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    This might not exactly be the topic here.

    But do we also have set bonuses with alchemy on sg if we have an entier ring of legendary or mystic alchemy?

    I might start making (some) alchemy with easter event. Though, if we get a set bonus from having a full ring of mystics then I don´t really want to go legendary on my main even if initially legendary alchemy would be easier to make a better one. It eventually would have to go away.

    Not sure how the removing chance is. But... well... it´s seems very discouraging to upgrade your alchemy because they could all break. And if you go legendary you inevitably at some point might need to remove everything. While some crap mystic that isn´t an important stone for what you are doing you can keep for a long time. And then you can actually upgrade just one stone instead of replacing the entier ring at once.

    Didn´t really know that either. Good to know. Guess Im lucky it didn´t actually mean anything about how I skilled my assassin.

    Addionally, do you still get status points after level 90? I haven´t leveled a single char above 90 yet and I think on Gameforge servers you do not get any more status points after level 90 75%.

    You could implement some kind of salvage system too for 'legacy items' that could allow you to change things without workarounds. Would have been cool for poly marbles back then too. Im not too butthurt about loosing a char full of poly marbles. But would have been a nice touch if there didnt disappear, but instead be unusable and salvageable into some amount of stuff you need for the new marbles. Doesn't even necessarily need to be a full refund especially in case of poly marbles where the new once are stronger.

    The second solution would still be possible though if those items would allow you to enhance costumes temporarily. You cannot use two at the same time so nobody gets an advantage from keeping their temporary costumes.

    Not sure if its better than another slot. Definitely would take longer to get working I think. Though its also not an urgent issue that needs a quickfix.

    Personally, I think costumes (except for free event costumes) should all be permanent and have no stats at all.

    Instead you could take the stats into separate items. Idk, weapon enhancement stone, armor enhancement stone or something. Draw 2 pictures of rocks that expire as costumes with stats do now. People who buy a costume every months for stats will gladly buy your rocks.

    You could alternatively make those items temporarily enhance a costume if you think thats better than another slot for some IS item.

    To me at the start without much gear stuff you need to polymorph marble seems like the best (apart from fishing and mining). I only just now realised that because I started buying poly marbles for 16kk to do more plagued runs... Metins are not great. Green changers are cheap. Stones+3 are cheap. Even stones +4 are bearly worth anything compared to how hard they are to drop at a low level.

    Toy is stupidly expensive considering how easy it is to farm. White hair ribbon is a good pickup too at the same places. You need 4 to craft a esotherik fanatic and one toy to craft a deamon spearman. Fanatic is less good, but still a pretty good marble I think. You (can) sell some toys if you need money at the start, but I would keep them if you can to make marbels later.

    After you got enough toys and ribbons. You get 25 and go to where you drop red iron blades to get esoteric primer and *+. Make fanatic poly marbels sell those. Though, Im not sure what people pay for it because the market is currently empty. Demon Spearman is 16.5kk. It´s better it has 100 more attack and 50% more dark res, but does not have the 8% faint (but meh). Lets assume it´s half of that so like 8kk enough money to make some starter gear. Get 40% double drop, some % deamon, some % arrow. Then you can go dt and if you farmed enough toys before you can make really good money with spearman marbels.

    Ah, ok thanks. :)

    I did put +6 evasion into that armor now no other stones and managed to do it like that so the other stones will be vit/haste+5 then. Just was a bit worried that evasion+5 wasn´t enough... but it really should have been enough and if it wasn´t Im still running around with phoenix shoes +6. Can´t hurt but it´s a bit of a waste.

    There is a weird bug though that happened to me today. Not sure how that happened, but blessing and enhance damage of my shaman just broke and would not work on either char. It was only fixed after multiple logouts I don´t even know which one fixed it, or for that matter how it occurs. And no it was no visual bug I had to kill the stone that you can only kill with enhance damage and didn´t get the buff icons either.

    So, you think it´s worth staying 90 or not? I kinda want to do it but at the same time it kind hurts to spend the 80% exp I have now. Basically with the quests Im most of the way to 92 right now (took a bit longer to get my buffer to 90). Wanted to try the 90 map for once in my life. Never been there until just now. Yeah, it´s a bit silly as an assassin, but whatever I had fun.

