Christmas Event 2021

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    Dear Players,

    The best time of the year has come once again! And we are more than happy to celebrate Christmas Season with you!

    Christmas Event will have a different duration in each server:

    During this period, everyone will benefit from an increased Experience Bonus!

    You will be able to participate in both In-Game and Forum Events! Be sure not to miss any!

    IMPORTANT: All the scheduled Events will be canceled during the whole Christmas Event !!!!

    Main Server:

    Season Server:

    • In-Game Events

    Main Event:

    You can drop Candy Canes from Xmas Metin Stones, which always spawn together with their normal Metin Counterparts, aswell as Specific Dungeon Bosses.

    These Candy Canes can be used to craft Chests, Weapon Skin Chest and Costume Chests.

    Make sure to kill the normal Metin Stones aswell to ensure that the Event Metins can respawn!!!

    Additionally you can also obtain a Snowflake that will allow you to spawn a powerful boss with good drops. It is obtainable through the Event Chest.

    Side Events:

    - Good Ol’ Santa Tary:

    Good Ol' Santa Tary will appear at a random time of each day to share some gifts with all of you! Pay attention to our announcements!

    - Surprise Events:

    Apart from events already mentioned, there will be a surprise event held every day. These events will also be announced in this thread every day.

    The prizes for these random events can be Costumes, Mounts, or some other Item Mall stuff, so be on your toes, and don't miss any update!

    • Forum Events

    - Crosswords Puzzle:

    Each day of the Event there will be a new puzzle. Each Player should solve it and send the correct answer via private message, on Forum, to [SMOD]Tary.

    The first player who sends the private message with all the correct words in each day will be rewarded.

    Only the answers sent via private message will be accepted. Any answer given here or in my wall will not be considered.

    - Screenshot Event:

    Take screenshots of your best moments in the Christmas Event and share them with us!

    They can be about your best moments in the event, about Christmas Events or simply just some good selfies!

    You can use any editing program to edit your screenshots, and they must be taken on the present year.

    We will reward the best 4 screenshots and every participant will get a participation reward! Suprise us and be creative!

    - Picture / Selfie Event:

    You can send us your pictures of how you celebrated this Christmas Season. You can share with us your gifts, your sweets, your food (specially your food!), just be creative!

    The 4 best, funniest and most creative ones will be rewarded! Every participant will get a participation reward!

    - A special Letter to Santa Claus:

    We wanna know all your wishes to Santa Claus, so write a letter to him!

    The 4 most creative ones will receive some handome rewards! Every participant will get a participation reward!

    On behalf of Tec Interactive we would like to wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Kind Regards,

    Metin2 SG Team

  • Hello, I would really appreciate it if you would run FISHING EXTRAVAGANZA and Mistey Box Event as usual despite the Xmas event on the season server. I would be really sad if it is dropped two weeks.

  • Hey guys,

    Puzzle #2


    This is a more complex puzzle.

    You have to guess the 10 words AND find the hidden message! I won't accept your answer if you only find the 10 words.

    Please remember that every participant that is not a winner will get a participation prize!

    Also, when you participate for the next puzzle you have to open a new Conversation. Do not reply to the previous one with your participation.

    Kind Regards,


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