[MISC]Systems, Functions & Similar - Beginners Guideline.

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  • Hey guys,

    this will be an overall guide to Functions, Systems, Commands and anything else that has been added to our Server.

    If anything similar is missing, feel free to contact me and i'll make sure it'll be added.

    1. Useful Commands

    2. Status Points and Class Changes

    3. Putting a value onto less used Items

    4. Crafting Npc "Master" and crafting Poly Marbles at "Baek-Go"

    5. The "Powermount" System

    6. The "Belt" System

    7. The "Soulbind" System

    1. Useful Commands

    /nopoly - As the name suggests, it removes your current poly.

    /cube make all - Yet again, as the name suggests, it allows you to craft all items you have in a crafting window at once.

    /set_r - This command allows you to set your character into running mode. When you are using a polymorph marble, some of them might not have a walking animation, using this command avoids that issue and sets you back into running mode

    /set_w - As above, this command allows you to set your character into walking mode.

    /dice - Lets you roll a dice

    /phase_select - this command allows you to go back to the character selection screen

    /quit - Allows you to close the Game

    /logout - Allows you to logout

    /mi - Shows the current ruling Kings/Queens

    2. Status Points and Class Changes

    As you may already know, Status points work a little bit different here.

    Every Class is able to gain Attack Value from their Main Attribute.

    Suras and Mages from Intelligence

    Warriors from Strength

    Assassins from Dexterity

    This doesnt mean that STR is useless for Suras, Mages and Assassins however.

    Suras and Mages gain a bit of Skill damage from Strength,

    While assasins gain the same from Strength as others gain from Dexterity. A little bit of Attack Value and Damage Reduction.

    On top of this, Assassins and Mages got a Bonus Strong vs Monster increase in order to be able to compete in PvM with the other classes.

    Aswell as the following change;

    • Dragon Mage's attack skills have a 15% boost if used with a Fan.
    • Healer Mage's attack skills have a 15% boost if used with a bell.

    3. Putting a value onto the less used Items

    In order to make sure that basic Items such as Spirit Stones +0 - +2 or Skill books never lose their entire Value, we gave them some Value at the NPC

    Since Spirit Stones +3 can be Upgraded at the "Seon-Pyeong" NPC, we did not increase their value as they naturally will have a higher value.

    • Skill Books are worth 70.000 Gold at any NPC
    • Spirit Stones+0 are worth 25.000 Gold at any NPC
    • Spirit Stones+1 are worth 50.000 Gold at any NPC
    • Spirit Stones+2 are worth 75.000 Gold at any NPC
    • Soul Stones are worth 200.000 Gold at any NPC
    • Bands of Oblivion are worth 100.000 Gold at any NPC

    4. Crafting NPC "Master"

    With a recent patch we introduced the "Master" NPC with the following craftable Items

    • 10 Piece of Stone -> Clam
    • 10 Red Magic Adder + 1 Vitality Ore -> 1 Red Magic Changer
    • 20 Red Magic Adder + 3 Devil's Splinter -> Blessing Marble
    • 12 Green Magic Adder + 1 Vitality Ore -> Green Magic Changer
    • 40 Green Magic Adder + 3 Orc Stubborness -> Blessing Marble
    • 50 Lion Certificate + 50 Tiger Certificate -> 1 Dragor Certificate
    • 50 Wolf Certificate + 50 Boar Certificate -> 1 Chocobo Certificate

    5. The "Powermount" System

    The Powermount System is a quite simple, yet effective System to use Mounts.

    Lets start with the Basics;

    Theres currently 3 different Levels of the Powermounts.

    • Young -> Can be used at any Level, can not be used to attack from or to use Horse Skills from
    • Wild -> Can be used at Level 35 when having a Level 11 "Armed Horse", can be used to attack from, can't be used for Horse Skills
    • Valiant -> Can be used at level 50 when having a Level 21 "Military Horse", can be used to attack and for Horse Skills

    In Order to Upgrade the Powermounts you wont only need to have reached those checkmarks in your game but you will also need some Items.

    Young Powermounts can be upgraded to Wild by using a "Scroll of Evolution" which can be acquired through the Moonlight chests or via the Item Mall

    Wild Powermounts can be upgraded to Valiant by using a "Scroll of Mutation" which can be acquired through the same means.

