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  • deathpool

    wow, well sorry my bad, gms ignore my complain

  • spir00new

    i am not bot bro Comprehensive guide to pull rate of all fishes available in Metin 2

  • deathpool

    gms ban this man, he is clearly a bot (yesterday in the fishman ranking he has the top5 with his chars)

  • xFragamento

    #s1 hype

  • Cecilia Heinz

    #s2 hype

  • zera321

    s3ke you just said you're new to the server, how do you know how this server was when it was started ? Omg nobody looks at those epvp members flaming

  • S3ke

    i hope to see you guys there :) all the best

  • S3ke

    shadow i think starting a new server is a good thing...and lets say its not gonna ''work'' ...many servers merged could do the same as a backup plan

  • S3ke

    it makes no sense what you saying...noone is forced to start will only bring new people ..or people who quit the actual server

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    We are not closing server 1 to open a server 2 so i don't see why they should both die

  • xFragamento

    S3ke you look at the Server ? there are not much player and when a new server come both died , better focus on server 1

  • S3ke

    i remember when the server was created...people said the same will last few months and die...but it let it happen

  • xFragamento

    and knepse you read what shadow say ? there are NO changes at server 2 when he will come

  • S3ke

    people said the same thing when the actual server started...

  • xFragamento

    server 2= 1 month hype ... then the server will die

  • knepse

    you see for new server-----> need make youtube video events!

  • S3ke

    new start...maybe more new me its exciting...:)

  • knepse

    Shadow i have idea's for new server. just pm me and i can show you servers from who u can take piece by piece and u will create a great server

  • xFragamento

    ii have been playing for 3 days and have met many nice people

  • knepse

    im in this server weeery long time and i have 0 friends!

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    Relax nabs, you stand no chance against meeee!!!

    The persistence of time

    It is late in your soul,

    you are cold,

    the blizzard has affected you to an atomic and subatomic level.

    The frozen heart tries to keep its frequency, 7.83 Hz, Robert Schumann ...

    I do not understand what's going on in your eyes,

    I see bloom trees, I see the snowdrops, I see the birds ... Spring?

    Like you've been warming up for some time,

    I'm beginning to think your presence might suffocate,

    is summer?

    While admiring your face washed by unpredictable rains,

    I noticed that you became more pale,

    the brown hair has begun to fall,

    autumn gives me emotions ...

    And you started to cool down,

    I do not understand you anymore...

    what happens?

    Heliocentrism ... thanks,

    Nicolaus Copernic!

    About me,

    there is not much to say.

    We met after the Big Bang

    and we are going to break up after the mysterious Big Crunch ...

    I'm Chronos.

    So, not even one love letter was good? xD

    Actually is a spectacular idea, some 2 handeds are really outdamaged by swords and stats just dumb, like Poison basic stats are higher than grudge....

    • AP formula is changed. Each class will raise their AP based on their main stat. (INT for Sura and Mage, Dex for Assassin)

    About this point: I Think it will make Weapon Sura and Black Magic Sura super overpowered in PVM, and Mages will be even better in Bossing, at this moment i see every class getting usefull buffs for PVM and Warrior being forgotten, i understand you want to players use more classes, BUT at this moment there isn't 1 single boss or run where you NEED a warrior in your party, there is for Sin's and Mage's why not do the same for Sura and Warrior?

    • Dragon Mage's attack skills have a 15% boost if used with a Fan.
    • Healer Mage's attack skills have a 15% boost if used with a bell.

    For this to happen you should reduce bell's on hit damage, to make players swap from Hit oriented fighting to skill based as it should.

    As i said, warriors are penalized in PVP and in PVM with each update. Seems updates are only for sins, mages and suras. xD

    I think 2-hander need an attack value buff across the board. It's the one weapon type where you can safely do this imo. Mental warriors are penalized enough already. Considering they have long cooldown and limited range and can easily miss them, I wouldn't mind having them wield stronger 2-handers.

    True, 2 hand weapons or mental warrior skills need a little boost. I don't say that because i'm mental, but is not fair.

    yea, it seems odd to me too. Maybe just have fans have a 15% boost in skill dmg regardless of class. Healers and BMs are the classes with the highest dmg output atm anyway. Maybe your reasoning was to sway mage players away from playing hit oriented, but then I would just buff the magic attack value on both fans and bells and/or buff the skills across the board. Limiting the weapon choices seems really wrong here.

    +1. BMs and Healers do a lot of damage after all updates. What happens with mental warriors skills after all? I tested a lot, with many items, mental warriors skills seems to be pretty crap atm. The most powerful skill "Spirit strike" is the same as all the others now. Should i play mental warrior with sword for pierce (make no sense) or what? 2 hand weapons are useless (really?) ? These improvements are not fair for all classes.

    You are a bit wrong. First round was half on yellows bridge and half on middle. Second round was only at blues respawn spot or close. If you don't trust me, i can proove that if you want. :D

    Yesterday NW was one of the best NW ever i seen in last years. I remember old times when old guilds like Adrenaline, Overdose, Relive, Bulletproof, Heretics and more were in game. I want to thanks to all players who joined at NW. Enjoy the video :D