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    It's not possible to hide or remove this option from the rabbit until the event ends?

    If moonlight is too generous we can reduce the duration to 12 hours instead of 24.

    I think it's fine like it is now (though I personally wouldn't mind a change since it will increase the value of its drop a bit, but that's me).

    Edit: I forgot about the problem with the timezone that Lolu said. But I guess you can adjust it so it match within the hours with most of ppl playing, in case you'll do this change.

    There are no changers on heavens lair.

    The info about what elemental damage a monster deal, or type of damage the monster deal, the experience it provides is useful. Something that a wiki should have. I have no time to edit 1000 mobs on the wiki, while doing a little system that upload the file that regulates monster stats and pick which info to show to the players is much much faster.

    You may find it useless now because you know already these infos, but when new things comes out you may think differently.

    I mean moonlights since they can give changers.

    Info about their elemental and normal damage, yes. And their experience, yes, as well. But their resistance against the different kind of weps, I don't see the need since the relevant info about mobs are if are animals, devil, etc. Unless you're gonna implement mobs with weird % res (example: a mob from zodiac with 1kk hp and 95% def sword, but 10% def bell). But overall is intuitive, the more attack value/avg/vs mob/skill/devil/etc, the more damage it does.

    Heavens liar doesnt have big spots, so you won't farm a lot of moonlight there tho. Change like that would be broken on lemures map, but we are not considering that

    Still this map has decent drops (clams, 75 weps, bdb, etc), so ppl would see it as a good spot to farm during moonlight event. And the first two good rooms and hunter room are already 12 rooms (in all 4 channels).

    This is my opinion anyway.

    Definitely no, because of moonlights/changers basically. They will lose even more value since ppl would farm them in those maps a lot. Better to let these range mobs as range mobs in most of maps.

    In DT you need gear for lvling up in the 11º floor, so it's not that easy. And is still needed a good amount of time.

    As for the second suggestion, I don't see the usefulness actually. So what if you'll know the defences of the mobs? Mages will farm lvl up with bell regardless, assassins will lvl up with poly + bow or daggers (and most of them dont farm metins) regardless, warrior lvl up with sword and farm metins with 2hand, regardless, and suras with sword since they can't use other wep.


    The only use I see is for bosses in runs so players can know which char should they use, but there is no need to make this change ingame. Staff can simply make a thread and post an Excel Table of values regarding the bosses.

    if mp its same no changs

    How will be the same lmao?

    Players couldn't buy with tp and it will be same as spirit blessing 80%, a rare and expensive item, much more expensive probably if staff add it to the mall.

    Many times I searched for spirit blessing 80% for several days and not a single pm.

    And you still need 2 moonstone cause upgrading it with one with 20% of chance is a waste, and still you'll only have 30%, how many items/stones+6 do you succceded with 30% in your metin life compared with 50/60%/etc?

    It's not needed assassin and mage to finish ice run. If you mean that it was like that before and they changed it, then yes for the change in plague run as well.

    And regardless if that was not the case, I'd agree with it anyway.


    well thats the point of quality of life changes, it safes time and makes it more comfortable for you, why should i waste my time every few hours to clean my inventory from unwanted drops when i can just filter them?

    I don't mind if it easy to implement for shadow and the ppl that works on this stuff, but if it is not, it's not really an improvement since that takes no time to do what I said.

    Another suggestion.

    -Put a stack of 200 bottles in general store since they are needed for crafting blue, yellor/etc liquids.

    1) make a filter for garbage drops such as blood pills, town return scrolls, return scrolls, hay, red ginseng or just remove them from the game completely, noone needs them (except return scrolls).

    2) reduce drop for bravery capes (i think its 30% now on beta maps, maybe reduce it to like 5%) - right now you drop them on mass and most of the time you just leave/drop them on the floor

    3) increase the stack size to 2000 - on beta maps you drop so much uppstuff that you have 10 stacks of each material which makes the extra inventory almost full

    4) add boss boxes to all bosses on beta maps - right now the "easy" bosses have a box. for example arges, kappa, lobster, lemures prince, these are all easy bosses and the boxes make them more valuable because you can get a master compass - so you get a bigger reward for killing easy bosses than harder bosses like triton, king crab etc.

    5) add crafting option for a master compass or dragon god scroll out of blessing scrolls -> 200x blessing scroll = 1 master compass / 100x blessing scroll = 1 dragon god scroll maybe

    6) reduce time for ch change to 3 seconds

    7) aura should be left activated after ch change or teleport like berserk does

    8.) remove the message in chat "you need to call your horse" everytime you are using your mount

    1) You don't need/use, maybe other ppl use it, they have a function after all.

    About the filter, I don't see it necessary actually. Let's say you farm metins for 2 hours, pick them while that and after you stop the farm, drop it, that's 3 seconds.

