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    Ares let's put it in other words. What each of us prefer, to have wars of 50-100 persons which means PVP to be accessed easily or to have the PVP super hard where 5 persons are OP and kill everyone else.

    I'd rather say to make the PVP in a way in which you will win because of the team composition and not 3 players with 100% res on every class that will never die.

    Yes let’s make a speed server, reduce the number of soul stones for hydra from 100 to 20 and maybe put moonstones in the shop

    Yea mate, good idea.

    Moonstone for maybe 10k tp :) imagine they income they'd have. maybe this way they can hire a new developer.

    They keep the server online for dollars. rather than having it is worth giving a try like this.

    let me guess, did you farm 24/7 too for moonstones and this change would upset you? :)

    Bazzy, nicely said.

    We all know that there is a guild in blues that would just flame everyone else.

    An example of this toxic behavior :) Hecthor

    He just cries now " fresh blood in PVP " but let us not forget that if there is a war and he kills someone he is going to drop 1 gold or call him weak or whatever names :) After this he says " fresh blood in pvp " :)

    Just like he attacked Shadow on every update possible until he got a fair ban for abusing an event, taking advantage from this exploit to get S skills faster so later he could call names everyone else who plays fairly and gets an S skill every 2-3 months :)

    After getting unbanned he suddenly changes his options and likes every move or fart of Shadow :)

    So basically, this kind of players just votes no to any option that would make the game easier for new players just because he rushed to get everything on a 24/7 farming..

    There are no other servers up for 10 years+.

    Shadow, just do what you think is the best. in the end, its the new players that come that matter, not 10-15 old players. You count on new players, thats why you open a new server.

    Make this server easy, let everyone get access to high end, we may end up having 50-100 full S skills wars with +9 armors.

    Thats where the fun is, high number wars, guild wars, guild war events with limited amount of players...

    This is implemented already somehow, not sure if it still works.

    When you create a new account and open the first box you get a ticket on which if you click you can log in a new CH for newbies with higher rates , blabla...while also being able to log the other channels so you can shop.

    If you stay below -1 rank you lose a double amount of HKP points, reason for which, after each soul stone we use zen beans to get back positive HKP and so on until P.

    you are right we cried so much when you made big changes but turned out the changes made the server better. apologies from my side because i was one of them who bitched about it but learned from mistakes and trying to advise stuff for the sake of server

    however, with all due respect i do not get what you want to do. you actually like the idea but dont want to deal with some abusers? or you would delete/change some items but dont want to deal with complains? then what you want to do?

    i dont know if you are glad with the amount of active players but in my opinion this server deserves many more players and bringing stuff for high end levels wont bring new players since they still need months to reach it. thats all i want to point

    oh man, come on. you just apologize because shadow unbanned you when you abused the event with gahnsel.

    Nobody likes pvp because of people like you, toxic players who do not play for fun but to "humilate" other players when you kill them.

    thats the main reason i will not pvp anymore.

    I've got some 1 v 1 gear because this way I can just choose who i will fight, for fun, 1 v 1 :)

    eventually i didnt play and server changed a lot, i got left behind so thats...that

    toxic players fire shoes, they are very cheap. easy to get them to +6/7 --> extra damage minor ruby --> great increase in damage - cheap sash pvm --> not the best damage / money increase you can get, do it the last

    4.get max crit --> buff P can give you 55-60% + stone , shoes , neck , htb --> 100%

    5.get 230 attack speed - damage scale with attack speed to compensate the fact that attack speed is locked at 160. anything further than that gives extra damage

    6.lvl 75 = grudge --> already more damage than rib

    7.lvl 80 quest = extra vs mob.

    8. forest metins are easy, get an armour for that metins only. 50 atk power + haste +5

    how many of this points have you checked done so far? each of these should increase your damage with about 1000 :) --> do them all and you get 15k crit easy

    Hello, you can go as far as 95 in there without having any drop pentalties.

    86 you drop clams form the lvl 90 metins ( green mobs )

    lvl 91 you also drop Moons L which is a significant improovement but the drop at 91 in the red wood is low so thats not much of a help in there.

    anyway, as you level up you have lvl 70 and 80 bio quests that make a difference in terms of mobs resistance and also a little more damage.

    Strong recommendatation, lvl up at least to 90 to start all bio or 91. you can also farm 95-105 metins if you get bored

    my 90 war deals 16k crit - avg dmg + ap minor ruby, 50 avg grudge ss +6, pet, fire shoes and sash.

    with what you ve mentioned there you could reach 10-11k

    My suggestion is to change the way you obtain the key.

    You already need a ticket to enter the dungeon, why is there the first floor? it is not a challenge, it is very very easy to finish and it requires no skill.

    While it is somehow understandable the tasks where you require to clear all the monsters as how fast you kill them makes a difference...floor 1 doesn't make sense.

    If the first floor can't be removed, can't a monster be added that is randomly spawned across the map and that gives guaranteed drop of the key?

    It is just boring and time consuming. We want action :)

    I am aware of when it happens, but there might be a reason why it delays the time to log out.

    This is a gameplay change and not a quality of life, feel free to open a new thread about it. As for runs, the runs where mounts are blocked will stay blocked otherwise the whole polymorph system will be useless.

    I've created a month ago a thread about plaqued run, to let other classes be able finish it.

    [change] plaqued dungeon


    On the same methodology, ice run and plaqued run were desgined in a way in which you needed a mage and an assassin to finish the run.

    Since both classes got a huge monster buff...we could say they are even with the other classes and having an advantage in those run as they are no longer needed.

    my suggestion is to change the egg task so that any class can damage it. I do not see a reason for which sin needs this advantage any longer.

    kind regards



    as all the other events, does thief glove from mall or thief glove from metins affect the drops of roses and chocos?

    Any chance you could reveal the drops?

    thank you!


    Since we have mounts we really do not need the horse summon skill. Anyway, that skill was very easy to increase to level 10 and have it 100%.

    My suggestion is to make it the same like Leadership, with the same amount of books and to give some vs monster to it. like 3% on m1, 5% g1, 10% P.

    TBH, we already have a lot of extra damage on horse, the effect could be different.

    This way the books may have a little value ( atm they are all thrown on the ground together with blood pills, escape's capes ...) and also it may increase a little bit the price of hermits and exos.

    Skill increasing could be different, not like the leadership, i dont really understand why leadership needs so many books...but I have no other idea. Anyone is free to add to this.


    I have seen in the developer's thread that we will be able to CTRL+Right Click sell items very fast. Can it be added to trading, when you trade someone to add in trade using this quick feature?

    Can it be added to dismantling items for rarity as well?

    What about blessing scrolls, they cost 50k now, can something be done with them, perhaps like 200x scrolls = 1 compass? Least they would cost then like 250k each.

    To be honest, more space in shopbox would help me, I usually open 3 shops and all of them are full. If I'd have 3 pages - I'd only open one :)

    As well it would help me to stock more items in the shop box on my main :)

    To be a win - win, as this would help the players i suggest adding 2nd/3rd page with a moderate TP cost, like the bank or integrate it in the bank expansion feature, more people then would buy it :)

    Or add it in game as a drop a key to unlock 2nd/3rd inventory like the normal inventory " Shop Box expansion key " :)