something, materials farm is for low lvls

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    I close threads when they go off topic and when the answer is given

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    Since we have mounts we really do not need the horse summon skill. Anyway, that skill was very easy to increase to level 10 and have it 100%.

    My suggestion is to make it the same like Leadership, with the same amount of books and to give some vs monster to it. like 3% on m1, 5% g1, 10% P.

    TBH, we already have a lot of extra damage on horse, the effect could be different.

    This way the books may have a little value ( atm they are all thrown on the ground together with blood pills, escape's capes ...) and also it may increase a little bit the price of hermits and exos.

    Skill increasing could be different, not like the leadership, i dont really understand why leadership needs so many books...but I have no other idea. Anyone is free to add to this.


    I have seen in the developer's thread that we will be able to CTRL+Right Click sell items very fast. Can it be added to trading, when you trade someone to add in trade using this quick feature?

    Can it be added to dismantling items for rarity as well?

    What about blessing scrolls, they cost 50k now, can something be done with them, perhaps like 200x scrolls = 1 compass? Least they would cost then like 250k each.

    To be honest, more space in shopbox would help me, I usually open 3 shops and all of them are full. If I'd have 3 pages - I'd only open one :)

    As well it would help me to stock more items in the shop box on my main :)

    To be a win - win, as this would help the players i suggest adding 2nd/3rd page with a moderate TP cost, like the bank or integrate it in the bank expansion feature, more people then would buy it :)

    Or add it in game as a drop a key to unlock 2nd/3rd inventory like the normal inventory " Shop Box expansion key " :)


    Could you please add a timer to the Revive here / Revive in town when you re dead? It helps a little when you level up some characters. I guess is an easy thing to do.

    Also, regarding the boxes received every 10 lvls ( expert, master chests ), they have a duration of 24 hours but there is no visible timer. Could you please add a feature to show us how long the buffs are active ( vs undead, monster, experience ).

    Maybe this could easely be solved if you add at the bonus page a section of " EXP BONUS " and therefore you can count if its still active depending on the amount shown.

    While looking at this I've noticed that Dragon God Attack do not have the timer shown, for ex. Dragon God Defence have a buff icon and the timer on it ( left up screen ) while the atk dont.

    Thank you.

    so now you have a delta of 150 if you are any level between 75 and 85.

    what about from 85 to 90 because Elspeth said that you are going to get lower drops from 5 lvls above

    • Drop Bonus Formula changed, it is now not going to punish you for being on the same level as the Bosses/Metins anymore. The Drop Bonus is now starting to lower from 5 Levels above the Target.

    this means that the delta is 150 on a mob/metin/boss at any level up to 90, right?


    As I see that in the patch 07/10 the drop bonus formula was changed I have a question regarding this modification.

    Up until that date I did not know that being a lower level than the target gives you an bonus drop.

    I'm going to state what I've understood so far and please tell me if I'm correct or wrong.

    example: if you are breaking lvl 85 metin you have a 10% chance to drop a changer.

    Being lvl 75% you have a drop bonus chance ( example 5% ) therefore your chance to drop a changer is the 10% defeault + 5% bonus--> 15% whilst being a lvl 85 you only have 10% the default and this is the punishment ( missing the 5% ) that the patch solved.

    As I understand this used to be the formula before and it was changed now to having that drop bonus up to 5 lvls above therefore any lvl under 90 will have 15% chance ?

    Thank you.

    Kind regards,


    +1 to Kentra, can we get that list of poly so we know which are best for each class then?

    Considering all this info , what resistance each has, etc... can it be made public ? I've made the suggestion to add it to the info of the monster :) As the drop was added on the " ? " mark.

    As mentioned - I'm willing to help for this , learning fast, can be of use for this little project.

    Well, I've just learned something new, awesome!

    I've got lvl 105 sura and lvl 91 warrior :) while the sura has all bios and better items...When i go to kill nemere for example I take the 91 warrior to help at boss :) Just deals more damage and way faster considering the berserk...

    Idea was to be able to use aura / blade in poly if the bug can be solved ( the double dmg bug ).


    Feel free to PM me in game if you see me online, i'll give you a little help in the early game so you can discover the new content sooner.

    Nick : Diury / DiurySG2 . give us your in game name

    As you can use berserk in poly, fear, crit, shield , reflect, all other skills...whats wrong and why is using aura in poly a bug?

    It is a skill , simply a skill. why using poly with a certain skill is a bug and using poly with other skill is not a bug?

    I've got a few suggestions to make, no new features.

    1. Leadership - I do not see reason why leadership needs from G to P 155 books. While now it is surely easier to perfect it because of the hermits/exos drops ... still, why ? Poly , mining etc take a few just.

    2. Back then there was a bug that doubled suras / warriors damage when using aura of sword / ench blade and going poly + leadership ap so in order to prevent that now you cannot use that skills when going in poly.

    Considering the fact that other classes received a bonus of vs. monsters and that most monsters already have a higher amount of sword ( especially ) and 2hand resistance than bow / bell and that the skills are all being reworked maybe this bug can be solved and suras/warriors could gain some more damage in poly?

    The approach on this server few years ago was to get players to do runs together by putting in place the IP block and also to make mages / sins useful so that plagued and ice run needed 1 of each mandatory to be able to finish the tasks.

    My personal opinion regarding this choices is that they are wrong because you cannot force someone into doing something. If you want things to go in a certain direction then you must provide the environment so that the things go there. I think that it was proved that it was wrong due to the close death of the server. Luckly server 2 and corona pandemic revived it.

    While suras or warriors will still not deal more than mages or sins in poly I think it would be fair to the current setup to gain a little more damage from aura / blade as it is in fact their skill and their right.

    3. Soul stones are now very cheap. Since you develop a new system - S Skills - maybe you can find a use to the soul stones. Let's say a crafting option that involves soul stones like the ticket to the dungeon to require 100 soul stones, something like that as you feel appropiate.

    4. Hell run is a level 100 dungeon while Ice run is 90 level but nemere and yamahon have the same level. The dungeons are similar in difficulty , I do not understand the difference in level.

    Maybe make nemere level 110 then ? It simply makes no sense to have an entry lvl at a dungeon lvl 90 and the boss to be 30 lvls higher.

    Also Nemere have way better drops than yamahon. Pearls drop chance is higher , you get ice grail + lucky mall punch box + alchemy chest over just a flame keystone in hell run which is a higher lvl dungeon.

    5. stones +7 - WHile I know many hate even the +6 stones ... I'm going to try this ... for ex. def +7 = 150 ac + 5% avg res / mob. magic +7 = magic attk + 5% skill dmg.

    6. belts - other than pvp belts which have their obvious meaning and vs mob belt + lvl 50 copper belt...all the others are completely useless. can they be somehow boosted? no suggestions here.

    7. Monster info - you've added drop info on all monsters but can't it be possible to add there a little description like " versus devil / regenerates 10% hp every 7 seconds / skill resistance / ice resistance / spawn every 1 hour ".

    Personally, since I find this an easy job I could help you out with this.

    Looking forward to your opinions everybody!

    good idea, separate bonus pages

    1 with vs all monster classes , average damage / res / skill dmg / res , crit pierce faint etc

    1 with all vs characters / res characters, same avg damage res skill etc.

    a good overview!