Changes to Costumes, Hairstyles etc.

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  • iPhone5

    [VIDEO] ASIAN vs HOWHIGH 08.11.2020

  • EmyEmy

    Open thread If you want

  • dolguldor

    So Shadow, should I open a new thread again on the same topic? Since the topic is closed i couldn't say my opinion.

  • Nature2

    @[GA]Shadow Can you tell us the purpose of the poly update ? Btw closing thread after thread to forbid players from talking about updates is a great step forward :thumbsup:

  • EmyEmy

    high lvls do not farm mats, they buy from market when they want something, materials farm is for low lvls

  • [GA]Shadow

    I close threads when they go off topic and when the answer is given

  • Etherial

    + the damage reduction from the new formula is insane. I used to do runs all day. Now I can't do anything.

  • Etherial

    You want people to farm mats, but let's face ut. Most poly are useless cz of their bad animations. Only few are okay and they are hella expensive

  • Etherial

    Why do you close every thread related to the poly update?

  • PalitaGoblin


  • EmyEmy

    shut up wild dog

  • PalitaGoblin

    i liked the update but think some polies are way too expensive for what they offer(especially hate spike) and the damage was lowered more than what it should have been

  • EmyEmy

    omg let me write before closing thread!

  • j0Hn


  • j0Hn

    what is thaht...other mentenance ?

  • Gherasim Ionut


  • [GA]Shadow

    Server on

  • EmyEmy

    Luxu rat

  • EmyEmy

    Luxuria on?

  • Glutamine

    When are we going to receive the rewards from xmas events (puzzles, photos letters etc)?

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  • Dear Players,

    As most of you surely noticed by now, we made Costumes non tradeable and only storeable if they are at full duration.

    This is mostly due to consistancy since some costumes behaved weirdly and only some costumes were tradeable.

    Also due to the fact, that theres way too many people trying to scam players by selling low duration costumes at full prices.

    With this Update, we also made Pets non-storeable, however, this will be reverted on the next Reboot. Pets will remain as you are used to able to go into your warehouse.

    Costumes however will stay as they are now.

    Since some of you complained that you would have prefered a headsup, which is ofcourse understandable, i will be giving you a headsup now, that the same change will be happening to Hairstyles for the same reasons.

    Kind Regards,

    Metin2SG Team

  • Also due to the fact, that theres way too many people trying to scam players by selling low duration costumes at full prices.

    This issue applies to a lot of items, could we get a change into what's allowed inside a shopbox?

    - items that aren't at it's full duration (ie. tiger earrings with 2 minutes left and autopots at 1%) aren't allowed inside the shopbox

  • The other items are different. They are not in real time like costumes, their time goes down only if you equip them. If a costume has 10 minutes and you put it inside your store, it won't disappear. It will stay with 0 minutes. Once you equip it, poff is gone. A 10 minutes Tiger Earrings, will always have 10 minutes inside your shop cause the time won't lower if you don't use it.

  • So hairstyles would not be storable without full time?

    Are you thinking about fixing the problem and make costumes storable (without full time) again in the future?

    And what about weapon skins?

  • Costumes should be storable to be used within the same account. If I have a Lv 105 and a Lv62 on the same account it would be awful if I had to buy them separate pets and costume.

  • And what about weapon skins?

    They are in the item mall.

    I remember how we used these as a weapons 9/10 years ago on some private servers. I'm glad they are back in some way coz they're looking good. I'm wondering about the attack range. Will skins affect the range of equipped weapon? Shadow