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    Hello everyone,

    After exploring most of the last update, and experiencing how the market/general gameplay sort of changed, I came up with a few ideas for the server.

    The goal with these ideas, was to create content without the need of a "major" update - basically adding new maps/dungeons - while still giving players something new to do.

    1) "Four Realms Helm":

    So this was an idea I already had before the update, and it was strengthened with a consequence of the update, the reduction of lvl 60 stones on temple. (Basically, getting 5/5 or 5/3 helms became more difficult after the change, this is the "consequence").
    Since the change to lvl 100 Helms only applying damage to PvP (I think it was a bug they applied dmg to PvE in the first place), everyone started using lvl 60 helms for all PvE content. This was a bit of a bummer, not necessarily due to not having those % of extra damage but, because it was another item a PvE only player didn't have to upgrade/invest in.

    So, what is the "Four Realms Helm"? My suggestion would be adding a new helm using the "image" of Helm of Champions (no one uses that, lets be honest). This help would be crafted through the drop of 4 different parts + some gold and other stuff. These parts would drop from existing dungeons. One from Melley, one from Hydra/Ship defence, one from Ochao and one from Enchanted Forest dungeon (yeah, can't name of that one lol).

    Suggested Bonus: 10%/15% block + 1500 HP + 5% resist to monster dmg (or other only relevant PvE stat that isn't dmg)

    Suggested Level: 105

    2) Addition of two extra Bios:

    These bios would have both PvP and PvE options to choose from, and would be for lvl 105 and lvl 115. My idea for the first bio would be for the item to drops from monsters of Hell Run, Nemere and Hydra. For the lvl 115 bio I'd make the item drop from Enchanted Forest monsters.

    Lvl 105 bio rewards: choose from: x value of % crit dmg, y % value of resistance to crit dmg

    Lvl 115 bio rewards: choose from: x% value of elemental dmg (vs all), y % value of resistance to elemental dmg (to all), x % resistance to monsters dmg (as the first two are pvp focused only, I'd like for also PvE option)

    *3) Make lvl 105 PvM Weapons somehow:

    Why? Lvl 75 weapons have been around forever. Ideally this would come with Zodiac, but well, there is a reason I put a * before the 3. Enchanted Forest change (and change to drop %s) seems to have made it harder to drop good rarity lvl 75 weapons. While I do think this change is good, it came way too late. Players who join now will be at a significant disadvantage to acquire these weapons. I also have the feeling that high avg weapons drop less, at least judging by the market, but this is simply a "theory".

    Anyway, these are some of my ideas. I initially wanted to suggest introducing elemental vs to PvE, and making elemental resistances more important, but I was told this wouldn't happen. So, this was what I was left with.



    Hello everyone,

    As I found some of the mounts/pets of this event quite beautiful/unique, I decided to make this thread suggestion that at the end of an event like Halloween, Christmas etc... the community could vote for one of the event mounts/pets (one of each) to be added to the Tec shop permanently as a normal mount/pet (regular bonus).



    before for 1s i spend around 220won and now from what i saw with 120won u can have a s skill so its not the same, the alchemy at bosses in beta its oke like it is right now bcs why we have meley when we can do easy a mythic wheel on beta?:D bosses from beta are still very good for farming upgrades they are not just for rare core there but u are looking just for what u need from what i see.

    peace! :borg:

    If you read my post, you'll find that I say the cost of legendary skills is now lower...

    Also, I spoke about making normal legendary alchemy, not full mythic wheel. Again, you didn't really read what I said, or just extrapolated whatever you wanted from it. And, after all this pointless talk, the point made by Dart still stands.

    The lvl 90 bosses are there, they are okeyish, but far less worth doing after the update.

    The use of farming Level 90 Bosses is to get Legendary DSS and potentially higher Clarity Legendary DSS.

    Their Purpose isn't getting Mythic DSS. If you want Mythic DSS you should be doing Meley.

    If you are saying the bosses aren't worth it anymore that means the metin drop rate is slightly too high and should be lowered.

    There is no point at all in Level 90 Bosses with the current price of normal legendary stones, and how easily it is to obtain them via Nemere. Also, getting a legendary from rare didn't get any easier, at least from what I've tested so far. Sure they we get more rares if we're farming stones, but I'd say the total yield at the end of a day (compared to before) didn't get better.
    Anyway, both are pretty bad ways of getting legendary dss. Lowering the drop rate on stones wouldn't really accomplish anything. Beta sources of income are changers, SS, rarity ores (and I guess the possibility of good rarity item).

