Farewell - Leaving St4r

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  • Seelenruf

    yeah thats true. i just thought you need to translate since the preview website seems good to me :P take your time

  • [GM]Elspeth

    Creating the Website, the poll, the translations etc. There is a lot more than just a little poll which you dont see.

  • Seelenruf

    but why is it taking so long to do a poll? i mean for translation u dont need 2+ weeks

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    A new server won't be confirmed before the results of this poll so no, is not opening in 10 days.

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    There are some comprehend issues. We said we will hold a poll to analyze the demands and see if there is a market for a new server.

  • IronMikeTyson


  • S3ke

    10 more days ? where did you see that ? :)

  • IronMikeTyson

    just 10 days more let's rock

  • UnkoJP

    Where did they say that boi

  • IronMikeTyson

    10 days more till the new server !!! let's rock

  • CapTaiiN


  • CapTaiiN

    do not judge to fast. i farm with 5 chars to

  • deathpool

    wow, well sorry my bad, gms ignore my complain

  • spir00new

    i am not bot bro Comprehensive guide to pull rate of all fishes available in Metin 2

  • deathpool

    gms ban this man, he is clearly a bot (yesterday in the fishman ranking he has the top5 with his chars) https://i.imgur.com/Bi8tw7h.jpg

  • xFragamento

    #s1 hype

  • Cecilia Heinz

    #s2 hype

  • zera321

    s3ke you just said you're new to the server, how do you know how this server was when it was started ? Omg nobody looks at those epvp members flaming

  • S3ke

    i hope to see you guys there :) all the best

  • S3ke

    shadow i think starting a new server is a good thing...and lets say its not gonna ''work'' ...many servers merged ...you could do the same as a backup plan

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  • Hey guys, as you see in the title, I quit/ leav Metin2 Singapore... :D

    I started in January 2014 with Metin2 Singapore in the Red Kingdom with my Character "ShootingSt4r", I just wanted to reach lv 42 & get Aura of Sword P, but after 3 month I reached this already and wanted to get better and better in low lv because It was very funny for me at this time, then I saw the first time the "PvM King" Event and wanted to win it one time... Few month later I won it and I won it for a long time in a row, with the time some people started to call me "best low lv" what was very funny for me and I wanted to get even better in low lv and I wasn't motivated to go high lv.
    In April/May 2015 I got "perm banned" for around an half year and got unbanned after, then I continued with my low lv gear and got an nice Fms with 52avg 12Strengh which I used for PvP and PvM, then I made an PvP gear and was one of the best low lv PvP players on this Sever and got bored with the time...

    Today one of my best friends (xLion) who I already from an another game earlier knew sold my Fms because he thought I already quit Metin2 Singapore... this gave me the decision to quit Metin2 Singapore.

    I had a lot of fun on this Server and reached more than I ever wanted.

    I made a lot of shit & many people hate/hated me, but I want to thank everyone who played with me & helped me or gave me motivation to play/farm...
    Good Luck & Fun to everyone ~ have a nice time :lol:
    Special Thanks to :

    Shogum <3

    Slaught3r Mt2 <3 / KnockEmDown <3
    Sh4re (R.I.P.)


    RighteousReign <3



    Ducky QUACK


    Kekiz / Kek
    [GA]Shadow :banned: :D

    @JkRR have fun with my FMS BRAH 3,5kkk nice price (;

    Bye : ShootingSt4r #GOD

  • Much people will miss you(me too^^) :beer:

    Good luck and have fun in real life and in other Games :)

    Kingdom: Elgoria
    lSilvesterKINGl (Lv115 / WeaponSura)
    lSilvesterQUEENl (Lv 115 / Archer)
    BuffMausal (Lv 101 / DragonMage)

    And ALL Characters in the Guild......GoAwayMyRoom.....(Kingdom: Elgoria) :shit:

    REMOVE IP-BLOCK :banned:

  • Dox never even heard about Colour, that single handed made the first ever IM reward based event in SG, have it's drop rate reduced.

    St4r GL with RL, and it's sad to hear you're quitting because a friend "screwed you over" .

  • Dox never even heard about Colour, that single handed made the first ever IM reward based event in SG, have it's drop rate reduced.

    St4r GL with RL, and it's sad to hear you're quitting because a friend "screwed you over" .

    its not ''his friend'' fault. actually its shooting fault for not thinking twice before doing something.

    goodluck to real life shooting. :)

  • "Mr.Star"

    maybe go back to the old forum and check the PVM event results :)

    or maybe you have problems with numbers ?

    you always seem to be competing everyone dox, just give him a break,every1 full of people like you ;)

    with who I'm competing with Studium isn't my account :)

  • fair enough, I admit my mistake.