Mistakenly Purchased Item Mall Products

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  • Dear Players,

    Due to the high amount of daily refund requests due to mistakenly purchased Items on Item Mall, there will be a change in the refund procedure, as we had players who made more than 4-5 mistakes per week.

    Before explaining it further, we remind everyone, that it is very important to read carefully the Item Names and its description to be sure of what you are purchasing.

    Each Item has a detailed description, explaining by which Gender the Item in question can be used (if applicable), the stats, and the duration of the Item (if applicable)

    Everytime a player mistakenly purchases an Item on Item Mall, the following procedure will apply:

    - You mistakenly purchase an Item on Item Mall (For Example: Wrong Gender, Gifted to the Wrong Player, etc.).

    - You should, then, contact our Support System: https://www.metin2sg.com/Support and explain what happened mentioning the Character Name, and Item Name.

    - The Team Member in charge of the case will evaluate if you are eligible for a refund. The decision will be at the discretion of the Team Member assigned to the case.

    - If you are eligible for a refund, it will be given in one of the following ways, depending on each case:

    • By providing the purchased item to a different character in case of a wrong character gift mispurchase.
    • By providing the initially intended Item to be purchased in case of a wrong Gender Costume/Hairstyle or Weapon Skin.
    • By refunding 70% of the Tec Points in case the player has already several cases of mispurchases.

    Remember that the gift option is intended for cases when the Item is not Tradeable or if you want to gift an Item to a friend. Using the Tec Point Rings allows you to avoid many mistakes.

    We advise everyone to, please, pay attention to what you are purchashing and to read the deescription of the Item you wish to purchase very carefully.

    Kind Regards,

    Metin2 SG Team

  • Tary, as a player that had to use the suport for that purpose 2x in this xmas event i must say i would agree to that position and to all that, but please review and fix the items description in item mall.

    Many of them don't say that they aren't tradeable or if they are.

    also many, and mainly older costumes and bonus hairstyles, don't have the bonus they gift properly written, or even the extra bonus the players might be able to add.

    tbh this decision should have efect after a full review of the item mall...

    hope you guys don't take this as bitch****, im just trying to be helpfull, 1 of the 2 times i had to ask for help was because items were mislabeled.

    the 2nd time was cause i purchased multiple items of the same and the timers started imediatly, and this should be something written on all the descriptions not just some. if the item starts a timer imediatly or only after taking off the mall storage

  • All costumes hairs pets and mounts have to be considered not tradable. Those with a random bonus have stated it on the description, if there is no such statement, it means they don't have it. During event where costumes have higher bonus, the time starts after the purchase to avoid hoarding.

    Of course if there is such statement but it doesn't give the bonus, you can report and we apply the refund since is obviously a mistake.
    And thats the whole point, the admins always pay for their mistakes.

    We are not talking about a wrong description, we are talking about mistakes done due to being lazy to read a simple, 15 words description.

    If it is written male or female, you cannot mistake if you read.

    If the gift option tells you to put the character name, you cannot put the account name, cause lets be honest, is idiotic to think that we want you to know the account name of the player who purchase an item mall good from you, it would be a security flaw.

    If there is a level requirment or other kind of requirments, you must read it and not just purchase it.

    This thread is not for people who did 1 or 2 mistakes, is for people who have done 20 or more in a few weeks. We always accomodated but as usual when some people bring something to the extreme we have to adapt too.

  • Can you please add preview to costumes like you did with mounts? Sometimes people refund because they didn't like how the costume looked on their char.

    If you don't want to waste too much time on taking screenshots for each class/gender with every costume, I am willing to volunteer and do it on a test server or something and provide you with 1 screenshot for each costume including all classes/genders.

  • There are preview on some costumes and hairs too, but takes time to do all of them.

    Anyway this thread is not about misleading description or the cosmetic is not of your liking. Is the usual problem that people don't read and they won't change cause we are always at your disposal to fix your lack of reading skills. This has to change.