    Ice run is now spammable, so anyone who wants legi dss should be there (and is). Or, they are doing higher lvl runs.

    I think what Dart is saying, is that the game hasn't changed his dynamic. We now get Legendary SS easier, that raised the price of ores, which maintains a similar balance to before (although I'd say the total cost is now lower for S skills).


    I'll give my opinion in two parts, as your suggestion has two points.

    Enabling pick up based on item slot isn't something I find necessary at all. Sure, you might say you fill up your inventory really fast on maps like Fireland, so picking up only bells/daggers would allow you to stay more time farming there without having to go to city, with a higher amount of ores received when you go do the exchange. But, you could just easily drop the other items and end up with the same result. Sure it takes a few seconds, but it's not like metin2 requires a lot of effort. In the end, you're trading convenience of going to the city a few more times, for getting less ore per hour (as you'd be discarding 50% of your wep drops + all armours).

    Now to the second point, adjusting rarity based on occupied slots. I don't think this makes sense at all. You'd be getting more than twice the number of ores for the same effort, which could lead to ore price dropping, affecting new players income, and basically just making the life of High Lvl players easier than it is. Also, and specifically focusing on beta maps/enchanted, a perfect legendary fan will have more or less the same value of a equivalent legendary sword (most likely more cause of meta, but you get the point). So giving them a different ore value doesn't really make sense from where I stand.

    Lastly, I have no idea if this easy - might not even be possible - to implement. But, time is money and I find that time could be used on making new content/improving more useful stuff.

    Best regards,


    So, this will be my last post regarding this thread and any other thread that has to do with changes.

    For the last 4-5 years the community had plenty of opportunities to accept changes that could have made the server better and refused them. Moreover, they made everything in their power to ensure the only way someone could "catch up" was by either spending a sh** tone of money on the server, or farm the game for an enormous amount of hours every single day. What's funny, is that some of the players that wanted and voted for the very changes that made the game the way it currently is, are the ones that now complain about the most about the game.

    People want to farm faster and solo, so IP blocks on dungeons got removed and their cooldown reduced. This lead to the drops of said dungeons being less valuable, so now you have to do them x more times to get the same money you used to do with one run. But now, everyone can run them if they need the mats, so prices reach record lows every time the population decreases (or stabilizes after a big income of players). A handful of players can completely crash a market if they feel like it with the current state of things. STILL, whenever there is an event, people complain drop rate is too low, they want it all and want it now. Plenty of times they got the better out of the team, and drop rates were boosted which screwed the markets repeatedly.

    Then, when the population of the server was already low and the main "concept" of the server destroyed, there was nothing to do but to focus on the demands of the few late game players that lasted. All eggs were put in the PvP basket but people were never satisfied with the state of things. People wanted a PvP dungeon, they got Ochao but now they complain one guild (HH) dominates it (I bet if it was the other way around ZG players would be totally okey with it lol). With Melley came Mythic alchemy (Now, this dungeon is hard and IP blocked, so it's only farmed by the top guilds who mostly want it for PvP related drops aka myth alchemy). Then, Hydra, another PvP focused dungeon that introduced S skills to try balance the PvP. Still, apparently this wasn't enough, people still complain about class balance constantly and now want S skills to be faster to farm (excellent way to make Hydra a dead dungeon soonTM).

    A server with the build of SG could never be a PvP "only" focused server. Even with the recent changes that make getting to "high end PvM" way easier, the difference between PvM and PvP investment is simply ridiculous. But, as most people didn't care with the state of the server, population wise, as long as they kept their status as Nr.1 nothing was done. And, given the "active" community right now is divided into 3 guilds (people who actually make their opinion be heard) who care only about being Nr.1 there will never be any consensus..

    When a server relies on the "needs"/demands of a few players, obviously things go South. By no means I'm saying the team did everything right. Plenty of times, they should have ignored complaints of greedy players and made what was objectively best for the server. But, given the vast majority of people who used the forums were Toxic c**** they ended up conceding to the demands made.

    For SG to be able to compete with other existent servers, or to at least keep a healthy, stable population throughout the year, pretty much alchemy would need to be reworked completely, which means reworking most dungeons and beta maps. Add new map proper for levelling, rework Enchanted Forest into a farmable map where all classes could compete (and nerf to the ground the drop rate of 75 weps there, cause printing 46+ avg weps only lead to make them worthless in the long run) etc etc...

