[PATCH NOTES] 30/04/2022

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  • Dear Community,

    hereby i want to present the Patch Notes of today, 30/04/2022

    • Added the new warp panel and shortcut on keyboard setting to it. For the next few days both warp panels will stay active in case some inconvenience occurs so that the players won't be without a proper teleporting tool.
    • Added new recipes for power mount snacks at the Master NPC
    • Added Blood Tear raffinated ore at the Master NPC and the ability to socket it on the Blood Tear Necklace
    • Removed the Ochao Pass and Stone of Dryad from the item mall and added to the Master NPC
    • Fixed a problem with the Demon Tower cooldown, where the leader would receive a multiplied cooldown based on the number of members in his party
    • Made Dragon God Scroll and Liutao from daily rewards stackable
    • Added new types of missions on the Battle Pass

    Thanks, Metin2 SG Team

  • Removed the Ochao Pass and Stone of Dryad from the item mall and added to the Master NPC

    im sorry but why ?
    i mean i need to get now 10 dioxide which are around 25-30kk each so that's alone 2.5/3won to do a run that maybe gives me 90kk gold and maybe fireshoes ...
    why not just give us the option to
    craft them or just keep buying them from the mall ?

  • Recipes were adjusted to match the run's profit.

    damn nice :)
    thanks but can i ask something ?
    why removed them from the mall anyways ?

    welp black dye is a mythic drop from the en-tai healer as mythic drop and from 8 metins i got 2 of them and there just a bunch of overpriced 50 stacks for 15 won....
    so the situation didn't really got better :-/

    Could you not just put them back in the mall ? ... :<

  • I also think why can’t make both way can get ticket? If change like that I don’t think ppl can get in ochao easy because those things is not easy to get! It mean this two run is dead.