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  • yusupheu

    omg will they add meley's lair to the game

  • PrometheusX

    would that be an easy fix?

  • PrometheusX

    Shadow you can't right click beans into the refinement window anymore after they were moved to the extra inventory

  • L0lu

    xCesarz They should be dropping all day, just like moons.

  • xCesarz

    Hexagonal time drop? 19-24?

  • Hiumi

    Then? What will happen?

  • [GA]Shadow

    They won't

  • PrometheusX

    Shadow will odins and other tp rings be transfered from s2 to s1?

  • PrometheusX

    yea, I agree

  • [GA]Shadow

    Maybe one day a light bulb would pop up and a solution may be found, but i am not going to waste precious days or weeks over some colors. There are better updates to do with this time.

  • PrometheusX

    yea, I forgot about that part.

  • [GA]Shadow

    Books are already ordered based on class and skill id inside your extra anyway

  • [GA]Shadow

    I should create 50 books, assign 50 drops to every metin, code that only 1 book should drop among these 50. Too much of a fuss for some colors sorry.

  • [GA]Shadow

    Tome are a separate item, books is one item, to which the game assign a name based on one of the skills in the game

  • [GA]Shadow

  • PrometheusX

    Shadow what about replacing all books in the game with their corresponding tome version? they are already coloured. not necessary but just an ideea

  • [GA]Shadow

    No what you meant was that books color had nothing to do, and that this month patches were responsable for the bug, which was wrong, the bug had been on live server since 6 months

  • deathpool

    it's a pity books with colors cannot be maintaned, although I guess is not really a problem with the improved shop system search

  • deathpool

    what I mean shadow is that problem with the moons was not something general. You said yourself, that player has that problem because he has a specific number of books

  • Lovia

    stone of vita +6 cant search in polish lang pack. plz fix ;)

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    I meant if u remove them and refund, people shouldn't have smth to complain abt...hopefully.

    I'm trying to come up w suggestions on how to do that, nothing more.

    People shouldn't complain to begin with, when you change a bonus or nerf something, is core part of every MMO. And there is no need to delete anything, they simply have to learn to accept that these kind of changes are normal, even for Metin2.

    But you did the same with the normal items. We had existing items and you changed the stats on it. People also spent time or money for rolling these items. So I dont see any problems with changing the bonuses on costumes like you did it with the items or is it in a different way?

    Not timed items, not deleting bonus but replacing it, also it was a delicate operation.

    Also there is no suggestion but just random talk, you keep mentioning the update on Server 2 but, they have no random bonus on costume at all and you keep talking about pvp bonus. Sword is a pvp bonus, HP too, critical as well even if is useful on pvm too.

    And why should we cast a refund when you got exactly what you paid for? You spent X points for a costume with Y bonus. If we alter the bonus, your costume stays exactly the same, but the new purchases will have a different bonus, which again is spending X points to get Y bonus.

    today we organized with several streamers a preview of our server. We are happy that the general feedback was positve, but of course there were some good constuctive critcism of things that were not good. Some of these changes were done in the previous days but they will be listed as well:

    1) It was on the test sever since August, as you said, it was a suggestion made on July.

    2) The thread is about stack items, the rest are comments. The last comment should have had a separated thread because we may overlook if we already saw the thread and answered it. Still, Books could stack since months. Clams can't stack. Some were granted some weren't. Books came on S1 since months anyway.

    "Some of the changes will come but some won't, because there is a difference from doing it on a 10 years old server and doing it on a server where all starts at the same pace."

    "Ok, I see you want to start with the hard part. But right now PvP is exactly the same shit like before your PvP-Update. If you take a look at budokan, its exactly the same. People still able to put way too much res with costumes, hairstyles and pets. I d suggest to remove all 3 of them just to create some new differences. Like you will do on s2"

    But you see, if we remove those bonus, for 30 days or 120 days, whoever purchased the costume before the changes will have those bonus, as the change is applied on new items. I am sure you can imagine the amount of complains. Or you want to suggest to remove those items for 30 and 120 days?

    It was not a change that came out of nowhere. There were tickets, emails, pms ingame about it. The game was just too frustrating on rolling with all those class bonus. The only players who complains are those who have already end game items, the rest cannot complain, you can literaly roll items much easier and not worry too much about the bonus to be competitive.

    We always do the hard part first, we could have simply gave a random bonus instead. Changing pet or costume or hair bonus is just time consuming not really a challenge unlike the bonus on equipped items. They were not removed due to huge complains.

    You can run around the suggestions section, except 3 or 4, the rest was never suggested and between raise this drop, give us more golds, give us clams at the high level so we can charge the low levels with more golds without lowing the price etc, i really don't see any quality of life suggestion . If you take it for granted that we should do changes without anybody mentioning whats wrong, then i don't know what to say.

    The developer diary was full of toxic comments. A player couldn't even post a feedback or a suggestion without getting bashed or mocked or insulted just because of his opinions. The team couldn't even speak their opinions without getting sarcastic comments. Hell would break loose if an update nerfed a warrior or a sura. It is better to read in silence and working on things we believe it would make the server better. It is what we did as you can see.

    Among these suggestions, only 3 or max 4 were suggested here. We can check that most of the suggestions are about more golds, more drops, more footballs drops from events, more this and more that. How can you complain about the updates if almost all suggestions are not updates. Changing a number on a drop chance can hardly be called programming.

