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    And Eso. Arahan poly change for Esoteric Executioner/Proud Dark Rifleman.

    The Arahan one has crap animation attack and you waste time dealing 2 hits while in reality is 1, while the second one is consistent (1:1)

    Absolutely no.

    What is needed is a way to use and free the market of items.

    -For example, more materials needed for talismans, high lvl accs (since the up items for this are worthless and there are tons of them in the sv). Lower a bit the % rate of upgrading in this items since it's like 80% until +25 I think (not sure about this since I only upgrade them to +9).

    -Another thing is to create more systems where spend materials, for example sash system would be implemented in the future for what I read.

    -Change the materials needed for crafting change rare scroll (the two other options, the first one no) since I think that no one uses those instead of the exp ring/thief's gloves.

    -Maybe remove the enchanting option from alchemist and change this with a "Add Rare Scroll" (for items+9 only ofc) which we can craft at the Rare Alchemist with many materials.

    -S skills should spend our karma while upgrading them.

    -Maybe create a Supreme Hermit with higher chance for rainbows (ofc this should cost to do it).

    Currently we players need to drag armors, weapons, accs to these two npcs manually, one by one.

    I wanna suggest that these NPC give us an option where they open a giant window (an inventory window basically) and put all those things (ctrl + right click) in there and once we're done, we accept it (with a confirmation message for security reasons) and change all those things at once for Rarity Ore or Vitality Ore.

    For those who didnt understand, I mean something similar to the window exp for pets in gf servers where people increase their pets' experiencie points by giving them armors/wep/accs in a window.

    1º This game is much about luck, so I don't agree. Like it is now is good.

    2º Totally makes sense, +1

    3º +1. Or at least change the crap rewards for good things.

    4º +1. Or at least decrease their numbers in event.

    5º Yeah, why not.

    6º At least the offline messages would be good.

    More stackable items like others said previously, stone craft book, those upgrade special items from certain lvl 90 map bosses, polymarbles, etc.

    Suggest to have timed changers instead, they disappear after X days so that you cannot hoard them forever and price stays stable. But of course none of you is going to suggest this :lol:

    Wouldn't that be even worse? People will want to sell even faster.

    A longer metin respawn and less metins would be better.

    One of the last update (the drop formula) made this problem even worse, so it should be balanced again since right now we have all components which increase this problem:

    -Shop search

    -Drop formula

    -Metin spawn time

    -Metin spawn quantity

    Changes in the last two things.

    This is not a fishing simulator game. You buy the package and you also have the advantage for fishing. You will never see fish for 10 wons, simply because it would advantage fishing bots. As skilled as we are on detecting them and banning them, it won't do much if before banning them they filled the market with some powerful rare fish.

    What about making a fishing manual of 1,2 or 3h as a dropable item in some high lvl map/boss/run, with some restrictions, non tradable and only can be storable?

    That way fish bots would risk their main accounts if they use it there.

    Or as a craft item in Master NPC with same restrictions.

    All you have to do is moving it a few centimeters to the side, its not much of an inconvinience. Its just a matter of getting used to.

    And infact, having it on the left side can have people accidentally deactivate or activate the anti experience.

    And who knows which buttons we will add there in the future.

    Having it in the left side is the same as in the right side, people would need to press first F5 or click on the "arrow" to oppen the Sidebar, so they can't press anti-exp accidentally.

    I can say after some days playing with this that it would be much better to move it to the left side cause I and probably more people, play with the inventory open most of time. I even forget many times that there is a Sidebar since it is in that place and inventory covers it.


    It would be possible to add the fishing manual (with 1, 2 or 3h for example) as drop somewhere?

    Or adding it at the itemshop as a item.

    Because right now one can only get it with the premium packages of farmers.

    It is purposely put there.

    Players are used to have their inventory on the right side, that means they will usually not click there.

    If we move it to the left side of the screen, the chance of people clicking on it accidentally increases dramatically.

    It also can not be attached to the Inventory as it will limit the amount of buttons we can put.

    It's pretty difficult to click on a thing that is just in the border of the window. And what will be the problem if the Sidebar is put in the left and people click it accidentally? It only opens the window, it does not trigger any action which can affect the gameplay.

    Right now is pretty inconvenient to have it in the same side as the inventory. Cause for example I play many time with the inventory open and I need to close it first, or move it away, and then I can see the Sidebar if I opened with F5.

    Then +1

    As for the other 2 suggestions:

    -There is a "faster way", maybe you don't know. Click on sell in a npc, then click on the item you want to sell and instead of click on "Yes" with the mouse, use the key "Enter".

    -+1, with right click of mouse for example to open the window with the price to change it.