    The refinement plus system is also a big ehh, and introducing rarity changers was probably really bad too. But hey, now you can make perfect items way more easily.

    Conclusion: Why spend so many resources to try fix a broken product when you can make a new server from the ground and make more money with it.

    The community has the server they shaped themselves throughout the years. A server specifically made for 100ish people (being nice here) where a bunch of others hang out cause they have friends playing and cause they don't give a crap about PvP.

    I think this poll is misunderstood by some players. If a hydra ticket will mean 50 soul stones, the price of these soul stones will increase enough, also the price of rarity ore will be increased as hell. In the end farmers will have much more gold :P

    This possible change wont affect gold/h (for farmers) (probably positive). Thanks for your time!

    Nah, not really. You're assuming a bunch more players will try to get full S skills but, that won't be the case. The case will be it will be more farmed by the people who want to sell rainbow stones. There will be more rainbows in the market, less need to run Hydra yourself. Both prices will tank. The faster PvP people finish S skills, the faster the market for SS will die.
    S skills aside from Aura, Blade, Fear, Blessing and Reflect are pretty much a PvP only thing. And, it's not the price of S skills that is making people not engage in PvP, that argument is pure bullshit.

    Even though S skills are mainly designed for PvP, I feel the need to address this thread as a PvE player and remind some people there is a need for "hard" content in any game not to mention, to think about the impact certain possible changes might have in the game's economy.

    As of right now, Soul Stones are the main income of new players to the game. The current price allows these players to progress more rapidly into endgame which is very important for players to stick with the server for more than a couple weeks.

    As for the impact in end game, as Pew said, the aim of this thread is simply to make another milestone to be easier to achieve. Less grind, less effort yadda yadda yadda. If this is what the general population wants tho, then just make everything easier, and I mean EVERYTHING. Just dumb down the server to the point of the P servers that exist around lol.

    And before someone says "you just say this cause you're a PvE" player, save your time. Soul Stones are not my main income, not even close to it. If this change happened it would only benefit me. Easier to get all my farmers with S skills and way less effort/time investment.

    But, those are my 2 cents on the matter. Everyone knows how this vote will play out. There is a guild voting No, other guild voting Yes, and the rest will even the votes.



    "Please note that all the scheduled events will be canceled during the Euro Cup Event."

    Does that mean National War won't happen? If this is the case, will both kingdoms get 50% experience?

    Thank you for the event! :D

    Best regards,


    Or, an easier and more frustrating (for the offender) solution - simply ban them from the next X events of that type, in this case mining event.

    If they're inconsiderate enough to disrupt it, then they surely won't mind to be IP-blocked for the next 10 weeks of Vein Spawn, right?

    Sadly, not that hard to go past an IP block any longer.

    Hello everyone! (again)

    This time I come here to discuss the Vein Spawn Event and a the consequences of disrupting events in general, especially this type of events that are made to make the game much easier for the player base.

    I hadn't joined this event in a while and I was quickly reminded of why. Horses/mounts everywhere, pets everywhere, people in free mode to either kill or push other people from the veins. It's a f*** fest that only works due to the generosity of the GM in charge who spawns multiple veins through the course of an hour.

    Anyway, here are the suggestions regarding the Vein Spawn Event:

    • As was done with NW, mounts/horses shouldn't be able to be used on the map. Unfortunately, a wide range of players either can't understand the problems they cause, or simply do it to annoy other players.
    • If possible the same should be done with pets. Why?! Having a pet sit on the Vein when there are 40+ people around the same group of Veins - Soul Crystal generally - makes the task of clicking the Vein much harder than it should be.

    Suggestions regarding Event Rules and Consequences for breaking them:

    • Events like the one I previously mentioned are extremely important for the server's economy. The vast majority of players wouldn't farm ores otherwise. Disrupting said events is probably one of the most selfish and stupid things one can do. They are an EVENT, a "non mandatory" piece of content put in place to make our gaming experience better.
    • I propose the ban for disrupting an event to be increased. Yes, even on the first time it happens I find it more than deserved the consequence to be one week ban, not a one day ban.
    • Finally, regarding Monarch's Election. A Monarch/King is ultimately a representative of a community, or part of the community. Therefore, people who disrupt events, or have a history of repeated bans/misconduct shouldn't be able to be elected. Why?! It's a simple matter of principle. If you ar the representative of a community you have no right to act against it, or in a way that can jeopardize it's gaming experience.

    Best regards,


    Thats why they also need to completly rework PvM As well its basically the same story there. But its a fact that these Pushes have an extremly high negative impact in PvP.

    Thing is, what is to "completely rework PvM"?! What changes must be made, then?

    Also, if people actually want PvP without - let's just use fishes as an example - said pushes, they could perfectly agree not to use them for city 1 PvP. Dialogue is the only needed thing there, which the player base refuses to engage in because of ego problems.
    Also, these changes that are proposed only affect players who are already doing PvP. They aren't the "entrance barrier" to PvP itself, so changing those won't suddenly make more people to want to do PvP sets and start pvping.

    Also, let me stress this. It's not that I'm against removing crit/penetration palms, dews, or dragon god stuff from PvP. I simply don't think that's the core issue with PvP. Regarding the fishes, removing a system that was just introduced because people don't want to farm them doesn't seem good. There simply isn't a way to compensate the players who spent days/weeks to get poles +19.


    I will only talk about one part of the thread as it is the one that concerns me the most, and honestly, the only one I have enough knowledge to talk about.

    All those non permanent pushes you talk, are part of the server's economy and constitute an income for players who either don't do pvp or don't do Melley (only two necessary pieces of content where in my opinion you need full buffs). Removing them from PvP only (if that's even possible), would hurt the income of many players and profit of certain runs. This said, maybe there is a way to balance this need for push items that doesn't hurt much the farming, and then both PvE and PvP players would be happy!

    Regarding the Fishes: The fishing system of the game got updated pretty recently and a fair number of people invested time into. The only profit there is in fishing, are those expensive fishes and the skill duration books. Changing the need/use of fishes in PvP would basically negate all the effort of those people, not to mention make the work on the system rather worthless.

    I think the points about possible PvP events would be a healthy way to encourage people to PvP, or at least, make worth investing into it.

    Disclaimer: This is my opinion as someone who is focused on the PvE side of the game and who's only concern is to maintain the balance between activities.

    Suggestion Related to Stones +3:

    • Give them a decent price to sell to general store (like stones from +0 to +2). They have 0 value in the current market and, no one who knows math will try to use them to make +5 stones, especially with Pouches dropping from Hydra.

    Best regards,


    Hello again! In the spirit of this thread I've thought of a few suggestions that hopefully please most people and, above all, improve game quality. This post will only focus on the possibility for future content, lvl 115+ content and my hopes of what a new dungeon would introduce.

    1) Enchanted Forest monster level and possibility for new farm map:

    • As mentioned above by Vanyu2, I'd suggest increasing the level of the monsters in Enchanted Forest (would be the same as this hypothetical farm map) so even people who are level 120 have no problems with drops, and could potentially have a place to farm moons.
    • I think, as Enchanted Forest was design to be a levelling map (if I remember correctly), the addition of a farm map for level 110/115 would be beneficial for the server. This map, should have similar difficulty and drops as Enchanted. However as more stones would be available, the drop rate of lvl 75 weapons should be decreased. Why?! At the moment rarity (except for Legendary) lost all the value it used to have. Not to mention, too many high average damage weapons are being farmed and sold, which sort of removes the purpose of switching these weapons for use (not considering use for sash).
    • I'd actually would already consider lowering the weapon drop on these stones as of now, maybe increase rate of the alchemy cores the stones drop to balance it.

    2) Creating of a new Bonus Adder and Switcher for the future:

    • Given metin2 is such a old game, I find it's specifically important for each map/dungeon to have a different purpose, especially when we consider level gear progression. Why would a map for lvl 115 have same/similar drops as a map for lvl 90 (Beta)?! I'd purpose, when new gear is added to the game, this gear is for lvl 105 (Zodicac Wep) and 115 and above. This will create an additional incentive for players to level up. I think for all level 105+ (including existent lvl 115 armours) a new Adder/Switcher should be added to Enchanted forest and Possible new farm map. This would replace the existent blue switchers on those stones. It seems to me this is a good way to reward players who progress further into the game, and make certain players less lazy. Would also give a specific purpose to Enchanted and make it completely different from Beta. I think PvM players should also have to work for stuff like Talismans.

