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    Trying to understand a bit more of the EXP bonuses and what stacks and what doesn't and would love for a staff to answer.

    From questions I asked on discord I understand as players with stats we can gain at max an extra 100% exp bonus that counts with 20% exp on gear & EXP bonus of grilled fish.

    I also understand the 30% or 50% EXP bonus from national war does not effect the previous of whats on stats/fish.

    If I wanted to gain the max EXP bonus what would I need? :hmm:

    Edit: adding info I was given from discord:


    the max bonus is 100%

    if you have 60% of items and you activate a 70% fish, you would only get 40% from it


    Does this include the national bonus of 30%?


    No, those are different exp bonus


    20% EXP Bonus on Shield/necklace/boots for 60% + 30% from fish + 50% from National war stacks correctly to 140% bonus.

    Does the 20% EXP ring from mall add EXP bonus, or would only 10% be added (the 10% missing from the 60% and 30%)

    Also does the 50% 1 hour EXP ring stack as well?

    Thank you in advance for all advices <3

    Was thinking about my friends and logged in today then came here to reminisce.... and this was at the bottom of the thread:

    "The last reply was more than 365 days ago, this thread is most likely obsolete. It is recommended to create a new thread instead."

    Id rather not. Anyone who liked or commented here, just wanna say i still love ya <3 checking in again soon!

    Thank you so much MrSoon <3 I just made a thread about why I'm taking a break from the server, but it means a lot you thought of me for womens day!

    Hey guys as the title says I am taking a break from here for a while. Not sure if I'll be back soon or not. (Zulrah aswell)

    I really do love this server and the staff are great but as shadow has said the community here is garbage (at least for the most part). The friends I have made here are amazing and it is sad to leave them behind but I've just gotten to where I don't enjoy playing here anymore. I stopped making videos because i did it for joy, and no longer find joy in making videos for the server i don't have fun on anymore.

    To the NobleKnights; you guys are still the best <3 and i will still be logging in from time to time just to say hi.

    Not naming names because I have so many great friends and guildies and they know who they are.

    I hope you guys enjoy the game and maybe one day I will be back!

    Cya around <3

    I don't understand the hate about healers and king powers....

    Why should i have fought when as King i can sit in safe and just heal... The king is there to help their nation... Healers are there to help their nation. I've seen it done with blue kings and other yellow kings too. Its a strategy that just seemed to work. Good job yellow :beer: