Anniversary Event - 2017 (Thu, Oct 12th 2017 - Sat, Oct 14th 2017)

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    Yo guys, can any1 tell me the proce of this necklacke?

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    Buy spirit blessing

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    i cant post anything in any thread, postbox is kinda locked and all black. No idea why

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    how long can i buy valentinsstuff in itemshop??

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    btw guys @Darkbllad3r if anyone wants Spirit Blessings at 350kk :P

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    We're streaming now :3

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    ah forum is fast again... what a blessing

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    nvm my mistake!

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    why the ox started earlier than it was written here?

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    change host of this forum it's so slowwwww

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    lmao why this page so laggy

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    thank you for updating it :)

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    as you can see, front page hasn't been updated since last year valentines lol

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Anniversary Event - 2017

Thu, Oct 12th 2017 - Sat, Oct 14th 2017

  • Dear Players,

    This coming week, we will be celebrating our
    8th Anniversary
    with all of you!
    The event will have a duration of 3 days and will start on October 12th.
    It will be divided into 2 categories of events:

    • Game Events

    During the 3 days, players will be able to drop Anniversary Boxes and both Kingdoms will benefit of 25% Experience Bonus (This Bonus will only start after the current one expires).
    In each Day there will be some Random Events during the whole day.

    All the scheduled events for these 3 days will be canceled.

    Day 1:

    • Gold Fever - 11:00 GMT+0
    • OX Event - 14:00 GMT+0
    • Vein Spawn - 16:00 GMT+0
    • Horse Race - 20:00 GMT+0

    Day 2:

    • OX Event - 11:00 GMT+0
    • Metin Spawn - 14:00 GMT+0
    • Hunter's Hour - 16:00 GMT+0
    • DT Run - 20:00 GMT+0

    Day 3:

    • Find the GM - 11:00 GMT+0
    • Dungeon Master (Beta) - 14:00 GMT+0
    • Budokan PvP Event - 17:00 GMT+0
    • OX Event - 20:00 GMT+0

    To register for the Dungeon Master Event follow this Form:
    Name of the Team:

    The available Dungeons are:

    • Orc Maze
    • DT Run
    • Devil's Catacombs
    • Aqua Dragon
    • Plagued Dungeon
    • Red Dragon Castle Dungeon (Hell Run)
    • Ice Run
    • Erebus Run

    Every player is only allowed to farm with his Main Character, which means it's forbidden to farm with any other character except your main.

    This rule exists to give a chance to every player (including the low level players) to enjoy this event.
    Explaining this rule into a little more detail, your Main Character is considered to be your highest leveled character or any lower character that is able to farm in the same Map your highest leveled character can. In this case you can choose either one of the character(s) that meet this criteria.
    Exception to the Rule: Inside of every Dungeon

    • Forum Events

    A special Forum Lottery will be running during the 3 days, in which people can send up to 10 different combinations.

    • Day 1: Screenshot Contest (Theme: General)
    • Day 2: Crosswords Contest
    • Day 3: Best moments in Anniversary Event 2017 (Screenshots and/or Videos)

    If you any questions or suggestions feel free to leave a comment.
    Any flame or insultuous comments will be removed. Stay clean!

    We hope you all enjoy this year's Anniversary Event with us!

    Kind Regards,
    Metin2 SG Team

    -(May be subject to changes)-

  • on day 3; how long will we have to submit the screenshots/videos? just curious ;)

  • Hi everyone,

    There will be a change in the event. It will be postponed 1 day, so it is able to hit the weekend, which means the event will end on Saturday at midnight.

    @SerbaNN, if your level 90 can farm on new maps, yes

    @SvebooNL, it will depend on the difference between your level and the monsters' level

    @Technologic, thanks you for your compliment, as for your question, I explained the "why" in the event description

    About the Dungeon Master Event:
    Form your teams for this event and post them here to register yourselves.
    This is event is all about doing Dungeons, the team that finishes it in the least amount of time will win (a little like PvM King, but requiring team work)
    You can follow this form to register yourselves:

    Team Name:

    This is an experimental Event, so if you guys like it, I will probably make it a monthly Event just like PvP King.
    Feel free to leave any suggestions or questions here.

    Kind Regards,

  • And then where should i farm with lvl 96 body warrior if my bio is not done? I usually farm with my lvl 65 farmer in v3. Can i use my lvl 65 chr then? or where to farm with the lvl 96 to reach the similar drop rate? I dont want to get 2 boxes after 1 day farming....