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    Well oke, maybe i should use [ENTER] next time but good thing is that u understood what i wanted to say.
    But as u said a ''buff'' if ghoust attack makes 500dmg , fatal strike 400 + 2more other skills of assasin or any other class all together cant make the dmg of 1 remove isnt it a bit unfair?

    Agreed Remove magic is Annoying and thank god most weapon suras had it 6 th skill :P
    there were days i saw people asking what is best pvp class in game and most replied was every class has Equal chances
    * My Opinion Only - Now Blade Sura's have a better chance . i love to hear if i am Wrong .

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    @ mobile payment u Are right i tried to pay through
    and i adds to my mobile account not to game .[like a mobile top up] My bad

    That isn't Real anyways @ name and real life info so i am not worried .. you guys are savage i didn't notice that
    even after checking my post like 3 times :P will be careful next time thanks for letting me know My Cyber mistakes

    when i try to log in with my acc it tells me : activate your account. but ow can i do this??
    pls help mee

    Check the email You gave to register to metin2 .sg
    in that you will have a mail with Link [to activate Click the link]
    and if u didnt find any email Dont forget to check Your spam Folder

    if ur a old player and needs to reactivate ur account long in with same username and password in
    that will generate a email and u need to click on it to reactivate
    this Feature was created to provide security ..
    Hope that Helps

    I Would Like to add to Your Effort Tary
    @Team 4


    And Reagarding Dungeons

    - In each month, a set of 1-3 Dungeons will be available for the Teams to choose, which can change every month.
    - Each team can only choose one Dungeon.
    - The Team Member will accompany the Player Team into every Dungeon while invisible and record it for future reference.

    Cat :1
    Icerun [finding the right cube]
    HellRun[Hell Gear]
    Plagued[finding right egg]
    Orc Maze [Finding right path]
    And Dt Should fall in a different class from Others[@Seals and Metin ]

    Cat :2
    Not to forget
    @Aqua run these people wll have to set a Combination of metin before they kill dragon [but it not a long run ]
    and erabus is a small run too

    So the Point is You should choose 2x from categeroy 1 [so everyone is able to Enjoy the event ]
    and one from Aqua And erabus
    I know people Who can Do Aqua and Erabus will be Mad with my Suggestion :)
    but they can also Do lower Runs with their nubs since the rule is open --for Dungeons
    So Most Part of Community will be happy Since they had a chance
    i think i made myself clear Tary :) atleast i tried i am bad Writer Unlike you xDD

    I Have a Suggestion to Make Could sound Funny or Many might ask Why
    Suggestion : Mall Should have Some Rings or item that can Mute anyone u want for Certain time [Just like cursed ring worked to Turn to Monster Ofc]
    So People can take their Sweet revenge :P
    I Ask this to be in mall because Exploiting will be Less
    Negative Effects =---Some Might get mad if they are muted a lot .But People will come Over it Like they almost got off Ks Rule
    And makes game more :phatgrin:
    mY knowledge about if this can be made [@this kind of items] is Absolute zero
    Just a Fantasy
    I Just Got this Much thought With my Head More negatives and Positives are Welcomed
    Regards CatWith :sniper:

    As i know They payment systems keep refreshing lilly
    paypal was unavailable few days ago too and it was back again ..
    So .i should be back again in 2-3 days ,,
    i am Fine to be Corrected If i am Wrong ..