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  • DarkVision

    mooblight today ?

  • Eskeetit

    WTB mystic fms 8% 45%+

  • Andrei Chiriac

    wts fms 55 avg! pm

  • iPsycho

    WTB HTN 4res+life

  • CatFood

    WTB Black Tunic +9 or Aqua for mage with rarity pm me in game

  • Mighty007

    Oleee oleeee 4-2 bangg bangg

  • NightSlayer

    WTB Sura armor lvl 54 +6--+9 with ss+5--+6 pm me in game

  • RudiAusmWald

    WTB poison 8 avg

  • iPsycho

    Thanks :D

  • iPsycho

    SGM/GA look "Questions and answers"

  • iPsycho

    WTS Diamond double skill

  • iPsycho

    WTS Jade doublelife

  • MrSoon

    high lvl drop a lot of 75 weps on new maps, so their price drop... imagine poison 8avg mystic used to be up to 60 won

  • CeReal

    im confused....

  • CeReal

    is there a reason why poisons with 40 avg are almost cheaper than a fms with same stats? xD

  • iPsycho

    WTS Jade double life 5won

  • iPsycho

    WTS Diamond skill+skillres / 5won

  • iPsycho

    Penge buff me

  • Howker

    Penge pm to me ;d

  • Penge

    Hi all! Looking for a lonely man/girl who is also looking for a partner to play. Im 24 years old, and others say im very rich in the game but i dont think so xD I like runs, have buffer, archer, warrioir blablabla

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  • You have no right to talk about duels...i asked you duel 100 times and the closest time where we were about to duel you tried your dmg first and then you logged out at dt. You or anyone from purge guild cannot compete with me in 1v1. You have same items used by entire guild and still no one from your guild can kill me in duel.

    I saw him last weak he duelled against Bokha near the NPC for guild wars the archer, and Bokha killed him without blade xD

  • I fucking love it this guy 25cm didn't have forum account in 4 years and now look at him ! Look at him he is rage mode on forum whenever i post on video but i feel his pain he puts all his effort all his farming all his $$$ all these years he just wants to call himself raid player and then he gets 1 shot on video come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    Well, Bro be careful don't made him crying you know they have special killers or Assassins in Purge xD they came in real bcs Game xD

  • Imagine how it feels to be 25cm spend tons of $ , farm 10000 hours, put all effort just to focus on thing and then realize after all these years you suck at that one thing, THAT ONE THING you focused all your life

    He kNow that, That's why he make now acc on forum and trying to provoke us,after you teach him a lessons in game he wanted to revenge here. But for now he don't do anything good here too

  • shhhh my children, we just saw today yellows are even too scared to join nw after we raped them

    i have always destroyed you guys and i still do

    First Round was easy peasy lemon skezy. Second round was like fishing event xDDDD comon 25cm Next NW don't even think about it to go in the middle and fight like a man no man, go again in your corner with others 20x guys and wait. but what kind of feeling is that with 20x boys in one room xD