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    Didn´t really know that either. Good to know. Guess Im lucky it didn´t actually mean anything about how I skilled my assassin.

    Addionally, do you still get status points after level 90? I haven´t leveled a single char above 90 yet and I think on Gameforge servers you do not get any more status points after level 90 75%.

    When an item has 6ths and 7ths stats and you reroll the stats can it become legendary even if it was not before?

    The way you explain the rarity system here [SYSTEM] Rarity System makes me not so sure wether something is legendary because it has certain stats or something has the possiblity to have certain stats because it is legendary.

    If I where to reroll an Epic item would it have a 0% chance to roll a max stat? Or can it become anything?

    I think it probably can become anything but at the same time I also don't really see the point of then still calling it "Legendary" when you can reroll it and it's just more stat lines. We also don't call the 5 max 1-5 normal bonuses something special. The label made sence before because the item dropped like this and you could not change it.