PATCH NOTES 23/07/2022

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  • Dear Community,

    hereby i present the Patch Notes of today, 23/07/2022

    • Added Mousewheel support to the Shopsearch
    • "War God Blessing Scroll" is now stackable
    • Vote for Bonus is now opened in an external window rather than inside the client
    • Raised the NPC value of some items such as Horse Taming Book, Gold/Silver Chest/Key
    • Orc Maze now drops more level 30 Weapons
    • Orc Stubborness drop rate raised
    • Orc Maze Portals now open when atleast 75 Monsters are killed, rather than having to kill all of them
    • Reduced the Plague Dungeon "Plague Eggs" to 15
    • Nemere Sealstones now never fail
    • Rarity Items can now be sold to NPCs in return for Gold and Rarity Ore, no need to bring them one by one to the Rarity Alchemist
    • Added a new Dungeon Panel which provides more details, cleaner design, better display of Cooldowns/criteria and comes with its own Ranking System
    • Soulstones and Rainbow stones now display the time left untill you can read another one
    • Added Shinings to the Costume Category on the Shopsearch
    • Fixed a problem where the saved position on the warp panel would arrange in alphabetical order. It is only fixed for newly saved slots. We advice you to delete and resave your existing custom slots