    Upgrading a Powermounts Level will not only unlock new abilities, but also increase its stats. More about this will be explained later.

    The Powermounts can be gained by using Certificates which are dropped by the Metin Stones, simply drag and drop them onto the Stable Boy.

    He will give you a Seal which will lasts for 7 Days.

    The Duration of this Seal can be increased by dragging Horse Medals on top of it (+1 Hour for each Medal) or dragging the Power Snack from our Item Mall on top of it (+7 Days for each Snack)

    The different Types of Powermounts are

    • Lion
    • Tiger
    • Wolf
    • Boar
    • Chocobo
    • Dragor

    While the Lion, Tiger, Wolf and Boar are exactly the same in all points [Except for the fact that due to its running Animation, the Lion is slightly faster], the Chocobo and the Dragor have triple the Attack Value, if they are on Valiant Level.

    The different Types of Stats a Powermount can offer


    • Young Powermounts will only show you what Maximum Stat it will grant you, once it is fully upgraded. It doesnt grant you any benefits ot her than being able to ride it.


    • 3% Strong against Monsters
    • 3% Bonus Experience
    • Max HP. +250
    • Defence Value +50
    • Attack Value +30


    • 5% Strong against Monsters
    • 5% Bonus Experience
    • Max HP. +500
    • Defence Value +150
    • Attack Value +100

    As noted before, the Dragor and the Chocobo will make a small exception to these Stats.

    While they have exactly the same stats while on Wild Level, both, the Chocobo and the Dragor will give you Attack Value +300 instead of +100 when on Valiant Level.

    Monster, Experience, Defence, and HP Bonus are equal to the other mounts however.

    Chocobo's and Dragors can be acquired by crafting their certificates at the "Master" NPC or by gaining the Attack Value variant directly from the Coffer of Wisdom, which is the Reward of the OX Event.

    6. The "Belt" System

    The Belts will allow you to access the little Inventory which can be expanded clicking the arrow on the left top side of your normal Inventory. Different Belts give different stats and the higher the Belts level, the higher the amount of Inventory Slots unlocked.

    You can talk to "Yu-hwan" and have him craft your very own belts!

    "Yu-Hwan" is sadly not capeable of crafting the PvP Belts, which will be crafted by "Jae-Seon Kim", he will be a part of the "Dark Dragons Update".

    Belts can be upgraded like a normal Item to a maximum Level of+9, however, you can't add Stats to them.


    7. The "Soulbind" System

    With the Soulbind system any piece of equipment can be bound to your account. When the item is soul bound you can't:

    • Trade it with other players
    • Drop it on the floor
    • Sell it via private shop
    • Sell it to any NPC
    • Upgrade it
    • Roll bonus or remove stones

    Pay attention that you can lose the item via PKDROP, which means drop from having a negative rank from level 15 and onwards.

    You can bind [Scroll of Binding] or unbind [Scroll of Unbinding] the Item to yourself using the respectable Items which can be found at the General store.

    With this new system the bound item becomes virtualy immortal, even deleting the character won't work if there is a bound Item in its inventory

    You can still share the items with the other characters on the account using the Storekeeper.

    If you have any further questions, additions or anything, don't hesitate to contact us.

    Kind Regards,

    The Metin2SG Team

  • There is a bug with selling selling stones to general store. If i want to sell a stone+4 the sales price on the client is 8k

    Check screenshot --> https://paste.pics/074752e08df5980dc2a72f0edf23001e

    As you can see in the text i wrote

    • Spirit Stones+0 are worth 25.000 Gold at any NPC
    • Spirit Stones+1 are worth 50.000 Gold at any NPC
    • Spirit Stones+2 are worth 75.000 Gold at any NPC

    It doesn't include Stones+3/+4 as their value hasn't been increased on purpose, since they can be upgraded.

  • Didn´t really know that either. Good to know. Guess Im lucky it didn´t actually mean anything about how I skilled my assassin.

    Addionally, do you still get status points after level 90? I haven´t leveled a single char above 90 yet and I think on Gameforge servers you do not get any more status points after level 90 75%.

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