Euro Cup 2021

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  • Dear Players,

    With the Euro Cup 2021 about to start, we are super excited to bring a bit of it to our server and celebrate it with you!

    The Euro Cup Event will start in our server on May 28th at 16:00 GMT+0 and will have a duration of 5 days, ending on the following Wednesday, June 2nd at 16:00 GMT+0.

    Main Event In-Game:

    During the Event, every monster close to your Level will have a chance to drop an Euro 2021 Football. Every player above Level 30 will be able to drop these Footballs.


    The Euro 2021 Football can be opened to obtain some special rewards:


    Upon opening the Euro 2021 Football you may be able to obtain one of 2 different boxes:

    - The RYB K Chest:


    In this chest you will be able to obtain Kung-Fu Robe Costumes.

    - The Football Box:


    In this box you will be able to obtain Football Costumes.

    Please note that all the scheduled events will be canceled during the Euro Cup Event.

    We hope you enjoy this Event with us!

    Kind Regards,

    Metin2 SG Team

  • Hello!


    "Please note that all the scheduled events will be canceled during the Euro Cup Event."

    Does that mean National War won't happen? If this is the case, will both kingdoms get 50% experience?

    Thank you for the event! :D

    Best regards,


  • Hi,

    I always run it because I know it is appreciated by the community.

    That note is more for the weekly events.

    Kind Regards,


  • The lack of in-game notices for such events is worrisome.

    If someone doesn't use Discord and doesn't check the Forums regularly, they'll end up like me, wondering what the hell is that Euro 2021 item people keep linking in chat and if it's one of those troll things again.

    Say what you want, bring any arguments you want, but a brand new player trying the server will feel completely left out by things like this (and the fact that, usually, other players don't reply seriously in chat doesn't help).

    Nevertheless, nice event, neat rewards!

  • Hello,

    As soon as the event started it was announced in game.

    As in any other game, specially MMORPG's the major announcements are made in forums so if you are new to the game it's even more important that you check these forums to keep on being updated.

    We announce our major events, updates and changes in Game, Discord and Forum. More than this is quite difficult, as you may imagine we cannot announce in game every 5 minutes that the event has started.


  • I don't think that the great majority of modern gamers even bother checking the forums to be honest - and the amount of activity around here stands as proof for that.

    Moreover, there's really no point in arguing against what I said as it was a personal in-game experience. You either consider or ignore it.

    And speaking of proper announcements like in any other MMORPGs, the patcher still shows up the image for the Vein Spawn.

    Literally the only thing that you could do to ensure coverage of such events and prevent confusion is update that image when the time comes. Usually, 1-2 days after an event ends, its specific picture shows up on the patcher - is that how it should work? I'm not asking you to spam the chat with lines of text that nobody reads anyway - just... update one image.