    You can't ask for new weapons and then complain that the old ones becomes obsolete. It is how it works. You either play forever with a 33 earrings, or you accept that you have to redo the items when new one comes.

    Some of the changes will come but some won't, because there is a difference from doing it on a 10 years old server and doing it on a server where all starts at the same pace.

    It can work also as a time buff by changing the code, but the problem with time buffs is that they don't expire when you want but when the time is up. So if you want to not exp for 1 day, you will have to stick with it for more if you use it.

    To be honest the easier solution is the obvious one, having extra special accessory slot, but that would require some balancing first.

    We have no french speaker on the team. A couple of years ago we provided the text to translate to a French player who was eager to have at least the client version of the game in french. He didn't even translate 10 lines. So if a player translate it, we can provide all the tools.

    It is not my little money machine, I am but a mere employee here. You probably think i own things because i put a level of care that normal employees usually don't put.

    If you want to complain about decisions you can do it at [email protected]

    Dear Players,

    there was an issue with the payment systems where certain players could obtain free tec points. This is the reason why the server is temporary offline in order to fix this problem. The players who abused the system and used the points to purchased ingame stuff are permanently banned with the reason Payment Exploits. All the purchased items are inside the banned accounts.

    Sorry for the downtime the server will be back online as soon as possible.

    Regards, Metin2 SG Team


    And regarding the undeserved ban of players...I know someone who was banned for an unfair reason, but then again that is my opinion on that ban. But I must say the ban system here does get on my nerves. "In agreement to our terms and conditions, we can block any account for any reasons at any time. Due to this, we are not forced to provide any evidences regardless the ban reason." sounds not like a resonable procedure.

    It is normal to believe your ingame friend's version, especially if it lacks of vital details or because of the privacy that we respect, we cannot provide our version. The part of the terms and conditions that you mentioned, is because we offer a virtual service. You can find the same concept on almost all games or all online services, it is simply to protect ourselves in case of a shutdown of the service we provide and hence, all the accounts linked to it.

    As for the evidences part, we are not forced to provide them because if it was not like this, we should provide evidences for all kind of things, which includes revealing private informations from other players.

    The evidences we do not provide are:

    1) Video Evidences: Taking video of a character who hacks and bots would drain all our working time for no reason at all, I can speak from 2013 to now and I can't find any ban for hacks and bots that was not correct.

    2) Evidences that may compromise our security: Showing how we catch hackers or botters or exploiters would make our work harder as new countermeasure could be created by knowing how our systems work.

    3) Evidences that involves other player/s: This is the most controversial of all because several players don't understand that they have no right to know personal informations of other players.

    This means that whoever report, is protected by privacy no matter what. We don't have to reveal who report who or provide evidences that will 100% reveal who is the reporter, even at the expense of being labeled as someone who "bans for nothing"

    scream If someone report you with the allegation of having modded items or bugged items, the only evidences we could provide (since our word alone seems to not be enough), is showing every bonus of every item you have, but this couldn't be enough as they could accuse you of receiving free points from the admins, free level up etc, so we should also show your mall history and playtime. You may be the kind of player who doesn't care of showing his items or personal informations, but some does, some cares for their privacy and we respect that. After all most of you block the view equip option for a reason.

    If someone wants to report someone else for Real Money Trade, which as you said hurts the server, he should be able to do it without compromising his privacy and play without being "hunted down" by the friends of the player he reported. Every time a banned player asks evidences, is not because he is innocent, is just to know who is gonna make it pay to or who "betrayed" him and we are not going to help him doing that.

    We provide all the other kind of evidences that are not listed above, whenever a player lose an item we paste him directly his logs, when a player thinks he has a bug we paste him directly evidences that shows it doesn't, etc. Of course you must request help within resonable times, if you come back after 3 years we may not have the logs to help you.

    This is maintenance thread and it will be closed because is pretty old as well and the latest posts are not relevant by the least. If you want to discuss about terms and conditions and game rules you can either open a discussion on the General Section or create a Suggestion.


    Paypal have a 4% fees, but with the risk of chargeback. Credit card payments or PSC have 14%. Meaning that if you spend 100 euro, we get 96 with paypal and 86 with the rest. If you notice there is also a SMS payment now, it takes 78% of the money you spend however.

    Anyway I will discuss with [DEV]Dulaan if we can tune up a bit the Tec points received with each payment despite the fees.

    That does not work with all boxes, does it?

    Currently Treasure Chests, we might improve it later on


    This one should be a bit changed , at least CTRL+ Left click (once) coz sometimes if the keyboard or maybe forget to press CTRL and all you wanted is just to check what's inside the box , u can mistaken open it (Simply 1 Right click on the box usually opens it) . Then many people will be dissapointed.

    Anw , thanks once again for your work , appriciated!

    Thats for the Fast Access Field.

    If you have problems with the calendar you must explain what is the problem with some details.

    "servers calender is full of events but non makes one"

    Sorry but I can't understand this sentence. Every Event has their own thread that explain what you must do, the hour and the day.

    As for your idea to advertise, we did, but if the reply of the potential new player is that the server is too old to prompt them to start, we can't do much other than resetting the server or opening a second one. We opted for the second choice.

    With today's maintenance the following content and fix are added:


    • Green Hermit Advice can also be used on level 60 now


    • You can now see the contents of treasure chests by CTRL+Right Click on the chest.

    Thanks, Metin2 SG Team