    I´ll get my warrior to 75 for now. Gotta do that anyways. Then I have some more time to think about it.


    EDIT: WOW, I thought this was gonna take some time. Bearly over 1h from 61 to 75 in spider dungeon 3. The difference to what I just did in HL2 is absolutely insane. Can´t believe how fast that went. And here I was bringing my 20x exp rings into v3 thinking im gonna be in there for some days.

    So, this is now mostly for exp? Im level 90 now, not sure if I should stay 90 and get some gear to do this run or just level past it for the bios at 92/94. Other than this I don´t see a reason to stay at 90.

    And looking at the drops in the video I don´t think it´s worth it. Forest stones seem better even and they are *a lot* easier. Even assuming I could manage to do it alone. It seems optimistic to me. But I think I could if i put +6 stones into the armor I bought when I started to play again. Got 2k hp 15 arrow 10 absorb 8 restore 200hp. Thought it was a steal back then for 60kk (something like that), but also thought this run still drops 50kk every run.

    Another thing that would be nice I think would be to being able to use wedding ring in HL1/HL2. Pretty annoying to navigate the maps (since there is no map and everything looks the same...) and then you have to do that twice to get your buffer in as well.

    Not sure if people actively farm ice witch on sg. Maybe those would not like that when they are able to kill her without a buffer.

    As Anteros said not worth a whole lot. 5-10kk not sure. Not sure where you are in the game. But if you do not have a bracelet with 20% double drop yet. Roll 20% double drop on it and keep it for farming content you don´t need a good bracelet for. So, likely everything up to forest stones you can get away with using a silver bracelet with 20% drop. Even if it does not have 10% restore or anything else that´s good.


    Just realized this post was from january... Probably, nobody cares anymore. Didn´t look at the date that closely. Was the newest said 2021. lul

    When an item has 6ths and 7ths stats and you reroll the stats can it become legendary even if it was not before?

    The way you explain the rarity system here [SYSTEM] Rarity System makes me not so sure wether something is legendary because it has certain stats or something has the possiblity to have certain stats because it is legendary.

    If I where to reroll an Epic item would it have a 0% chance to roll a max stat? Or can it become anything?

    I think it probably can become anything but at the same time I also don't really see the point of then still calling it "Legendary" when you can reroll it and it's just more stat lines. We also don't call the 5 max 1-5 normal bonuses something special. The label made sence before because the item dropped like this and you could not change it.

    If you want critical, blessing and reflection. Make a schaman and carry it around with you. Like, everybody else did for years now. :)

    Just to give you some numbers my 61 warrior with 34avg fms+9 5mob +5 stones, AOS g10, 60 bio NOT done, a helmet with 5mob (my 80 assassin also got those 5 mob) does around 3k crits on 70 stones. Yet my assassin with 80 bio done, 60 bio done poison +9 38avg +6 stones DID only around 3.5k damage (although it might have been 3.8k? cannot really test it anymore now can I? It either was 3.5 on 70 stones or 85 stones). Now I do 4.4k crits on 70 stones. Which is much more. But I would not be too surprised that if my warrior was 80 and had all these things, when he does 5-6k crits.

    The only players who are allowed to cry are mental warriors and magic suras in my book. Not the classes EVERYBODY was playing even if they did not want to, just to make $ far better than their main choice of character ever could. Those two sub-classes probably should get the damage buff too, but it might be much harder to do that, since it is based on skill choice and not on character choice. But they could give taichi and dark protection similar pve damage buffs.

    If you are asking for a buff, because you believe you will have to replace your 35 AOS farmer with an assassin. Your warrior is fine without a shadow of a doubt. If a 35 assassin would outperform a 35 warrior. Then assassin would be broken as h3ll once we actually get a poison... since AP does a whole lot more when you don´t already get 2 poisons worth of AP for 'free'.

    Also having the same problem. I thought it might have been hardware related (as in my hardware might be too recent) and I have to change some compatibility settings or whatever.

    Until I ended up with my buff in ch3 in some map and my other client frooze on changing and kept doing that repeatedly when trying to log back in. Logging into another ch worked. Switching to ch3 frooze the client again. Meanwhile my buff was chilling in ch3... alone next to the metin stone. I could punch the stone. Mobs spawned, my buff died.

    So it seems to me to be strictly a login issue and not necessarily the CH being dead entierly.

    On another note. I read somewhere that the DC when opening storage and walking away should have been fixed. It´s happening for me now, still.

    There is some item in the IS shop and it´s not very expensive, but get a guild anyways, beause it´s free.

    You´ll also get lots of stuff at the start from hunt quests, so do those. Like Ebony Earrings+7, Gold Neck+7, Silver Bracelet +7 (a second one from lvl 20 quest so you can +9 one, witch i would try to do because it´s really easy to switch 20% double drop into and still have hp), you also get leather boots +7 i believe.
    And some of the normal quests are also INSANE! Like 5x exo scroll at lvl 60 = 100kk
    And you can get like 2k hp leather boots from some quest, witch is decent until you can get one with 6th/7th stat to reroll.

    The reason people suggest 25-60 stones is because those stones on sg have a chance to drop green adders and switchers. Adders are not worth a lot, but nice for new players. Switchers are like 3kk each. I mean it´s obvious to farm metins in metn sure, but that´s different about sg.

    I think guild land might be really nice for the early start. I started with a lot of FMS farming, but back then novice channel didn´t exist. You get more drops there, but there is only 1 novice channel, so not perfect for FMS farming. So i´d try to farm things where you don´t have to switch channels.

    Also imo make an aos warrior to farm for your shaman at the start. It´s much easier. I´d actually go so far and have the first real pve weapon for the shaman be bamboo bell. Low lvl shaman is just awkward and bad as having to skill int for buffs hurts your damage and/or defence a lot on top of not having aos and a worse weapon. But you can choose to do it how you want to ofc.

    Also on SG you can sell skill books and soul stones you don´t need any npc. Skill books are worth 70k there and in shops and most are not worth much more and sell slowely, but if you´re lucky you can sell crappy skill books for as high as 1-2kk as people who are close to g are often times willing to overpay heaviely for books EVERYONE sells to npcs and nobody sells. But usually most books are 100-400k, with the "obvious" exceptions.

    Another thing that i find neat as i´ve just found it out. When you´re farming red iron blades, witch you might want to try as well because novice channel (that´s where i farmed with lvl 30 at events back when i started). You´ll get a lot of esoteric primers+ as well. And those are pretty worthless, but you can craft esoteric fanatic poly from 10x primer+ at the guy in map 1 you craft potions at. They also sell for like 1-3kk, witch is actually more than most red iron blades +0 will sell for. It feels like the marble is really underrated though. Savage Minion sells for more, but i don´t feel like it should having tried both. Fanatic seems to be pretty much just as good to me.

    Farming mystic/legendary items might be good too. I don´t know how huge the drop buff is from novice channel. But you can drop heaven tear bracelets in DT first floor. And those with 8% chance to restore hp are worth 1kkk at +0. Though, it´s probably to random to just specifically go for just that as you probably want a more relieable way to farm. But since you are gonna need 15x deamons keepsake anyways, try your luck i´d say. But still just pick up any item, it might be worth a lot if it has good 6th 7th stat and the only way you can get those stats is by dropping the items with them.

    You did not write what level you are.
    70 stones are probably best (as far as stones go) if you´re lvl 75 for SS+3+4, but they are really cheap right now. Red wood forest stones s*ck so you´ll need to get higher to do the 90 map stones. Farming HL is good ofc, but you´ll need more gear for that im pretty sure. And G/P blessing helps a lot.

    Glyph stone farming s*cks until you´re lvl 80 and can get the bio items too. I got 80 too now since quite some time and you´re dropping a lot of those 80 bio quest items for every glyph you drop and they sell for 1-2kk too. You also need to be lvl 75 to drop 70 weapons.