    2) +1, or at least a reduction by half of what it is now in all metins and bosses.

    3) 250 since shadow said it.

    4) Definitely no. That's why they are the easy bosses = more competition = more value. The "great" bosses still have fine cloth and cor draconis rare drop after all.

    It's good like it is now.

    5) This one Idk. They should be valuable and "rare" and there are many events in a year where you can get them + other means in game like bosses chest + tp (which is important to keep spending on it since that "force" ppl to buy odin with real money and keep this sv on).

    I'd say no since after some events the master compass price drops to 35-40kk for a time and then again it goes up to 60kk but it's always avalaible in market.

    6) I'd say no. Yes, this will be a quality life changer for those who farm bosses from maps 90 for example but at the same time that is a part of the game. Do you wanna change ch quicker so you can kill the boss from other channel? Spend time and clean the ranged mobs. Or go to another boss in the same ch with scroll and don't waste time changing ch. Use your mind and make a strategy and compete with the other farmers.

    After all a change of 7 seconds is huge since many players can kill a boss in less seconds than that.

    There is something in regard to this which should be changed. In Dragon Cape (first lvl 90 map), the ranged mobs from Gloom Metin (the one with vs animals) can cancel your change of channel. Not any ranged mobs can do this from what I saw.

    7) +1, same with enchanted blade.

    8.) +1


    Use higher resolution to see more slots. 705 is too low, at least 720.

    Tried with 1366 x 768 and with 1280 x 720 but it is adjusting automatically to .... x 705.

    My laptop resolution is 1366 x 768


    Well, 250 is better. I'd like if you implement it.

    And taking advantage of this thread about quality life changers, I have a question/suggestion.

    I guess there are many players like me that play in a laptop and probably have the same issue as me about how many accounts can be stored with our resolution.

    I play with 1366x705 so I can only store 2 accounts and I have more. It can be adjusted this so we'll be able to store more accounts?

    Right now my window look like this:


    In the Green rectangle there is still space for more possible accounts and if you move the menu a bit higher (where there is that Violet rectangle) there will be even more space for more accounts.

    Another option I see is to make the menu window wider (x2 of what it is now) and be able to store accounts in 2 or more columns.

    To be fair pvm sashes are overpowered in my opinion (15 vs mob the custom one and you can even add a weapon with high avg which at the end can be +27% mob easily with a 40 avg + 8 avg 75 wep).

    So this balances a bit.

    But imo I think the 100 helm should still be working in pvm since it's "magic/melee attacks" where melee = is physical hits and pvm sash be nerfed.


    Some questions.

    If the sash absorbs only Avg/Skill/rarity, it absorbs the negative bonus as well? I mean, normally a high lvl avg wep 75 has negative skill damage, and on the opposite case if it has a high skill damage value it'll have negative avg at the same time.

    It absorbs all bonus that we can have on rarity (int, agility, demi, monster, etc)? If we absorb a legendary (8 avg, 5 mob let's say) weapon, the 5 mob would be absorbed? Or are they useless?

    It should be adjusted to be similar as before.

    Increasing AP value in polys since the formula works with that now and block Aura and Blade from poly in war and sura so with this change they don't get too overpowered. That way ninjas and mage could make decent dmg (I lost 8k against Azrael, Dragon and in giants for example).

    And ofc lower the required materials. Before the update for example the demon spearman poly craft was already "expensive" since you could fail and it required Demon's Keepsake's+ which only drops from the mages (which is a very low amount in the floors). Now it requires 24! And even toys which is a low lvl drop from those demi humans in city1/2 which already are not farmed since people go directly to valley or dark temple. So one needs to make a farmer or buy to someone which will exploit it and sell to you for a crazy amount (2.5 - 3kk just checked).

    The animals polys are useless (because of their animation) and they require low lvl mats, which no one farms. There are many good polys which can be changed for them. Proud Dark Rifleman/Esoteric Executioner, Elite Orc Fighter, To Su.

    The Savage Minion mats should be changed. The Shiriken+, which was already an expensive item and now it's even more. But this is not even the real problem here, the problem is that is only farmed through bestial mobs, so again, you need to make a farmer or buy for 4-6kk/u. It should be changed for Shiriken (which precisely drops from savage minions), ofc with a higher quantity requirement.

    And then others polys where are needed mats like devil's splinter, demonic ashes, 50 blessing scrolls, 50 purple boxes, dark lord nail/fang, etc should be lowered or changed the mats as well. They are not that good compared to others to require that kind of materials and so many. It's crazy and makes no sense.

    And there shouldn't be overpowered polys. Before the update all polys had the same dmg, but different speed attack because of animation. It's better to have them like that, with similar damage and other stats which makes them different. But all should be accessible (="easy" drop of mats) so that way people won't focus on 1-3 and all polys could be useful and all materials from different lvl ranges which are overfarmed and "useless" would have their use here.