    3) Addition of a new helm for PvM (maybe new belt?!):

    • So, as we all know lvl 100 helm was changed for the damage to be only applied to PvP, as initially intended. This left us with using level 60 helm for PvM. This is okey, but I really would rather have a new high level helm to grind for with better stats. Which stats you might ask?! I'd keep the 10 block or maybe enhance those block to 15 and add HP to it. Definitely NO strong vs monster or any damage increase stat. I thought about the possibility to suggest monster resistance, which would enable classes that not Sura to have more sustain for places like Enchanted, but it kinda seemed lazy. I'd much rather prefer having Elemental resistances to have a bigger part in PvM. (aka take a larger percentage on the dmg formula).
    • This helm would also be for 105+ and be switched with this "new" changers.
    • Maybe a new belt with monster resist option? (I just really think we have plenty of damage as of now. Would rather have 5 monster resist on a belt than 5 monster dmg).

    4) Thoughts about Moonstone and it's place in future item enhancing:

    • Not much to stay from my part, but I think any upgrade item that is used for a PvM item should be dropped in PvM content. This said, so we keep the uniqueness of Moonstone, I'd suggest a similar item (Sunstone maybe?) to be created for future items that involve PvM. This item should be drop in a dungeon (Zodiak/Erebus) with a low chance, and probably used both for +8 and +9 on these items.

    Final Thoughts:
    I'd suggest the path for PvM to be more about being able to sustain damage than to deal enormous quantities of damage. Or, for states like accuracy to negate the potential of a boss blocking an attack. I also think any dungeons added in the future should be IP blocked and design for more a party of 3 or more players.


    I'd like to start by stating that this suggestions come from a player who solely focuses on PvM. This means, in my view PvP isn't, or shouldn't have to, be the sole endgame. I'd also like to state, just for reference, I've played sg throughout the years, and through it's many changes.

    I'll now give my opinions/suggestions regarding a few topics.

    1) Difficulty of maps/Monster Damage:

    • Over the last years, especially the last year, I find PvM became very accessible and easy to do. This is a huge advantage for new players, as they can try to catch up older players in a faster, less difficult way. But, on the other hand, it also takes some value from progression in the game. You shouldn't only have to work hard for PvP items, but also for PvM items. Currently, only Enchanted Forest and Melley are hard instances, making you have to gear up properly with items and alchemy to clear them efficiently. A lvl 62 char, or ever lower at 55 or 42 can easily do all content up to beta, and even most beta stones and bosses (given he has a proper buffer). One of the reasons, is clearly how much damage was added to the game through weapons, mount skins, sash etc... In my opinion, monsters should be buffed to accompany how easy it became to farm. A lvl 55 mage can easily reach 8k+ crit on stones lvl 90, for example. Warriors even more. This makes it so that there is no proper sense of "progression" and for the best maps to be over crowded. Also, resistances vs environment are practically useless PvM wise, which imo is sad as the last content we got was around it.

    2) Incentive to lvl up above 100/105 and Enchanted Forest:

    • Another aspect of the game that I'm not personally a fan of, is how going past 100/105 has more downsides than upsides. At level 100 you can clear Erebus, Hell Run and Ice Run which are some of the best income in the game, and the best solo income for sure. Levelling to 115 or 120 will just enable me to poison the bosses and use 115 armour. But, I give up on the opportunity of farming moonlights with my character properly, to farm stones for changers on beta etc... This leads me to Enchanted forest. It isn't a map design for farming but expeing. If, let's say, five people are there trying to do stones, no one will have a good time, to say the least. I think it's more than time for a proper farming map for high level players.

    3) Gear and Melley+Hydra:

    • Lastly, I'd like to mention the thing that probably saddens me the most. After being done with full superclass alchemy, which isn't that hard nowadays, the only thing left for a PvM player would be to upgrade to Full Mythical. This does bring added damage, but for what is that damage needed?! It's a big investment with no proper return, in my eyes. It makes me question why should I bother doing Melley at all. Stable profit wise, better things to do. With Hydra, which can be done by a good character+ buffer, it's only something people do for S skills and then are done with it. It feels more like a PvP addition than a PvM addition. This said, I'm glad with the choice of the items used to make the tickets, as it made Soul Stones worth something.

    In conclusion, I'd just like to see more actual content design for PvM and linked with PvP needs. All PvM gear, all gear actually aside from 115 armors+9 and 90 shoes +9, are easy to acquire. I'd love to see real challenges to be done both solo and with guild mates but associated with gear progression. I always looked at SG as this server where reaching a goal was actual rewarding, and I hope to continue to do so!

    Disclaimer: I'm aware some of this opinions are unpopular, especially point one. But, I feel like all sides should have a voice. I'm also aware people who want harder pvm content are a minority, and when the team releases something hard to do a bunch will complain, which is bad for business let's say. I just ask for more content for those who'd like to have different challenges and upgrades to look forward to.