    Im currently lvl 80 on my sin and really only farming dt (smith and death reaper for dc run entry). Trying to eventually get a shield with block, devil and avg def or something. And then ill probably find a guild to do dungeons with. I don´t really have an amazing 54 armor so plagued might be impossible, but we´ll see ill try it, probably fail it and then upgrade i guess. Other than that im also farming with farmers at lower levels. Just seems better. Until i get ready for actual dungeons.
    Also if you have a guild that can do dt to rare smith you can join there and "help" a bit to get your boots to +9 and upgrade to quillin. Get your buff to 80 for that too. Every event just farm v3 and level up your buff while doing that until it´s 80 or 90 to teleport with wedding ring in the new maps. Probably not gonna get 90 in v3 like that, but just cash in the free exp every time you can. Im not sure how that works with the event rules when you have a lvl 90 buff for your 80 main, but realistically i don´t think they are gonna ban you for farming with an actual char over a completely an utterly useless buff that probably has no bio quests, probably has no armor, probably has some low lvl weapon with 17 int and is married to your actual main. They cannot do that. The rule is not there to make you completely unable to farm, it´s there to not have low lvl map too overfarmed.

    Fear mask +7 seems like no brainer. You maybe don´t NEEED to add bonuses right away depending on what you want to be doing you can do that later maybe. 20% devil if you wanna do dc, 20% undead for dt, 10% demi for HL, rest i would not really bother too much with, sure at speed is nice, but you already god berserk. You don´t really need undead either, you can use a 21 helmet with 20% undead for reaper and after that you probably just die so who cares. I would get half decent ebony earrings before you get into sce. It´s much cheaper to switch 20% double drop and decent stats into it and sce at+6 is not even much better compared to 8avg ebony earrings and 5avg once are not horrible either. And you can also use those on your low lvl farmer.

    Maybe make scn +6-7 with hp already beats your necklace by a lot especially if you get one with 10 crit or 15 arrow or 8 stun or multiple of those. Seems more important than sce for aos warrior.
    Get 10 hp absorb on your armor. But it´s probably better to get hp restore one for aos warrior and restart. Im not entierly sure tbh. But ill probably go hp restore on my aos warrior that im also gonna level up to 75 soon. Though ill be using 26 armor, because looks cooler than 34 armor and otherwise same reasoning as ebony earrings. It´s gonna do fine mostly and is significantly cheaper. Already got +9 poison. Not sure what im gonna be farming with it though, other than 70 metins. But i mostly level it up because i also want to have a warrior to farm better at events. As the rules say you can farm only with your main or a char that can farm the same content, witch a 75 warrior can deffinitely do. And at 75 i can also farm dt after smith fairly well (mobs after 70 stone floor).

    Make a good poison before grudge id say. More ap. More useful without mount. Just as useful with mount pretty much. Especially as aoes warrior. You can´t use mount in dungeons. Grudge does not really matter unless mobs or whatever have 1hand def.

    if you want to drop lvl 75 weapons. the lowest level you can drop them is lvl 75 so if you want do go giants get lvl 75. its good money i mostely farm around 6-12 glyphs with double thief. you will see you gain a lot of money there

    I didn´t know it would even drop 75 weapons on de/uk thouthand fighters only drop lvl 70 weapons and on the sg wiki i find zero information about any of the giant land mosters. SG wiki seems very incomplete at times, so i just look on other regions wikis and hope for the best.

    Or did you just mistype? Probably, i guess.

    But you don´t drop them anymore once you´re done with the quest, do you?

    Id kinda want to get the quest done too, it´s 10% damage and 6% speed. So "sort of" 16% more damage depending on what you´re doing. That´s a lot. Even more since you get the damage sped up 6% too.

    And lvl 30 48avg bow already seems to do ok´ish in killing them fast already. But if i find a good 75 bow for not too much money that i can afford ill buy that too, same as DWC. Ill probably cheap out on poisons though, just get random 25avg +/- 5 once and +8 them in dt and call it a day for now, because there is way to much gear i have to upgrade.... If whatever DWC i get turns out to beat that on metin stones ill just sell it or fail to +9, i guess. And then i also need lvl 70 bow for plagued. That´s just weapons... lul