PATCH NOTE 23/06/2022

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  • Dear Community,

    hereby i present the Patch notes of 23/06/2022

    • Added a Shining & Sparkle System
    • Added a Minimap into the Orc Maze so players can easier spot left over Monsters
    • Added a crafting recipe to Baek-Go in order to change Green Potion M into Green Potion L
    • Added a crafting recipe to Baek-Go in order to change Purple Potion M into Purple Potion L
    • Since there were multiple variants of Purple Potion M which did the same thing but had different Vnums, one of them will now be called "Dying Purple Potion M" you can trade it at Baek-Go for the correct one which will not expire. After a certain time the Expiring Purple Potion M will be deleted from the game to clean up a little bit and make sure the M to L recipe can be used by everyone properly
    • Increased the level of Ochao Warrior and Ochao Soldier slightly
    • Added Summer Costumes, Metins, Weapon Skins, Mounts, Pets and other stuff for the Event [Will be obtainable once the Event starts]
    • Added Summer Event Battle Pass Quests, they will be available together with the Summer Event itself
    • Blood Pills can now be sold to NPC's for 50.000 Gold
    • Added a confirmation Pop Up before equipping a Special Experience Ring in order to make sure you don't accidentally equip an unequipable ring
    • Added the functionality to now display how many drops you actually got instead of merely stating the item name. For example it will now display "38x Elden Ore" rather than simply stating "Elden Ore"
    • Increased the Polar Predator Movementspeed a bit to match the other Mountskins
    • Increased the Wild Boar Mounts movementspeed a bit to match the other Mountskins
    • Increased the Armoured Panda movementspeed a bit to match the other Mountskins
    • Adjusted the (Battle/Military/Master) Horse Mount skins speed to match the other Mountskins

    For the moment we created a new Discord Server, its invite link can be found in the usual positions. Website, Forum, Patcher.

    Here is the perma link however.

    Kind Regards

  • [GA]Elspeth

    Changed the title of the thread from “PATCH NOTE XX/06/2022” to “PATCH NOTE 23/06/2022”.
  • how is work? mean how to craft or drop?

    can you extend time of elixir of strenght and etc for 10min?

    Suggestions go into the suggestion tab

    as for the Shinings.

    You will be able to get 2 of them from the Dungeon chests of the Summer event.

    A lot of others will be in the Item Mall.

  • fine, may i see event battle pass? and is 100% for chest from boss?