[PATCH NOTES} 11/02/2022

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  • Dear Community,

    hereby i want to present you the patch notes of today, the 11th of February 2022,

    • Removed Fire/Wind/Lightning resist from Items. If the Bonus was in Slot 1-4 You will need to use a Bonus Adder to readd it, if it was in the 5th Slot you will need to use a Blessing Marble to readd it.
    • Fixed a bug which made people unable to divorce
    • Added the "Kingdom Betrayal" Event. When activated you can change from Blue Kingdom to Yellow Kingdom for free at the NPC "Heuk-Young"
    • Dragon Mages built in "vs. Mob" Bonus was slightly reduced
    • Mental Warriors now have a "vs Mob" built in Bonus
    • Weapon Sura's Dark Twister S Skill Bonus "Faint Chance" was removed
    • Weapon Sura's now have a 10% Crit Damage increase on Enchanted Blade S. This is experimental and might be changed in the future.
    • Some of the Valentine Event content has been added.

    Kind Regards,

    The Metin2SG Team